• GoGito

    everyone should watch this
    after episode 6

  • jaRRETT

    good god my body is ready

    • jaRRETT

      it wont work!!! 🙁 its unresponsive

  • jaRRETT

    it works now 🙂

  • Discord (Butterfly)

    the quality…

    • Fionn321

      I know it iss seriously so bad I hope I can get a higher quality version later so I can see if I want to be a hater about the 3d action or not

    • enjoyphotosfl

      Maybe you can return your copy to the store?


      • DragonBallSuper

        we have publish now with quality

  • Jarrel Goodwin

    Frieza always calls Saiyans monkeys but he look just like one.

  • Haim

    What’s up with the background voices.
    It’s so damn annoying!
    But at least i can finally watch this movie.

  • Killergekko

    shouldn’t they have pink hair if their gods ??

    • joker

      dude you gotta remember that this is technically super saiyan god 2. kinda ridiculous that they’re skipping levels though

      • Arden

        It’s not super saiyan god 2, it’s super saiyan imbued with the power of super saiyan god.

        • bob the monkey

          which is call “super saiyan god super saiyan”
          I know right the name is stupid as hell

        • why is it called super saiyan god if it isn’t a super saiyan in the first place? whats with the name?

  • Hanif Imran

    Why i can’t play the video

  • Dude777

    The skip in levels was pretty dumb. Now supersayain god is as much of a joke as kioken

    • LinkDrako

      dude… have some imagination man. fucking elitists are just trash and serve no purpose in the grand scheme.

    • Derek Hitchmough

      Actually, SSGSS IS the power of a SSJG – the only difference is that the power is stable, mastered, used to, and everything else you can think of

      There’s no real skip in power levels at all

      • why is it called super saiyan god if he’s not even a super saiyan?

        • Sapphire

          Really nigga

          • Yeah, really…

          • carl

            that was the dumbest thing i ever heard lol

          • Nigga it’s very simple. It’s called super saiyan God. But it’s not even a super saiyan form because the actual super saiyan form has been dubbed “super saiyan God super saiyan” or some dumb shit. So if that’s the super saiyan form, then what is the regular God form? Why is it called super saiyan God if it’s not a super saiyan form to begin with? How is that even remotely dumb?

          • Christian

            The normal God form is that he have red hair

          • ..yet still called Super Saiyan God

          • giggle giggle

            ik what u mean it should be called super god form

          • Mrbeanman

            I think it should be called saiyan god, and SSGSS-super saiyan god

          • Ronald Martin

            he is a super saiyan God that has passed the level of a super saiyan god to a super saiynan god super saiyan mode. goku has different level of power his regular form- kayoken- super saiyen-1,2,3,4 then super saiyan God now he ascended to super saiyan God super saiyan,

          • Why do you add another super saiyan to the name super saiyan God if he’s already supposedly a super saiyan who’s a god? In his base form he’s NOT a super saiyan yet still called super saiyan God? It makes absolutely no sense. Just call him a saiyan God then and when he powers up call THAT mode super saiyan God.

      • Pelvic-Crusher

        You people are so annoying when you abbreviate a japanese word in english… For real you people need to stop with that. I highly doubt you say “Sūpā Saiya-jin”. If you say super sayain, then type SS. This is fucking english, not japanese bub.

      • Kyle Krebs

        I had thought after seeing the movie, that SSG was still MUCH stronger than SSGSS. Goku stated that he learned how to tap into the SSG form through training hence the Blue transformation. I think they are still trying to utilize ALL of the GOD potential but are not there yet. In Battle of Gods they said that Ki does not seem to work on a God b/c when Goku went God no one could sense his power lvl anymore. Goku and Frieza are still fighting with Ki. If Goku were able to go GOD form he would have ended Frieza before time ran out. I think SSG is probably the PINNACLE of Saiyan Power and by the end of the new Series and movies I think Goku and Vegeta will be able to go GOD and not lose it. I mean why would they introduce SSG then make it a one and out transformation. None of the previous transformations were that way throughout DBZ.

    • Mixtapes? nigga we got mp3s…

      Idk… i might be wrong on this but i dont think they passed SSJG… i think the blue hair is what happened after they did SSJG, notice goku said he got a “taste” of SSJG. also SSJG made goku a match for beerus, and i doubt in the blue haired state goku could even touch beerus. i’m pretty sure the blue is nothing compared to red. cuz frieza was like “WTF, BEERUS?” and he had the upperhand over goku at the time. If blue is stronger than red and red is as strong as beerus and frieza(at max power) can beat blue… by that logic frieza can beat beerus. My theory is red hair is the pinacle, but from having access to it the door to SSJG was unlocked, i believe the blue hair is on the pathway to the power goku displayed in his fight with beerus.

      • Haytham El Habbari

        You d’ont know any thing

      • killerspark

        The blue hair is suppose to mean that he went supersayin in god form

        • BorutoShippuden

          I think it means he master the red form and moved on to the first real level on that red form , wich is blue form. (Basically wut you said) But I think Blue form is at 100% Red Form , and probably over that.

