Dragon Ball Super Episode 6

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July 11, 2015

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 6

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Dragon ball Super Episode 6 – Title: Don’t Anger the God of Destruction! The Heart Pounding Birthday Party

Beerus was looking for vegeta so he went to planet Earth to bulma’s party.  Destiny of the planet earth depends now on Vegeta. Goku wants to return to planet earth but King Kia holds him down.Beerus finds vegeta and ask him information about super saiyan god. Bulma showed up and meets with Beerus and wils, and she offerd them some food.


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  • adamskakilpatrick

    dont fuck with me. Kid Vegeta was SASSY back in his day

  • Koibito888

    Super continues to be amazing, regardless of the very incorrect negative opinions about it.

    • Trevor Alan Jenkins

      I have read some of it. Personally not fond of Dragon Ball Super, I personally prefer how the series ended when it finished airing in the USA. I’m used to DB through DBGT myself. Everyone has their preference.

      • Koibito888

        Ew yuck don’t read it lol. The manga is not done by Toriyama and gets details wrong. The anime is also much better.

        Super doesn’t change how the series ended, it still takes place before the end.

        See if you’re a fan of GT style that’s fine. I just wish people were that way about it. The problem is that Super is so much like the original that people forget this is what the original was like. They get too used to the movies and GT and start talking about how bad it is and it’s just like guys, if you don’t like the original DBZ then just come out and admit it but don’t sit there and act like this isn’t EXACTLY what the old series is about.

        I also say the opinions are incorrect because other than yourself, I’ve heard either things that are wrong to judge DBZ by or things that are wrong to judge an anime by in general.

        They either say there’s not enough action but again, DB and DBZ are at their core a silly series with an epic plot. GT was a dark plot that tried to recapture the innocence of DB and be funny sometimes, and the movies are either dark plots, or sillier plots but still all about the action all the time and that is not DBZ so again, I wish they would just admit they didn’t like DBZ so that Super didn’t have all these misleading reviews out there for people who actually like DBZ to believe them or be influenced by them. They either say that or they whine that it’s covering the movies we’ve already seen but that’s not even valid because they are only starting with the movies, adding plot to those movies, and then jumping off into new plot concerning those movies. I mean the events of BoG are already more than half way done in 6 episodes in a series confirmed for 100 so it’s completely new and even the parts covering the movies directly are new as they’ve added so much and since super is written by Toriyama it means something. OR they whine about how so far in only one fight, for only half of that fight, there were some animation errors which were not too bad and chances are they will be fixed anyway AND they haven’t continued.

        So really none of the things people are having specific problems about Super are valid because they are just either wrong to judge an anime by, too small to be a real problem, or they are problems that fans of actual original DBZ wouldn’t have. The only valid reason to dislike super is if you either disliked DBZ or if you happened to like the GT style of things better than DBZ in which you’re the first person I’ve ever seen give the valid reason that you’re used to GT lol. And as such that can’t be counted as a negative towards super, you just happen to like GT style but Super is made for people who like Z style, who prever Toriyama’s style and not preferring that is a totally valid opinion like yours. I just wish people wouldn’t act like that is a negative point to Super.

        Hell what I don’t get is the people saying Super is worse than GT. These people are acknowledging what GT did wrong to DBZ, yet somehow still hate Super. Usually it’s because of the above reasons though so they really are just confused on what DB actually is lol.

        Sorry for the rant, just you had a good point and a good way to express that opinion, something most don’t, so I felt it worthy of discussion lol.

        • Trevor Alan Jenkins

          I feel the same way! It’s okay for the rant. I have rants from time-to-time myself lol! I’m actually trying to improve in that area.

