Dragon Ball Super Episode 67

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November 20, 2016
  • Michael Cena

    who is our next villain?

    • Wayne


    • stefanALASKAtaylor

      super saiyan rainbow is next

      • Michael Cena


  • stefanALASKAtaylor

    great now vegata and goku need to train to change their hair color again!

  • talha

    result of dbs…………
    supersaiyan has no limits in his powers………………………lol

  • alice

    Oh my God I feel so bad for trucks. His future sucks. I really hated how this episode ended.The cell games series was a whole lot better. When Trucks returned to his future he fought the androids and cell and was able to Bring peace to his world. Now he has nothing and he’s going to go back in time and he’s going to see himself and my Mai and there’s going to be two of them. He’s going to feel guilty for the rest of his life feeling like he failed everyone. Am I the only one pissed about this ending? Really, come on. They could’ve use the Dragon balls to bring back’s trunks world and revive the people there as well . They’ve done it so many times in the the show,so why not now? . Also, not knowing how trunks and mai are doing right now,as in, are thay safe, are they rebuilding there world? Not knowing is killing me. at least in the cell games series we we had peace of mind that trunks restore peace to his world. Not to mention trucks also felt strong and confident in the cell series that he succeeded. i’m hoping the writers of the show bring back trunks and mai soon so we know they’re doing OK.