        • Azrael Akuma

          If this guy is right then Death Battle got it wrong.

        • Tenta cles

          You can’t go super saiyan in god form…
          He’s red because of borrowed energy. His blue because of his own and because he got stronger. -_- common sense.

          • Meepeeep

            Lol, your stupid, and wrong hehe.

      • Elan Romaine

        yea but beerus was only going 70 percent at the time . if goku was a 6 then beerus is a 10 and wiz is 15. so blue and red could be the exact power.

      • Papayaman1000

        Also in the end Beerus let off. In reality Goku probably could beat Beerus in an all-out fight at this point, especially if he fused with Vegeta.

      • Destro9898

        But beerus said he was only using 70 percent when he fought red goku

      • Unkown

        When goku fought beerus in ssg form,beerus used nearly 70% of his power,now that goku has transformed into ssgss it naturally gives him a power boost as well,if goku fought beerus in ssgss form i think beerus would use about 85% of his power…and frieza didnt have the upper hand in this fight because if goku had gone all out from the start(which he didnt)he would have defeated frieza easily but he didnt because he wanted to see friezas power and once he saw friezas full power he knew it was weaker then his ssgss form thas why he gave frieza a chance to leave.after observing the whole fight,i believe golden frieza could be as strong as a ssg form (maybe) but definetly not ssgss

        • Darnell Madara Uchiha King

          Wow, I hope that one day I can make an anime as epic as dbz.

          • Darnell Madara Uchiha King

            Just imagine putting in the imagery of Naruto, Bleach One Piece, DBZ, and so many other epic anime into one!!!! The episodes would be endless, and the fun would never stop. Just wait for me world,I won’t stop until I create such an epic anime, may the God’s be with me.

        • Enternamehere________

          what the fuck? Goku did use his full power, Frieza was stronger, but just like their first fight back on namek, Frieza couldn’t contain the form and tired out quickly. then Gokku gained the upper hand

          • A$vp

            Goku wasn’t using his full power at the begining.He was impressed with Friezas new strength thats why he said “this might take longer than i thought”.Think about it,If goku had gone all out from the begining and frieza was still stronger,he would just have gave up like he did with cell and try to fuse with vegeta or come up with another solution.

          • Enternamehere________

            not really. just cause Frieza was stronger doesn’t mean Goku would just give up and try another solution. Cell and Goku is a totally different story, Cell was in a whole different league than Goku at the time. with Frieza and Goku, their power levels were close enough to one anothers, but Frieza was the stronger one, but like Vegeta states, Frieza should of waited before coming back for a rematch and train more in his form first, to be able to regulate its power better. Goku informs Frieza that his new form is burning too much of his energy because he isn’t get use to it yet. Frieza got tired, Goku still had energy and then he begun to really stick it to frieza… until that ray gun part. which was kinda bull, but whatever…

          • MR.MUSTARD

            That’s true, beerus and whis noticed how much trouble goku was having against freiza. anyone with a pair of eyes can tell that the beginning of the fight was definetly in golden friezas favor. when frieza started loosing energy like goku and vegeta claimed he would cause he wasn’t use to the form yet, then goku started getting the upper hand. even beerus says “Interesting, the saiyans prediction’s coming true and the tables are starting to turn.”

        • Draven Noxus

          lol wut no. SSGSS goku was weaker than a full power golden freeza. goku only won cuz freeza coudnt contain his power cuz he wasnt used to it yet. goku went full out when he went SSGSS but lost. after he saw freeza’s weakness, he tried buying more time as he fought as it was shown he kept flying around more.

      • Reece Brown

        The form is SSGSS ( Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan )

        It’s what happens when they go Super Saiyan in Super Saiyan god form.

      • Tom Wert

        thank you someone paid attention.

      • superbumblebee234

        Basically from what I can understand, is that the blue haired God is when goku or vegeta can turn into SSJG without the help of 5 other sayains, it’s the “natural” transformation, kind of like in GT when vegeta needed Bulma’s help to go SSJ4 but then could eventually do it on his own

      • Kye Holston

        im whith u bruh

    • Daniel PoeticDaequan Hawkins

      Well not really bc it’s a super Saiyan God not a Super Saiyan 5 God but out of curiosity I do wonder what if they fused as Super Saiyan God’s

    • Tom Wert

      theres no skip….. read post above.

  • DJ

    Why does someone ALWAYS have to take a baby here? If it’s annoying in the recording, I shudder to think about being in the movie with it.

    • Pelvic-Crusher

      It’s so annoying when i see people like you who actually watch a movie that was filmed with a fucking cell phone. It’s pathetic that faggots sit there doing that shit, and it’s even worse that people like you enable trash like that to continue littering the internet with cringy cam shit. You and the people who film this shit in theaters are the equivalent to viruses.

