Dragon Ball Super Episode 61

  • John Lillian

    does anyone know why trunks’ hair is purple in the past but blue in the future

    • Peter Sondagh

      toriyama thought in this arc blue hair would suit him better, due to the fact goku and vegeta having the ssgss blue form lol

    • Panagiotis Pate

      Actually Trunks hair in the manga are blue but in the anime they made them purple. Just like Bulma’s hair in the manga are purple but in the anime they are blue. So Trunks hair in DBS are correct!

    • Harvey Baver

      I personally think it’s interesting. If you look at Bulma, her hair used to be purple when she was young, then turned blue when she got older. Trunks’ hair when he was a kid is purple, and now it’s blue when he’s older. So that sounds all good, but then you think back to DBZ and Future Trunks’ hair was purple lol. It almost made sense. Maybe between him coming back to save Goku and him coming back to stop Black/Zamasu, he reached the age where it changes? But Bulma’s changed at a much younger age. lol idk, either way, I love the show, and Akira Toriyama’s unpredictable nature 🙂

  • John Luteru

    Is it just me or is there no subs?

    • Ryan Avery

      its just you

  • Ashutosh

    M not seeing subs either
    Watching on iphone

  • TheHiddenGamerYT

    I still don’t see why goku and vegeta don’t just fuse. Smh

    • Cody Mitcham

      u haven’t watched dragon ball in a long time have you

      • disqus_B3K2y4wKGN

        no, I watch it. Vegeta never wanted to fuse with Goku, even since Vegito

    • disqus_B3K2y4wKGN

      they have saiyan pride, not like GT version of them

  • Random guy

    to kill black, they need to take out the ring, then kill Goku. That way Black will disapear and Zamasu will lose the immortality.

    • JJMSK

      Exactly what I thought about for a sec I thought trunks had stolen the ring when he punched the ground … But thru the ring they may have a way out…
      Can’t wait to see see Master Roshi next ep

  • Leek

    Why is goku always so noticeably stronger than Vegeta it’s annoying

    • Darcy Dewar

      ikr? veggie had six months to train with whiskey

  • Kousen Blaze

    Hmmm that transformation and movement of trunks is reminiscant of Broly’s transformation. I know he far past stronger than that im just saying the way it looked, with whited out eyes, the heavey footsteps…Im excited to see what happens next

    • Roman Markiewicz

      agreed! i thought the same exact thing.

    • Tee

      I’m saying the same thing , he looks just like Broly

  • Jose Latalladi

    So much drama this episode was a knock out up there MAYBE better than buy series episodes

  • stefanALASKAtaylor

    hell yes trunks.

  • Strathos

    For one moment I thought Trunks was gonna go SSJ3.