Dragon Ball Super Episode 60

  • rohit nair

    Hi Team, with all due respect to the translators, what time’s the subs for this episode (please mention the timezone). Thanks!

    • Sean Bickel

      usually the translations are out around 5-6pm ET

  • Michael Junior Harrison

    So that’s who Black Goku is? Just like Captain Ginyu but different.

  • DeathKey

    All the people complaining of the broken timer, it is an estimate, it takes time to translate and correct mistakes.. when it hits 0 it’ll be out soon, not to mention the time it takes to upload. Just be happy their doing it.

    • DeathKey

      Not meant for the people respectfully asking

  • Jessica Avarial Mizell

    So they just verified a MASSIVE screwup. If the Goku in Trunk’s timeline died from the heart disease, he never even reached Super Saiyan 2 much less ever met Zamasu. So how is all of this happening? The Zamasu that Goku did meet is now dead in the main timeline.

    • Brian Richard Layher Jr.

      It’s all so very confusing, no?

    • Sean Bickel

      he might have used the super dragon balls to wish to have the body of Goku’s or some shit

      • Jessica Avarial Mizell

        Zamasu from Trunk’s world had never even heard of Goku because their Goku DID die from the heart disease and never fought cell, nor Buu or met Whis and Beerus.

    • danny melendez

      He could have wished for goku to be revived with the super dragon balls seeing they have “limitless” powerr

      • Jessica Avarial Mizell

        That is the problem though, Zamasu from Trunk’s world had never met Goku.

        • danny melendez

          you are I misread the comment. We will see what happens in the next episode when he describes who he is

    • Oarhe Osagie

      He probly found a Goku in another universe, that way they could be discreet about it

    • Nameless Wing

      Thats not even my biggest issue, if Zamasu and Goku switched bodies what about immortal Zamasu in the Kaikin body? Unless they are all in a specific timeline that is screwed. Also Omni-King, why wouldn’t he just destroy Black and Zamasu? Goku is like his favorite being ever.

      • Jessica Avarial Mizell

        Yes, I am still waiting for Goku to get his ass beat enough to press that button…

        • Viperus

          Wait wait wait…. what if future Zamasu from “our” universe (1 year in the future) wished to switch bodies with Goku from our universe, and then went to universe 10, where he met with Zamasu from universe 10 and teamed up.

          Now they killed Zamasu from our universe which would have swapped with our Goku in a year or so.

          • Jessica Avarial Mizell

            First of all, Zamasu 1 year into our future would still be dead because he was killed in our timeline in the past. Same Zamasu, same timeline. Second, he was shockedly surprised when they told him what was happening in the other timeline, seconds before Beerus killed him. He tried to be cocky and say, “well if all of that happens in the future then there is no way I can lose today.” Then Beerus killed him but the Zamasu in trunk’s timeline remains alive and by this point in trunk’s timeline is probably the Grand kai or whatever it was he was studying for, never having met Goku.

          • Viperus

            No he wouldn’t because changing the past doesn’t change the future. Remember the future Trunks example, he changed the past but his future stayed the same.

            Every time Trunks goes back to the past and changes something, he creates another timeline. Before, we had 2 timelines, now we have 3.

            timeline #1 – original timeline where Goku and Vegeta die, and Androids destroy everything, future Trunks goes back to this one.

            timeline #2 – timeline saved by future Trunks where Goku and Vegeta fight Cell, Buu and become SSJG, but Zamasu steals Goku’s body, becomes Black and goes to another parallel universe / timeline (which may be the same thing?)

            timeline #3 – timeline again corrected by the future Trunks. Zamasu is killed by Beerus.

            So, the team is now in timeline#1, fighting Black from timeline#2 and Zamasu from timeline#1, after Black explained him his plan.

            After they beat them, they will return to their twice-altered timeline, timeline #3.

          • Jessica Avarial Mizell

            I had posted this on another website. That is what I was thinking, that there had been a third timeline created from all of the timetraveling going on. Still doesn’t explain how any of the Zamasu’s “knew” to go to an alternate timeline at all. The only Zamasu who knew about such a thing was the one Beerus told right before killing him. The rest knew about TimeTravel not Timelines.

          • Viperus

            I think all gods know about time travel and alternate timelines, but it’s not something they casually mention to humans. I mean, they have the time travel ring, and the know about who omni king is, so obviously they know alternate universes exist.

            It’s revealed in ep 61 that time ring saved Black from dissappearing in the future.

          • Jessica Avarial Mizell

            If that is correct then why was Zamasu so shocked when Beerus told him about it? He acted like he had never heard of such a thing.

          • Viperus

            Well, Zamasu is a junior “god” or something. He didn’t know about the rings until the old guy told him about it.

    • Rich88

      Lulz, you can revive people with the regular dragon balls…. pretty sure the super dragon balls wouldn’t be limited to a certain number of revivals. The “screwup” really happened episodes ago when they didn’t make it clear which Zamasu everyone’s dealing with in the future.

  • uzair khan

    if omni king just destroys black, how would we know what strategies would make to destroy an opponent powerful than him.. even if not destroy, atleast how he would hold back. Omni king will obviously make his entry, but it might take few more episodes and a few twists and turns before thaat happens. And i think goku and vegeta will fuse and hold both of tthem back for as long as possible..

  • floyd

    guys i am going to spoil you that vegito is coming in dragon ball super ep 66