      • DJ

        Uhm, you do realize you’re here on this website too which gives it further hits and further views which continues to enable this to happen. I’ve already preordered the collector’s edition of the blu-ray so if you’re gonna cry and moan when you’re equally as guilty then I just got two words for ya: SUCK IT!


        • Pelvic-Crusher

          Me giving this single website a singular view does not amount to anything. Don’t even sit there for a second thinking i am on par with you bub. Considering you went out of your way to find the filthy cam record video shows that you have done this in the past and will continue to forever do it in the future. I am a blatantly not supporting of this, so i have the literal opposite effect on enabling these faggots to continue with this filth.

          DJ: “KThxbai” HAHA True bender.

          • DJ

            Lol the extraordinarily large volume of DVDs and Blu-Rays in my collection say otherwise. The bluray of this wasn’t out yet and I wasn’t able to see it in theaters, but I wanted to watch it. Also, how did you just “happened” to arrive at this site? Do you literally have no other life except to find sites to troll? Also, you keep coming back to comment on it, don’t you? Just your mere page view supports it. You coming back to comment also helps support it, so….you clearly don’t understand how page hits work, do you?

          • Mixtapes? nigga we got mp3s…

            I was thinking the same thing… for a guy who says the rest of us are the problem… he sure keeps commin back. I honestly think if they released how often each user has been here he would have the #1 spot. He’s a complete retard to think he isn’t contributing to the hits and watches that this website receives. You gotta admire his newfag stupidity. Acting as if this just happened to pop up like an advertisement, and like he didn’t look this up and click the link.

          • Pelvic-Crusher

            Firstly i don’t need to know anything about your real life purchases. You having no patience to wait for the DVD version that comes out in a few weeks is just ridiculously. That brings me back to my point about you supporting this filth, that’s cam recorded movies. Secondly, i didn’t just “happen” to arrive at this site, i merely came here to see if a DVD copy was leaked online. Thirdly, i don’t keep coming back to this website. I literally went on that website one time in my entire life. So there is no me that keeps coming back to this site to “keep commenting”. If you don’t understand how the UI of disqus works, then well that’s your problem. That very problem of yours makes your last sentences hilariously foolish.

          • DJ

            So…you came here hoping to watch an illegally uploaded version of the DVD? Wow. Not only are you as bad but you are far WORSE since you took the opportunity to go ahead and bash people who did the exact same thing. You pretty much just did what your picture implies.

          • Pelvic-Crusher

            I swear i attract imbeciles like you on a daily bases. My original point went right over your head didn’t it bub? People like you argue with me everyday that some how mange to go off point of so slightly, than slip in a single word, making the argument branch off into something else that’s similar to what we’re arguing about, but not what we’re arguing about. Just stop replying to me. I made my point, it’s obvious you didn’t understand the depth of it.

          • DJ

            A simple moron like you who never had any intention on actually supporting the official release but encourages people to strip things to put onto websites such as this by ripping things from dvd, making scans of books, and yes, recording movies in the theaters, then condemning others for doing the same thing HAS no point. Now please stop replying, you have made a complete fool of yourself clearly.

          • Pelvic-Crusher

            Can you even comprehend the current situation? You literally just sat there and did the exact thing i just described in my last comment. Than followed by that , your last sentence mimicked my own last sentences. This is a typical defense mechanism in people like you when they try and horribly argue about something with me. You’re a true special bus member.

          • Skylar Mason

            Nice use of “big words” to make yourself sound intelligent, even though there never was a “current situation,” it was you talking down to others for trying to do the exact same thing you tried to do, but you are a picky little bitch who only wants to see it in HD. Get over yourself. We all know you’re going to be dissecting the Internet in February to watch Deadpool for free

          • Pelvic-Crusher

            Another person on the internet that need me to break down their entire comment, just so they can comprehend it’s actual context. But i won’t. Unless you ask me nicely. Then by definition, again, there will be another situation that will be ignored by your sub conscious. Also i had no idea deadpool was coming out in February.

          • Skylar Mason

            “… comes out in a few weeks is just ridiculously.” No dude, what’s “ridiculously” is your grasp on the English language

          • Skylar Mason

            Dude, get off of your high horse. People are gonna find ways to watch this movie because they are EXCITED to see this movie, and the fact that you made it all the way to the page that the movie itself is on makes me think that you wanted to watch it, was passed off because it wasn’t 1080p HD and now decide to act like you’re better than everyone else. People like you are cancer to society and the dragon ball community. Just be happy for the hype the movie has dude

          • Pelvic-Crusher

            Yes, you’re right, i landed on this website because i wanted to watch the movie. Not to watch a movie that was filmed inside a theater. That one key detail seems to fly right over that head of yours.

  • Pro 16

    its too sloooooow

  • Pro 16

    why there isnt any super saiy god fusion?

