Dragon Ball Super Episode 9

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August 3, 2015

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 9

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Dragon ball Super Episode 9 – Title: Sorry About the Wait, Beerus — Finally, Super Saiyan God is Born!

Beerus gave goku a chance gain more information about super saiyan god. Goku wans to use the dragon balls and want to ask shenron about it. They found a way how to go super saiyan god, Beerus is upset and has scared shenron. After few tries goku reaches his goal.

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  • Beacon

    Nice I love this

  • jeho balantin

    Lord bills vs super saiyan god goku we will happend

  • Joseph Sherrill

    Shenron grew some fingers.

    • Marcus Shaw

      Where at

  • Sergio Muñoz Muriel

    so good! somebody know how many episodes they want to make in total?

    • Saturn Septem


      • Kory Lanezs


        • Felix Jones


          • Super Saiyan Ginge

            over 9000?

    • Claudio Frollo

      they said 100 planned, but hopefully it will be a Lot more than that

    • steven

      Infinite i hope

    • Manga Girl (DBZ)

      there will be 100 episodes at least but they have already confirmed that if the series is successful enough they will make it 200 episodes that much has already been revealed which 99.99% probability points to super having 200 episodes

  • Daniel Choi

    super saiyan videl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O_O

    • Claudio Frollo

      well, she is got saiyan blood…

      • mmbb

        no she’s not.

  • Roxy Johnson

    not in English? or just me?

    • Nekorai

      lol that’s what subs are for

  • malik morgan


  • AugustAPC

    Forget all the hardship, suffering and pain they had to go through to achieve Super Saiyan 1 and 2. Fuck all that nonsense. All we had to do was play ring-around-the-rosie and the whole entirety of DBZ becomes trivialized.
    Brilliant Toriyama!

    • steven

      I wonder if everyone had higher power levels would the god outcome be stronger. What if 6 gods did the ritual?

      • AugustAPC

        There’s really no reason why they can’t do it. The only reason it doesn’t happen is because they’d literally have written themselves into a corner.

        • KoKuTanLuFi

          I’m unsure of what a perfect alternative would be, as the creator planned on ending the series during the Frieza saga but keeps going on due to the fan outcry for more. You are obviously very passionate about your feelings for the series, judging by the paper trail that is your comment reacord, do you have a blog or vlog? To be honest, I can’t tel if you are an angry fan or just a troll cause god damn your comments are the same from episode to episode!

          • AugustAPC

            I adore DBZ up to the end of the Cell Saga. I’m pretty much watching out of obligation and for some good characterization. Beerus is a cool character. But this story is absolute ass.

        • Gabriel Bryant


    • KoKuTanLuFi

      @AugustAPC:disqus This event or transformation doesn’t negate or invalidate any of that… To add to that fact Goku can’t even go back into this form. Goku as SSG is more powerful this this new “Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan” transformation. Beerus and Goku even stated that Goku was able to keep up with Beerus after coming out of the form due to his body remembering how it felt, however, he was much much weaker. Basically he just Demoed the God Ki at full power… hes able to tap into a fraction of that power in the resurrection f movie because of training with weiss. Vegeta must have learned it by association and training.

      • AugustAPC

        It absolutely invalidates all that. It couldn’t possibly be any more invalidating. This is the pinnacle of bullshit. Why bother going through all the pain, death and hardship that it takes to become a Super Saiyan when you can fucking hold hands and become a god?
        And don’t put on any kind of prerequisite power level bullshit, because a fucking fetus got the job done. Barely a fetus at that.
        This is just a big steaming dump on the series. And there’s no saying he can’t become a Super Saiyan God again by just holding hands again. Regardless, he “absorbed” part of the power of his god form by just being in it. Really, there’s no reason why Gohan, Goten and Trunks don’t partake in this Deus Ex Super Saiyan other than the fact that it would trivialize any future events.

        • KoKuTanLuFi

          @AugustAPC:disqus I don’t see how this takes away from Goku’s previous hardships and accomplishments. Why? Because he couldn’t reach God Status on his own! That’s the whole freaking point of Weiss’s teachings in Resurrection F. Weiss states that both Goku and Vegeta together might even become more powerful than beerus with time. Goku had the additional lecture of needing to fight to kill when something greater than himself is at stake. Vegeta needed to learn to humble himself to work with others.

