Dragon Ball Super Episode 57

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September 4, 2016

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 58 Release Date : 07-aug-2016

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Dragon ball Super Episode 58 – Title: –

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  • Shameh Rolando Leabres

    where’s the subbed ?

    • Donovan Meersma

      they come in following day of the upload

    • There’s a counter…that counts down…to the release….just look at the counter and don’t say anything. No one else knows where the sub is, people just look at the timer that says when it will be uploaded, when it says zero, the subs will be up. Really straight forward.

    • Mark Attridge

      just watch it on gogoanime. already subbed there

  • Glen Bustiaan Franckaert

    so immortal god is stronger then beerus and zeno sama not ??

    • Jamie

      honestly yes because he can’t be heart…when i saw this episode i was pissed. this guy talks how humans are trash and beneath him. Yet he had to do this because he know he couldn’t win. They need to tell the connection of black. I am thinking its a Kami and King Piccoli situation.

      • lord have mercy

        is he not human form also? 2 legs 2 arms a body and a head?? i understand hes a god…lower g GOD that is, kinda doesnt make sense but the way they use the word “human” is kinda going in the line of the aboved mentioned?

    • Harvey Baver

      Stronger than Beeus, yes. Stronger than Zeno? Never. Zeno doesn’t need to “hurt” him, he can just wish him to no longer be there and poof, that immortal God never exists. That’s why Beerus, Whis, and even the High Priest are so scared of him.

  • Glen Bustiaan Franckaert

    so happy Dragon ball is back i was just a kid when dragoball shows up o the france televesion dind know what they talkt about because i speak dutch but every week it was a pleasure to follow. and now 20 years later have a kid, ill hope she follow my dragonball love aswel


    Immortallity… Lmao that would’ve been the end of the series right there if they cooperated properly and 2v1’d Goku, Vegeta and Trunks all at the same time to their deaths.

  • Yll Ahmeti


  • Selçuk Arpaçay

    Hello im from Holland i like this Dragonball Super but i want tell you somethink nobody talk about beerus samma god of destruction 🙂 why because if you guys remember he see someone in him dream look goku that he going defeat maybe what you see was not goku maybe black :))) what you think 😛

    • Gyon van Dam


    • Wolfsnake1234

      Nope, it was Bardock.

  • lord have mercy

    so why is the new episode from last week not up? i watched it already this is 2 weeks old