Dragon Ball Super Episode 56

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August 28, 2016

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 56 Release Date : 07-aug-2016

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Dragon ball Super Episode 56 – Title: –

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  • BlazeKing

    Those subs need work…

    • veonnj


      • KILVA

        I can see what he’s saying… guy says ‘kuso..!’ which would be “shit..!” but the translator put in “Dammit!” which has its own word in Japanese. Random commas everywhere… I realize translations don’t really come out perfect but the grammar is bad at some points lmao.
        “Bulma gave me!” – “That’s somthing weird!”

  • Joseph Gotico

    But remember. He has that thing the omni king gave. Xd

    • veonnj

      that’s true but if he call him, he will get angry and start distroying

  • triiissstaannnn

    Honestly, I’m just shocked by the ending. This show is unpredictable.

    • KILVA

      Akira Toriyama <3

  • gandalf

    awesome episode

  • Omega-Battle

    I was not suspecting that!!

  • Felix Aponte

    Super saiyan Rose!!! So this goku is universe 10 goku?

    • veonnj

      I think so maybe from somewhere else

    • arruuu

      not possible, he is wearing a ring of the kai-shins, cant be goku unless goku is somehow a kai-shin in another universe

      • Felix Aponte

        No I think Zamasu killed the elder kai and thats the earing black is wearing. Remember that he cannot use the time ring without the potara.

  • slybunda

    predictable. goku will call all-chan who will finish the fight

    • KILVA

      ahaha nice

  • PeteZstarZ

    Black goku could be the person goku will give to all chan to play with

  • stefanALASKAtaylor


  • Derelict

    Zamasu in this universe should not know who Goku is until this point. Unless the he time traveled and went to a different dimension where Future Trunks time line takes place knowing that Trunks will bring that same Goku to that timeline in order to fight him…