          Goku couldn’t turn Gogeta, Vegetto, hell even SS4 without Pans help! Additionally isn’t this not the same as when he defeated Brolly the first time? All the Z warriors gave goku energy to use in his attack (Super dragon fist). All this was was the most powerful people in the universe (outside of beerus and weiss) giving Goku Ki so that he could achive a new level he didn’t know existed. Nothing more, nothing less. This holding of hands doesn’t need to happen again, it was nothing different than The Kai or Guru unlocking potential in characters.

          Don’t get your nuts in a bunch over this, relax… breath…. This is the same recycled logic that has been in the series since the Frieza Saga. Maybe you have grown out of the series? Nothing new here to be honest..

          • AugustAPC

            If you, truly, can’t see how a “legend” that was only accomplished through unbelievable mental and physical anguish is trivialized by the ability to become a god simply by holding hands, then I can’t help you.

            On the rest of your comments. The Buu Saga was garbage too. It’s the same pandering crap that Battle of the Gods, Resurrection and Super all are. Granted, it’s a bit better because Gotenks was actually a very entertaining characer and Buu was a cool deisgn. But as far as the story? A completely shallow back-tread.

          • KoKuTanLuFi

            Agree to disagree.Offering help, honestly, is the last thing that should be coming from you… As you feel “obligated” to watch a show you dislike, and can’t control yourself from having outburst on every episode. I’m out, got better things to do with my time.

          • AugustAPC

            Yea, typing my thoughts on a show after I watch it is really taking a toll on me. I should have more self control, it’s such a big deal.

          • Aaron Richards

            If you don’t like the series stop watching. Seriously all of your comments are about how bad this show is. How about you shut the fuck up & stop watching. I don’t care for Game of Thrones but I don’t comment on videos about how much I hate it & why, I just don’t watch it. I seriously thing people like you just want something to hate & like attacking things people enjoy.
            Also, for someone who hates this series & thinks its garbage you have watch 9 fan subbed episodes of it. If you comment on episode 10 you will pretty much prove that you are just here to attack the series.

          • AugustAPC

            All my comments are about how bad it is because it’s bad. I’m watching simply because I adored the bulk of Dragon Ball. The series is a big part of my childhood, so I’m watching out of a sort of obligation. Still gonna call it for what it is, and so far it’s been trash.

          • Daghan

            Here’s a thought. You’re not obligated to watch the show. If you’re that dependent on the feeling of nostalgia, and you clearly aren’t getting your rocks off here, they have the remastered version of classic DB and DBZ for sale. Buy it, sit down with your Mountain Dew and Fritos, stuff your mouth, and shut the hell up. You’ve had the same opinion for how many episodes now? It’s not constructive. It’s annoying. You’ve been told this, yes? How can you justify being anything more than a troll?

          • AugustAPC

            Nah, I’m gonna keep watching and calling it for shit until the time it manages to do something miraculous and come up with something of substance.
            Take your own advice and move the fuck on if you can’t handle negative opinions. I honestly couldn’t give a gobstopper-sized shit what you want me to do.
            I’m actually hoping someone can engage me with some sort of coherent argument in defense of this show, and why people seem to think it’s in anyway comparable to the Saiyan, Freeza and Cell Sagas of DBZ.

          • Daghan

            I tried to move on, trust me. It’s just after seeing God knows how many comments of your insufferable idiocy, I want to pull my eyes out. I like reading comments, and I’m not going to stop doing so just to avoid one dickless shit know-it-all. You want a coherent argument? Vegeta and Nappa invalidated all of DB. Frieza invalidated the Saiyan race up until Goku couldn’t do shit about his friends being picked off.And then there’s the Cell Saga. Boom, Super Saiyan 2 and somehow an 11 year old half-breed reigns supreme over the entire Z-force. Every new plateau of power in this series has always invalidated the previous. A child training for a single year to become the strongest in the galaxy is no less ridiculous than the circle-jerk that is SSG. So when you talk about SSG like it’s some affront to your perfect DB world, I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. Come up with a non-hypocritical complaint before you beg others to question it.

          • AugustAPC

            Vapid, as usual. All of those moments in DBZ were crescendos, payoffs to tons of build up and validation. SSG is just deus ex machina in its most basic and asinine form.
            I hoped for a shred of coherence form you, but I guess that’s just not the case.