    • mosdra

      maybe in super

      • Steven Yaunk

        I read in one of Toriyama’s interviews for Shonen that yes they have kept that in reserve for the Super series.

    • Fionn321

      Just wait for the next movie we all wanna see something a loT More epic than this that’s why we love the series so much but I think at this point if somebody were to ask about gt I think they would say what’s gt I’ve never heard of it

  • fuck you

    your a dum ass that’s why

  • Obey King

    the video keeps buffering but other than that its good

  • Uchiha Itachi

    Couldn’t they just once have made Vegeta kill the evil guy T.T
    It’s just like when he almost killed Cell 🙁
    But the movie itself was awesome even though not as good as i expected it to be 😀

    • Ben Shalashaska Cross

      That Angered me that did… Vegeta defeating Frieza… Akira Toriyama must really hate us Vegeta fans

  • Anup

    cant play the video…!!!!!!

  • Michael Bucceri

    Video just keeps on loading and not playing…..

  • Nuclear Havoc

    I’ve never seen the movie

  • This isn’t subbed, it’s dubbed. Yeesh!

    • Fionn321

      I know I was looking forward to the Sub

      • If you ever find it, please let me know here. I’m dying to watch this movie, but am adamant about not seeing it dubbed for the first viewing.

        • Fionn321

          Ok I will check every day

          • I’m checking almost everyday too and thanks, bud.

          • Fionn321

            I’m checking now I will be sure to inform you

          • DragonBallSuper

            subbed version is online too

          • Could you please tell me where?

          • DragonBallSuper

            See in the menu> Movie>Subbed movies>

          • Thanks a lot. 🙂

  • hoeeee

    Really wanted chichi, trunks, and goten in this tbh

  • Anthony Cici

    at least we know that if goku didnt get sucker punched by serbot, he would have shit on frieza anyway

    • Budi22422

      everytime in figths goku foolish around and at the end he is seorly stronger as his enemy xD its the sajan-stuff…. try to reach his enemy to max end finish him down xD

  • budi23123

    everytime in figths goku foolish around and at the end he is sereoslly stronger as his enemy xD its the sajan-stuff…. try to reach his enemy to max end finish him down xD

  • Payne Train

    Seriously you couldn’t just record the audio from within the computer? I heard a fucking baby cry

    • Pelvic-Crusher

      Why would you even waste your life watching any kind of movie filmed in a theater? That’s some peasant shit.

      • Elan Romaine

        um well theres an ovious answer to that 1. u couldnt see the movie in theatre because an injury, sickness and etc and then when u got better the movie just stopped showing in cinemas , and also the video hasnt came out yet(this is why we are watching it here), so there is alot of reason to not watch it in a theatre. 2. u are a big Hippocratic because ur not watching it at a theatre so, what is ur excuse?

        • Pelvic-Crusher

          Firstly this movie was only released in japan all over. Secondly when it did release over seas (outside of japan), it only was on a SELECT FEW THEATERS everywhere, for only 2 WEEKS. Thirdly the movie comes out on DVD with in a few weeks, Hence my question of why would you waste your life on the cringy cam recorded movie. It’s shaky as hell, on an angle, people talking in the background, people chomping on popcorn, people coughing. <— Reasons of why no one should watch filth. If people like you would stop watching crginy filth , then this shit would do the world a favor and not exist.

  • This takes forever to load bro…

    • Pelvic-Crusher

      Who cares? It’s was filmed in a theater. Absolutely no reason to watch this.

  • Omari Gadlin

    Although we could hear the baby in the background Awesome DBZ movie, thanks for the upload very good quality!

  • Dogla

    bot goku is the real man dats wy/?

  • Dogla

    en 1 more thing wen dos broly com back/?

  • George Andrew Prendiz

    fuck all of the people who hate dragon ball fuck the people who hate little things about it if you don’t like stop fucking watching it and you do love it stop fucking complaining

    • Dewan Arman

      says the person who complained himself

      • Guest

        his complaints are in dbz’s defense. others are complaining about dbz …. see the difference? -_-

        • Dewan Arman


    • Jared

      Don’t make me get Captain America involved. I’m sure he’d have something to say about your swearing like a drunken sailor.

  • saxmuel

    anybody t

  • saxmuel

    i know right
    i been reading ur text

  • kye

    is this in english

  • killerspark

    The blue hair was supposed to mean he is supersayin in the god form

  • Jyvae Hall

    I like the way dragonballz still makes movies nd how frieza came bck I neva thought he would nd it was awesome look foward to another one

  • vexdestroyer22

    best movie ive seen in a while

  • Arren Watts

    Hate the way they made Gohan so lame when in act he should be one of the most powerful fighter ever, even in some ways stronger than Goku

    • Kingg

      yes he definitely should, they played Gohan in that way.. i wonder if Akira Toriyama made that decision himself or if it was a vote

      • Kuit Kinds

        Akira said he would be the main character of dbz but he didnt like it in the en because gohan did not like To fight and he tought Goku was the better person To kill Buu in the end of dbz

    • Ratz

      Remember this Guys, Gohan never like fighting, so it make sense for him to become weaker over the years.

