Dragon Ball Super Episode 7

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July 11, 2015

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 7

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Dragon ball Super Episode 7 – Title: How Dare You Hit My Bulma! Vegeta’s Furious Mutation?!

Bulma’s party is messed up, Beerus fight with Majin Buu but Gohan, Piccolo and the others are intefere with this fight. Vegeta is getting pissed off, because Beerus smacked Bulma away.

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  • Brook Anderson

    No SS3 Vegeta?! Lame!!

  • Eroll

    Ffs. All we wanted was a ssj3. Tho the animation was way better

  • Ziv Galant

    It seems Akira is saving Ssj3 for Goku and Gotenks only;/ animation was better, but the whole atmosphere of the show is more kid like then before….bring back DBZ Kai please!

    • DK. Toxic


  • Anon

    the title of this episode is so misleading… NO SS3 VEGETA?!?!?! COME ONNN

  • Yaiba Onimaru

    no ssj3 vegeta too bad

  • Dana Dash

    I take it no one on here has seen DBZ: Battle of the Gods. Vegeta won’t be going SSJ3 And neither will Goku any more. The series is now gonna be based around their god forms and more spotlight will be placed on Vegeta according to the manga’s. Vegeta’s next transformation will be SSGSSJ Vegeta, which actually happens in DBZ: Revival of F.

  • James R

    A little over the top compared to the movie, but nice touch on the animation. And who cares if Vegeta doesn’t reach ssj3? Power levels got thrown out the window long ago. Through training and being pissed off I guarantee he’s rivaling or surpassing Goku at the moment. Hell, Beerus was even taken back abit.

  • Carlos DeLeon

    I think it’s better if Vegeta doesn’t go SS3 I would hate to see him with more hair..

  • dan

    this ending reminds me of the old dbz episodes always finishing just before a good fight scene lol

  • GoGito


  • IceyFoxx

    I would like to inform those who were expecting ssj3 Vegeta something… Why Would They Do Such Things To Someone who is already ugly?!, also it was shown before this the ssj3 was useless against beers anyway, it would server no purpose for them to show another one get beat up by the same guy… Just Saiyan


    Goku could beat frieze without going super Saiyan, heck goten could kill Frieda without going super Saiyangoten we saw how easily trunks destroyed Frieda as a robot when he was supposedly three times as strong and he was super Saiyan, he didn’t even get a scratch. The set is bad, it’s like a five year old show now, and the golden Frieda movie was completely bull. I do like the ideas of beerus or bill


    And y is everyone super muscled like chic his dad the oxe King, however I can’t get over krillen having luffys voice!
    Yeah Ha! I forgot to do that on my comment on ep 4 lol

  • Papayaman1000

    I think I finally found what Whis is the god of:

    God, look at him, just lax as f*** and eating his sushi…