          • Trevor Alan Jenkins

            But to be honest, I read monthly Shonen Jump up to the point where it became Shonen Jump Alpha. I did watch Dragon Ball originally, then watched DBZ then DBGT, then the Lost Episodes of DBGT came out. Watched the lost episodes of Dragon Ball GT, then the box set came out of the Digitally Remastered box set watched DBZ again all the way through, DBGT all the way through and finally went back to Dragon Ball to finish that as a Digitally Remastered rentals from Netflix. Read the Manga finished the Dragon Ball Arc now I’m up to the Dragon Ball Z arc. But far as Dragon Ball Super and to make a point, I didn’t care for it is because it’s more recent, personally I just prefer how the series was before newer stories was added along with BoG and RoF plus I’m just content with what I have watched and grateful for it. You to also have a valid point as well from what we been discussing about. Far as some people are picky, insult others, complain about Dragon Ball and I’ve been dealt a low blow when it comes to XenoVerse just by expressing my opinion and going on a rant. On the side note and here is what I have watched on YouTube: Blacken Fist, DBZanto Xenoverse, Dragon Ball World Wide, SdotStormzHD Naruto/Dragon Ball – Storm 4 & Super. From what you told me as a future reference as far as my info is concerned and took it to heart. I to wish people are more humble about it instead of over reacting lol, but far as rant it’s good to get it off your chest instead of bottling it up inside. I respect you plus, you are very good with your information and well informed.

    • Raansu

      The negative “opinions” are negative because the show is pretty sub par. I mean did you watch last weeks episode? What the hell was with those animations? Not even Z was that bad and that show is decades old. The plot is also beyond terrible.

      • Koibito888

        Why yes, I did see last weeks episode. And while the animations were off, they weren’t absolutely horrible or unwatchable, they also only occurred in the first half of the fight, they’ll probably be fixed when going to DVD like Sailor Moon Crystal, and despite the animation the fight was still better than the movie’s and that’s what matters. The fight was still amazing. Also no, Z was just as bad with it’s animations plenty of times.

        The plot is amazing. It feels just like old school DBZ, it’s covering the movies which already had amazing plots and it’s making them even better, adding more detail, then are having arcs based after the movies, and then an arc about Universe 6? The plot is shaping up to be amazing.

        Super is pretty great. It had a bit of animation errors in one half of one fight early on in the series, that’s it, that’s it’s only flaw and it’ll probably be fixed later anyway. And even still it’s content is already better than the movies, it’s doing much more good than bad.

        • Raansu

          There is nothing about super that is even remotely similar to DBZ….Its overall tone is completely different and Beerus is about the most lame villain ever.

          • Koibito888

            Are you kidding? This is the exact tone of DB and DBZ. At it’s core DBZ is of the archetype of show that is a goofy series that develops into seriousness. Villains that aren’t conventionally cool but made to be epic, starting off with a silly tone before developing into serious action filled plot with colorful designs and personalities. That is what DBZ and Super both convey with their tone. Beerus is awesome, he’s not really a villain as much as he is completely neutral. He’s like an anti-hero without the hero part and his character is just fun and epic.

          • Raansu

            So apparently you consider the fillers part of DBZ…..because thats about as close to the tone of super Z ever gets and I don’t consider any of the fillers as official.

          • Koibito888

            No, I’m talking about the original manga. That is how it is. DB is a fun, bright, goofy, unconventionally cool story with epic overtones but plenty of character fleshing out and fun that leads up to it and always goofy undertones which only makes the action more epic when it gets to it. That’s DB, that’s DBZ, and that’s Super.

          • morgan jellison

            you may not know because its not realy common knowlage but the animation style changes in amime often because its mainly free lancers because if animators didint free lance they wouldnt be able to make a living so some episodes are worse and some are better.

          • PureBaldness

            It’s early days though, don’t you think? I’d say give it a 2-3 months before deciding whether it’s shit or not. As for Beerus, I disagree. He’s somewhat unpredictable. I like the fact that he’s not particularly evil. Cell on the other hand I feel was boring and 1 dimensional. His abilities were cool but his personality, not so much.

  • GoGito

    fr kid vegeta was truly savage

  • LordNuggo

    I wish there were more in this episode

  • Ispotat0

    So Vegeta… They kill your dad, Nearly beat the shit out of you and take your wife?

  • Mark May

    am i the only person having issues with playback where i have to ff thru half the episode to see anything?

    • krillinneverdies

      if you are watching with mobile, try it on landscape mode

  • Patrick Stark

    At 11:45 the whole group looks like shit. Especially piccolo.