    • DeShawn McNeal

      Look at it this way. If Gohan and Goku were brothers instead, same age, and if goku didnt have all the special training and or series like GT, then without a doubt Gohan would have been stronger. But thanks to all that, Goku and Vegeta are in fact gods now. Not Beerus god, but still gods. Sense Trunks Gohan, Goten, etc etc will never have the same experiences. They’ll never get as strong. Probaly not even SSj4 id even say.

    • symadre

      he is he still the third strongest but he will never be as good as vegeta or goku cause they always train. gohan is a book nerd I seen his glasses

    • Avieshek Rajkhowa

      Keep Calm and wait for Golden Cell

    • Roberto Obrijanu

      yes but you forgot he dosent traing for a long long times remeber after 7 years when he defeat cell vegeta saying he was stronger against cell when gohan fought dabora so this is happened when you dont train for 7 years and exact that say vegeta

  • Goku fan

    its not playing for me 🙁

  • amos fragoso

    I can’t watch the movie:( does any body knows why? What do I have to do to watch it? I press play but it doesn’t load.

  • amos fragoso

    How can I watch this movie?

  • carlo pardillo

    i dont care about saiyan or what they are i just watch it for that dont care all of you 😛

  • Charlie Brown Jr.

    true but does not gonna have more history to run ? or ends here xD?


    Its just the green tv its nothing else



  • amos fragoso

    Somebody please help me I want to watch this movie. What do I have to do to watch it?

  • SavagePhuck

    Full screen on the ps4?

  • Pros N Cons


  • Cobra Cobra

    THEY FORGOT BRUCE FALCON MUSIC!!! 🙁 Also i wished they never made GT. Continuing on from Super would be epic!

  • SpeedT

    I need some clarity. Supposedly SSGSS is the next form after SSJG, but is it me or does it seem weak? Apparently even with that form Beerus is still stronger, but if he was using 70% of his full power when he fought Goku, shouldn’t Goku be stronger in his SSGSS form? It has to be that or Beerus still has a lot more power than what he claimed. I mean if SSGSS is anything like a regular SSJ then it should double the power meaning SSGSS should overtake Beerus even at 100% of his power.

  • AkaSei

    Men. poor QUALITY !

  • OP Lover

    Such beautiful quality. ;~;

  • Tyler Proudfoot

    what is the song playing in the background @ 58:27? i love how heavy and cool it sounds, any clue??!!

  • Pokémon Trainer Jacob

    I feel like Gohan,Piccolo,and Tien should’ve been MUCH stronger than this. And since Frieza said Gohan Solos his entire 1,000 soldiers, why didn’t he just do that from the beginning!? I guess we needed to see some old DB Characters useful again anyway.l

  • Pokémon Trainer Jacob

    Wait!? Is that Frieza the same voice as TFS Frieza or is that just me?

  • Tom Wert

    so quite griping, you all think so much about this or that how bout if you want to pick it apart then try to do it in a way that actually follows the flow. and remember gohan dont like fighting, dbz cell saga gohan says it him self. second there at this time is no super sayin god super sayin. blue is not more powerful the red. red is god, blue is more of a god like form. ” i tasted a godly power and have learned to tap into it” how is tapping into stronger than being. logic folks it does apply to fiction. or instead of complaining about it here why not just ask the folks that made the show. they got all the answers u want and then some its their brain child after all…………. as for piccolo, and tien, they know they cannot compete with two let alone one sayins potential. they have maintained them selves but really what reason do the have to push for new levels of power while goku and vegeta are around. there are also some differences in the voice actors. but hey do justice to the rolls.

    • Pokémon Trainer Jacob

      Bruh. Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan is a Super Saiyan God going Super Saiyan. I’m pretty sure being a Super Saiyan doesn’t make one weaker.

      • Tom Wert

        at this point there is no such thing as a super sayin god going super sayin, how can you assend beyond a form you only attain once but have learned to TAP into, thusly you cannot exceed something that you can only “TAP” into. again logic does apply. or re-watch or watch for the first time battle of the gods.

        • Pokémon Trainer Jacob

          I just don’t feel like Akira Toryama would make a new transformation about a Super Saiyan God going Super Saiyan and say/imply/even think about “hey, this form is actually weaker!”, although I do see where you are coming from.

          • Tom Wert

            that though is my point, he hasnt made a super sayin god super sayin. he made super sayin god and a super sayin god form that is learning the super sayin god transformation. if and when we see the return of the red form then yes a true super sayin god has returned. anything there after would and could be considered and assention beyond ssg.

          • Pokémon Trainer Jacob

            Well. You make a fine argument, but in BoG given the right circumstances after receiving the original Red Super Saiyan God Transformation, he was able to go into it, this movie was 2 years after if I’m correct and during that time they trained with Whis. So maybe they learned to go Super Saiyan God on their own and the Blue haired form is the assention you speak of?