          • Daghan

            Build up? Dragon Ball was build up. The Saiyans arriving did the same thing to Dragon Ball in less time than what SSG did to Dragon Ball Z. You’re just lacking upstairs if you appreciate how fast the Saiyans tore down barriers in DBZ, then depreciate it in DBS when it happened in relatively the same fashion. The only build up, true build up that came from Gohan was the filler episode where he fought Tao. Now that was cool shit. Other than that, all of his successes in battle were attributed to a temper tantrum fit for his age. Every. Single. Time. He was never just good at fighting like his father, then he got a free pass with Cell. And to add to the Cell Saga. Gero created bio-androids that were stronger than a Super Saiyan. I don’t see you complaining about some spare parts from EARTH, mixed with a human could best two Super Saiyans and match a Super Namekian punch for punch. Oh, that reminds me. One of your comments mentioned how they made Goku’s ascension to a ‘legend’ when fighting Frieza invalid. What fucking legend might that be? Because Goku was never a legend. Never became one. Not until DBS. The Legendary Super Saiyan was and always will be Broly. For all his training and all the death he saw when fighting Frieza, Goku created a half-assed version. And Broly didn’t have to train for shit. He was born with insane power that was cultivated by blind rage. And every single Super Saiyan got their shit stomped. Now before you try to write it off like you did the Buu Saga because ‘you didn’t like it’, newsflash it’s still canon. Also, I’m not raging. I’m loving this. By all means, keep it coming. Now that I’m involved it’s far more bearable.

          • AugustAPC

            Jesus Christ, you are really fucking dumb. REALLY fucking dumb. You’re not even coming close to a sensible thought. It’s not the existence of higher levels of power that invalidates the prior feats, it’s the way they are introduced and justified. How you are missing this is beyond me, but your defeating yourself before you even speak.

            Your babbling about Gohan not having any build up unbelievably nonsensical. You obviously don’t even understand what build up is… I don’t even know how that is possible. How do you function? Gohan’s encounter with Tao is one of the few moments that actually has no bearing on his progression as a character, yet you cite this as the only build up he’s had. Are trying to be stupid? You’re saying the absolute polar opposite of what is true. It’s as if you’re trying to come up with the most baffling idiotic things to say. Gohan’s entire life after the age of four was battle and training. It doesn’t matter whether he was “successful” or not. What matters is that he was constantly pushing himself and put in situations that forced him to become stronger. To become a Super Saiyan he had to put himself in a life or death situation. When he became Super Saiyan 2, that was him finally obtaining control of his volatile and unpredictable power, which had been BUILT UP for nearly 200 episodes. The fucking announcer says it flat out after that moment. It can’t possibly be more apparent, yet it still eludes you.
            I’ll make it as easy as possible for you with this analogy. The entirety of Dragon Ball Z, with the Buu Saga to a lesser extent, has been a progression of characters similar to the rungs on a ladder. Each step led to another, and one step could not be climbed without taking the previous one. The feats were natural progressions. They weren’t contrived. Each event had been, again, BUILT UP and validated through story telling and events that had happened throughout the series. That’s what gives payoff.
            SSG was not a rung on the ladder. It wasn’t dependent upon previous events. It wasn’t built up and it had nothing to do with the characters’ evolution in the story. It was just there to take whenever they needed a quick and cheap cash in. It was completely contrived. Deus. Ex. Machina.
            Now lets talk about the cyborgs. While it was a bit of a stretch to suggest that they could be created with the power of a Super Saiyan, there was still plenty of justification to their existence. Gero had been watching and studying Goku for DECADES. He saw and learned how Goku increased his power. It’s an explanation that ties into the events of the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z.

            Finally, let’s address your last blunder regarding Goku and becoming a Super Saiyan on Namek. First off, let’s get one thing straight. Broly is NOT canon. That is a fact. What IS canon, is that in Saiyan LEGEND, there had been a Super Saiyan 1,000 years before Goku. That was not Broly. GOKU realized that legend by becoming a Super Saiyan. He did not become a legend (which makes no difference, anyway), he VALIDATED A LEGEND.

            So the entirety of your post consists of failure in basic comprehension and being just plain wrong. I do find it amusing, however, that you would say you’re not raging, after saying something along the lines of wanting to pull your eyes out. At the very least, I can now understand why you would be mad. If I had your lack of ability to comprehend basic concepts, it would probably be frustrating to me, as well.

          • Daghan

            I’ll be honest. I only read the first paragraph. Going by that, as well as your previous comments, your only real interest is to flex your e-peen and put others down. When your testicles drop and you’re willing to have a debate with someone without trying to attack them because they don’t share your opinions to the letter, then we might be able to have a discussion. Continue making an ass of yourself. Rule the comment section, if you will. I’m tired of your irate banter. I’ll tell you what though, I take back what I said about Gohan only getting by on his temper tantrums. You have enlightened me as to how that actually works. So with that, I’m off to move on to another site to continue watching a show that you can’t stop me from enjoying. I’ll bet that must burn your little asshole. Hi-ho Silver! Awaa~aaaaayyyyyy!

