Dragon Ball Super Episode 68

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November 27, 2016

    Does anyone think it’s retarded that Goku can take strikes from the Lightning of Absolution of an infinitely powerful God but still cowers at the magma in Earth’s core?

    • KingSalamand

      Well one is Ki the energy they use for flying, fighting, and blasts. The earths core is magma. It can melt him. Goku is strong enough to take the Lighting of Absolution, but no mortal is strong enough to handle the core of a damn planet. Granted Whis and Beerus can but that’s because they’re gods.

      • This.

      • SonnyDhaKai

        Frieza can as well, he can survive planet explosions which of course have magma flying around

        • duhh

          he only survived because he can live in the vaccum of space….

        • duhh

          that planet was in to out, meaning the blast started withIN the core and blasted OUTward into space. space has no air, lava plus no air ( oxygen or fuel for fire ) means it would burn itself out once the planet lost atmospheric stability…….

      • KILVA

        I find a few things wrong with this. The Earth’s magma is more dangerous than any Ki attack that Goku has ever been hit with?
        That means Magetta must have NEVER hit anyone with his magma during the tournament. Correct?

    • Dielli Gashi

      Hey, don’t you dare talk bad about Goku. Got It !!!!!! Good 🙂

  • Angelo Guance

    Cant play the video bullshit

  • stefanALASKAtaylor

    yum that was delicious filler. flavorless though

  • Kousen Blaze

    -.- hate fillers..especially this one, atleast have something interesting going on…waste of a episode in my opinion