          • Tom Wert

            that too is a fine argument, this could be true. perhaps we will find out in coming movies by the genius Toryama. though the logic and meaning i see and get from the movies tell me that this blue form cannot be the true full power of a super sayin god assended beyond a god. which if you think about it a god is a god however you slice it. how can you become stronger than a god? there is in all mythologies gods and demy gods, or those with god like power or strength. so perhaps the blue form is more of a demy god form has all the power but cannot sustain it. i think the only way to know for sure is to wait for more DBZ movies that follow after BoG and DBZ rF. hope they are as good as these last two.

          • Pokémon Trainer Jacob

            DB Super and any upcoming movies definently answer the question. Although I feel like Goku and Vegeta mastered Super Saiyan God while training with Whis, so they going Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan should be an improvement. Only DB Super will tell at this point as we will probably get to the RoF saga soon enough. But I feel like we have a more important hypothetical debate here. What is everyone’s obsession with Beerus vs Omega Shenron? Where to you stand on it?

          • Tom Wert

            never really gave it much thought but personally, i think that would be a waste of time. omega is powerful yet he is no god. Beerus would bat an eyelash and thats the end of omega. Beerus would be so bored he would have to destroy two planets just to make up for the wasted time on omega. where do you stand on that matter?

          • Pokémon Trainer Jacob

            I’m on team Beerus only because I could only get one source. DB Wiki. Yes I know I should not trust a Wiki but I had no choice. Apparently Beerus’s Power Level is 2.5 billion while Omega Shenron is at 1.9 billion. If I’m correct on numbers 2.5 > 1.9 so yeah. Go Team Beerus. The real question is SS4 Gogeta vs Beerus. Now I don’t know where to stand but as far as I know, SS4 Gogeta’s Power Level is >>>>> 1.9 billion.

          • Tom Wert

            well as for gogeta ss4 vs beerus, omega couldnt touch fused ss4, and again omega is no god. i think ss4 vs beerus would atleast keep him entertained for awhile but still not a match for beerus. ss4 gogeta power level would be aprox, 2-2.1 billion. still no match for 2.5.

          • Pokémon Trainer Jacob

            Than only one Saiyan can defeat the Mighty Lord Beerus, Brol- wait. That’s not right let me try that again. SSGSS Gogeta. There is no way that he loses to Beerus! Right??

          • Tom Wert

            if ssgss does become a true reality and of course would be stronger that a normal ssg fusing two ssgss into one body, that body would not be able to contain that much power thusly beerus wins, however if they were to take on an astrial form then the amount of power generated by fusing two ssgss into one being would leave beerus cowering in a corner sucking his thumb, whis though might be another problem all together. he does after all keep beerus in line, and trained him. he is the only being beerus fears….. or admits is stronger than himself.

          • Pokémon Trainer Jacob

            So we have that debate solved. Now if we put a SSGSS Gogeta and Whis up against each other and let’s just say they could handle the fusion well. Who would come out on top? I’m honestly saying Gogeta here.

          • Tom Wert

            i dont know, i am a big fan of gogeta in any form, but for whis to keep beerus in check like he does i’d say if beerus power level is 2.5 then whis would have to be roughly 3 or higher especially to be able to reverse time. so i think gogeta would atleast match maybe not best, but would at least match whis.

          • Pokémon Trainer Jacob

            Well Whis is 1.5x Beerus. Beerus is 2.5 billion. 2.5×1.5=3.75 If I’m correct. 3.75 billion is Whis’s Power level. So I think Gogeta SSGSS could match Whis.

          • Tom Wert

            definitely match. well i have enjoyed talking with you on these two matters but i must get myself some sleep, plus my family needs my assistance so im outta here, hope u have a good one.

          • Pokémon Trainer Jacob

            I wonder; why was Raditz so weak?

          • demonicduckling

            Most likely reason indeed.
            DBZ is probably going with space logic, since its heavily space oriented… as super sayian form is yellow (our sun is yellow), a different star that is hotter than our sun is red (the first super sayian god form?) and a star that is even hotter than our sun is BLUE.

            This is real science believe it or not… im not going to google images for you tho. 😛 You have to do that on your own.

          • demonicduckling

            I meant a star that is much much hotter than the red star… those kind are blue.

  • Pokémon Trainer Jacob

    Why didn’t Goku and Vegeta go Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan while fighting Whis? That is their only chance at beating him.

    • Tom Wert

      why bother they where training

      • Pokémon Trainer Jacob

        They were talking about their max potential and stuff, and they were getting absolutely wrecked by Whis without Whis even trying. So why not try to atleast get some sort of advantage. I’m pretty sure going SSGSS would at least give them a shot at trying to get Whis’s attention during training. As Vegeta said “quit daydreaming!” Making it clear that Whis wasn’t even trying. Imagine a SSGSS Goku and Vegeta (or Gogeta!) vs Whis. That will actually make everyone in the training session break a sweat. I just feel like it would be an epic fight.

