Dragon Ball Super Episode 55

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August 21, 2016

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 55 Release Date : 07-aug-2016

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Dragon ball Super Episode 55 – Title: –

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  • Dolev Ardova Inbar

    not subbed

  • Marcel Schmidt

    Ihr Hurensöhne!!
    First to sub?! Are you serios?
    The fkn countdown is on 0 for 1 hour and the subbed version is still not online!
    I hope you die real life

    • Dolev Ardova Inbar

      hmm.. 2 hours+

    • Toni Huber

      its every week the same mess. the countdown is over and the subbed episode is not online. I don’t understand why the people from this website doing such irrational things… very mysterious

    • Why don’t you die ingrate?
      Anyway, I see subs already so go enjoy it useless.

    • Marcel ist ein primitiver Affe

      was ist los mit dir du spasst? kannst du dich mal benehmen?

  • Mattias Larsson

    Do anyone know who the blue guy with yellow hair is at 40s – 45s into the the intro song? The guy have been in the intro for long time, but never appeared in the episodes from what I can remember.

    • Peter Sondagh

      just a freeza soldier from the golden freeza saga

      • Mattias Larsson

        Ok. Thank you. I had forgotten this.

  • Fucking subs bitch

    where tf is the motherfucking subs bitches

  • Michael Cena

    why does the drawing looks like that?

    • Darcy Dewar

      why does your grammar look like that?

      • Michael Cena

        you mean “looks”
        clown talking about jokes.

  • BShirley23

    LoL. I add an additional 24 hours to the countdown. For the subs. But lately it’s been an extra week to two weeks plus the extra 24 hours. Glad I’m patient.

  • Sean Bickel

    to those bitching about the subs, give it an extra 6 hours after release and you’ll have your fucking subs

  • Ulf

    Is the series over or just the website abandoned?
    No new countdown. No new episode. 🙁