          • AugustAPC

            I’ll be honest, I only read the first two sentences.
            When your balls grow big enough to actually read, I’ll consider obliging you. ‘Til then, you’re just another brick in the wall of internet idiocy.

          • Aaron Richards

            You are the kind of person that I hopes gets cyber-bullied into committing suicide.

          • AugustAPC

            You are the type of person that probably would, if you’re that upset about your show not being good.

          • Warco

            This would have been a very entertaining debate if each word wasn’t metaphorically dripping with rage. Oh well, thanks for the read, it has been a while since I watched DB/Z/GT, so this was a …. refresher.

            Also interesting seeing different people’s takes on the series. I for one am not much of a thinker when watching series like these, I turn my brain off and enjoy the pretty lights. I will agree that DBS is not all that good, I am enjoying it, but not as much as DB/Z. I would say it is currently on equal grounds with GT, kinda meh but enjoyable to an extent.

          • Aaron Richards

            I’m sorry. Seriously, I don’t agree with you but I should not have said that I hoped you killed yourself. It was the wrong thing to do & I was an idiot for doing it.

    • Gabriel Bryant

      Have you ever played an MMO?

      When a new expansion is released, suddenly all the equipment that was amazing becomes obsolete. If not instantly, then very quickly.

      No question, SSG is a deus ex machina.

      However, in MMOs, the leap in equipment is necessary to develop and validate the pertinence of the next plot line. Otherwise previous events can and will overwhelm the new.

      Such is the case here. It’s a tired strategy, but it creates a blank slate for Akira to paint the future multiverse. Everyone can now achieve a new baseline, and the canvas is fresh.

      Don’t overthink the contrivance of this device. If we wanted to cleverly solve your quandary, we could invent a proper backstory… Let’s try.

      SSG did not exist prior to Beerus’s dream. That is, suppose as the God of Destruction, in an appropriate measure of ying/yang, Beerus has the unwitting talent to create. Like colliding parallel universes which ignite the big-bang, Beerus rewrote the history of the 7th universe to include the capacity for SSG at the moment his psyche demanded an equal. Technically speaking, this IS what happened, just in Akira’s mind.

      Or, let’s try again. SSG was invented by some saiyans in the voodoo past. These super-sentient beings developed this as a stop-gap against the evil buried within the race. When they did so, or perhaps the OG SSG himself, buried the knowledge in the DNA of time (or within Beerus’s mind) so that it would not be released until another pure Saiyan was born that had reached the plateau of SSJ3.

      Point is, there are clever ways to excuse this trope. Surely better than this short dabble. Let’s not get caught up in the details and enjoy the ride. Life is better that way, so is Dragonball.

      • AugustAPC

        No offense, but neither of those instances come off as clever or do anymore to rationalize the form than the official story of, “ancient Namek mythology.”
        I don’t really feel like typing out anymore paragraphs on why this series is awful compared to Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z other than to say that the story is absolutely miserable and is devoid of any of the substance that made the franchise so great to begin with.

        • Gabriel Bryant

          Ok! No offense taken, I was just randomly tossing out ideas.

          I think they’re all silly, and yet somehow great. Like an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.

          Have a good one buddy!

  • Kory Lanezs

    jesus fcking Christ transformation took whole episode.

  • steven

    They need to make more episodes weekly or make them longer

  • Lamar Brooks

    you ppl make me sick just be happy that there are sites like this so you can watch all you favorite anime shows.

  • Felix Jones

    ssj videl with baby in womb vs frieza plz….

    • Felix Jones

      You normies wouldn’t understand

  • Nickolaos Podias

    Dat Super Saiyan Videl was teh best part. too bad Toriyama takes a month for each manga issue or we wouldnt have to deal with filler like a transformation that took 15 minutes.

  • Andrew A Glenn

    what happened to gohan he was so cool in the cell saga, now he’s a wet noodle

  • A.J The Official

    i waited for this like it was new years

  • Navado Prat

    hercule just one shotted gohan

  • Navado Prat

    and the fetal ssj Pan’s gonna be a problem

    • AugustAPC

      Cesarean from the inside.

  • Doed

    they really need to step up their animations, all the large scale shots look like shit and even close range they mess up facial features

  • Ispotat0


  • BOB

    worst bull crap i’ve watched. ruining my child hood for good :(!!!