        • Tom Wert

          all you want is a good fight then watch the episode in which goku and vegeta used fusion against buu, it was a great fight but still they made a mess of things while trying to save their friends. could have done so much better. or look at GT when ss4 fusion vs omega shenron they royally botch up that fight but it was a “epic batle”….. but i do agree whis vs a fusion of goku and vegeta even as ss2 would be a good battle. though it still defeats the purpose of their traing with whis.

          • Pokémon Trainer Jacob

            Ok you’re right that would ruin the purpose. I like talking to you. You’re really fun to talk to. You are right though about the epic battles and going full power would ruin the purpose of training with Whis.

          • Tom Wert

            i enjoy talking to you aswell, atleast someone else out there can see what Toryama is saying through that words of the characters instead of ooh big fight lots of punch kick and energy balls. which i think is the thought process of alot of the people leaving the other comments below

          • Pokémon Trainer Jacob

            That’s the original reason I got into DragonBall Z when I was 5 (punch kick energy balls and Vegeta just being so BA). Then I’m realizing this series means more and more. Thanks for the compliment. Although I will admit, I do enjoy an epic DBZ fight as much as the next guy. I just don’t like it when people either Wank or just be Tards. Now about the SSG vs SSGSS debate. I think that while it’s fun debating it, it will probably all be solved within the next few episodes of DB Super. One of the top 4 (Whis,Beerus,Vegeta, or Goku) might finally say whether or not Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan is an improvement or not.

          • Tom Wert

            true enough i too got into the show a very long time ago and still love it today, because of the BAary of vegta along with the punch kick energy balls. but i did finally see that there is more to it.

          • Pokémon Trainer Jacob

            Ever notice that we are in 2 convos at once? Well besides that. I wonder how strong the Gods of the other 12 universes are. And I wonder how strong a hypothetical SSGSS Gogeta is. Ever realize that Krillin mentioned Majin Buu in the movie; what stopped Majin Buu from joining the fun of RoF? Poor Buu.

          • Tom Wert

            yea i noticed, was just wondering how i manage to keep them separate and not mix the two. though buu is not among my fav characters i did not notice buu’s absence. as for the other 12, i’d rather not get into the time paradoxes that would cause.

          • Pokémon Trainer Jacob

            Ah. Poor Buu. And poor Goten and Trunks. I’m gonna go ahead and say it now. Gotenks solos Frieza’s army. Frieza would beat Gotenks but that’s besides the point. Gotenks would’ve saved some serious time. Now they talked about Frieza’s army being too dangerous for Yamcha, and yet Roshi is here! Tien logic! Seriously though. Piccolo should’ve bopped the Red guy with the horns no problem. Piccolo has kept up with his training he should’ve been the strongest there. I know I’m nitpicking but don’t worry I’ll stop right about…… Now.

          • Tom Wert

            well gohan is still ss2 which dwarfs piccolos power, though i agree he could have taken him eventually. gotenks takes all 1000 soldiers easy. left behind cause frieza would beat him and kill him, no one wants an angry bulma or chichi. the only two people the strongest people on earth fear. as for roshi yea WTF why bring him. yamcha might take 300 soliders before he falls, he wasnt ever really one for training or fighting. its a pain to get him to do anything.

          • Pokémon Trainer Jacob

            Actually when I think about it SSJ3 Gotenks vs Final Form Frieza would be interesting. Frieza wouldn’t expose his Golden Form just yet as he’s waiting for Goku to show up. So arguably while Gotenks is fighting Frieza they’d be generating power along with the other warriors so Goku would instant transmit there before the fusion ran out. So Goten and Trunks would be safe. So why not bring them? They’d be the best out there.

          • Tom Wert

            perhaps, this is a pretty good argument but the fusion only last 30 min. gotenks is a show boat he would blow 90 percent of his time playing games like he did versus buu. there is no way chichi would let go of goten anyways. she was mad enough over gohan she would have gone nuclear.

          • Pokémon Trainer Jacob

            That is the game winning argument right there. Freaking Chi Chi. *sigh* I’m sorry I really don’t like Chi Chi. She is the naggiest of them all. So why didn’t Majin Buu go? That would’ve been pretty cool to see Majin Buu fight with the good guys. Even though Buu kind of solos entire army without trying.

          • Tom Wert

            depends fat buu is a bit of a whus, i mean ss3 wipes him out. second form buu, interesting match for soldiers. will have to continue this later though had fun talking to you.

          • Pokémon Trainer Jacob

            Do you have Twitter or Skype because I would like to add you. You’re fun to talk to 🙂

          • Tom Wert

            i have facebook, can find me with the same pic and name as i use here.

