Dragon Ball Super Episode 58

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September 10, 2016

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 58 Release Date :

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Dragon ball Super Episode 58 – Title: –

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  • anonymous

    when will the subbed episode get uploaded

    • rather

      after two hours. u have the countdown on the right of the video

      • aq

        that countdown is fake.

  • SSJ Vegito

    still no subs

  • Stephan

    I must give props to the subtitler, doing the work so quickly and with fewer mistakes each time. As subtitler, I know it isn’t always easy.

    • KILVA

      It’s pretty much a new guy every time. KenXyro’s is usually perfect.

  • Roger Ailes

    Thank you for uploading the non-subbed. Every week people don’t seem to get the concept of waiting for subtitle work to be done. As I watch I pick up a few Japanese words I normally might not if I’m reading. Totally worth watching even if I don’t grasp the full content. And thanks for subbing also!

  • Gyon van Dam

    this episode and the next will/are (be) fillers 😀

  • stefanALASKAtaylor

    so lame we have to wait another week