Dragon Ball Super Episode 63

  • Trevor

    Damn already, Nice.

    • Kaliaila

      They ripped it from Crunchyroll, that’s why it is so fast.

  • Kaliaila

    Dragon Ball Super is now officially and legally available to watch streaming via Crunchyroll; presently only episodes 47-63 are available, but 1-46 will be added at about 10/week over the next 4 Saturdays. Currently all of the available episodes are available to free members. Not sure if subsequent episodes are going to have a delay between free and premium/premium+ users.

    Thanks to all those who have translated (Ken and others) the show and the various groups who have fansubbed it using those translations; without you we wouldn’t have been able to watch it as easily up to this point. But I am happy to be able to watch an officially licensed release of the show now.

    • Subbed?

      • Kaliaila

        Yep, but considering they have that new agreement with Funimation I would not be surprised if dubbed versions are added a couple weeks after.

        • Darcy Dewar


  • Kelvin Hewlett

    True but not for us in the UK 🙁 Dragonball Super is not available here.

    • Kaliaila

      Someone on the Crunchyroll forums mentioned a legal place for there. I will go look.

    • Kaliaila

      Daisuki net is where you will want to go. Legal, but has commercials.


    Wow all of the foreshadowing in DBS Episode 64 lmao when attack efforts are made in pairs, they show halves of each other’s faces as one, hinting at the fusion that happens at the end of the episode… I didn’t realize it until watching it through again!

  • Brian Richard Layher Jr.

    Yesterday it said we had seven hours until the new episode now it says six days?! What the fuck

  • Akshay

    Guys where is episode 64.?? It’s already aired