          • Pokémon Trainer Jacob

            Oh no. I don’t have/wish to have a Facebook. Well, do you have Google+????

          • Tom Wert

            I do, still same name. Just a different pic.

          • Pokémon Trainer Jacob

            I will type down Tom Wert then. I’ll see if I can find you. I’m still Pokémon Trainer Jacob.

          • Pokémon Trainer Jacob

            Are,you the one that lives in Ohio or in Dallastown,PA?

          • Tom Wert

            nope, i do have a skype account aswell. skype name rdragon05

          • Tom Wert

            skype name rdragon05

  • Pros N Cons

    I love how Bulma is in this movie, but Chi Chi wasn’t… I don’t think she was even mentioned in this movie

  • superbumblebee234

    Also goten and trunks were barley mentioned, I would’ve loved it if gotenks would’ve fought frieza, but it’s still good though

  • Ubaid Ullah

    Awsome movie

  • REnaRu008

    Well gohan did technically kill Frieza once in dragon ball gt but it’s not included cause gt is not parto of dragon ball z

  • Aide Jagels

    Correction. Weiss is the only badass

  • Nerpa


    • aaasdaw

      ASFIJbsdifbviuasdvguo lsauidvgoausd

  • Salman Dashti

    People get real ! Gohan is a better fighter then goku! He just chose not to be .. Remember he out classed goku in several times and in almost all sagas ! In the sayian saga it was because of gohan final act they defeated vegeta when goku was actually helpless? In the cell saga gohan was the first sayian to ultimately unlock the super sayian 2 potential defeating Perfect cell .. Where was goku again? Oh yeah he just blew himself up along with cell causing him to regenerate in a stronger form .. And also ended losing to gohan! In the buu saga ultimate gohan ( my fav charectar ) gohan was clearly the best charectar in the saga making super buu look like an idiot while goku could only match fat buu in his super sayian 3 for 15 minutes !!! -.- gohan is supposed to be the strongest charectar in the anime .. He just chose not to be;)


    is this is english dub or not plzz tell i want to seee

  • Jc Jenifer Macadangdang Caling


    • Daniel Lawson

      no I think Vegeta’s brother is cannon

  • Jimmy Avendaño Tagole

    Imagine a SSG Fusion..

    Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan is just a bad name that’s maybe why they made blue one to called correctly as Super Saiyan God. Hihihi

  • Brian

    lol a Super Saiyan God Vegito/Gogeta would be enough to make Whis get serious 😀

  • LOL frieza is doomed in happy tree hell xD again ahahahah!

  • Kye Holston

    Look guys stated in the beginning of the move wise told both Goku and Vegeta weaknesses. Goku lost to Friza because of his confidence and arrogance Vegeta would have lost because he thinks to much which makes him naturally slower, if they both change or fight together they are unbeatable this was said.

  • Noah Francis

    O_O Beerus caused King Vegeta and Bardock’s death? Oh nah

  • Elixir Edits

    Around 12 minutes the music reminds me of Death Note. lol JP rock is awesome 😀

  • BootyWarrior1017

    im mad they act like gohan didnt already kill freeza

    • Ben Shalashaska Cross

      he hadn’t Fusion Reborn isn’t canon

      • Ben Shalashaska Cross

        like they also didn’t mention Cooler, as he’s not canon either

  • Alleyezz

    Freeza has the worst voice.

  • John Byrd

    I like how Krillin’s ring tone is the theme song for One Piece

  • Josha

    Atleast the defenders of earth were somewhat effective for the first half of the fight, they werent just ornaments to respond with “uh?! Wha?! How did he?!” the whole time, they actually fought.

  • James Trice

    Soooo they leave the two strongest warriors (Trunks & Goten) at home and have krillin and tien come fight instead sometimes DBZ just blows me

    • Terez27

      1. They are not the strongest unless you leave out Goku and Vegeta, and 2. they’re kids, and they fight like kids. Sure, they’re really strong kids, even smart ones, but they made mistake after mistake with Buu and it ended up costing them. Despite having lost several loved ones they were incapable of taking the fight seriously. Gohan alluded to that when he said that if they had known Frieza was there they would have just challenged him to a duel. Krillin and Tien may be weak but they’re adults and seasoned fighters. When Gohan was a kid, he was not as brave as Gotenks (until Cell), but he was not nearly as reckless and immature.

  • James Trice

    Lol y does vegeta take so long to intervene while goku is getting fucked up

  • Johnathan Brown

    Stupid thing doesn’t even work.

  • ragzuz

    well its because gohan choose a different style of living than goku he choose the sience life insted of the martial arts life

  • kristOS

    Master Roshi – I’m surprisingly buff!

  • Daniel Lawson

    after watching the anime the movie makes a bit more sense… both Vegeta and Goku were SSB, but they were not that level to much longer then Frieza was Gold.

  • Semir Zubaca

    Can’t watch!!!!

  • dbzfn99

    how do i watch it? it wont let me