Dragon Ball Super Episode 54

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July 16, 2016

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 54 Release Date : 07-aug-2016

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Dragon ball Super Episode 54 – Title: –

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  • jason lombardo

    ok its now sunday again where is the episode?

  • BHTF

    @BigMoneyWill._ add me on instagram

  • Michael H

    Don’t have a clue what they’re saying.. but can’t wait for the subbed ver

  • sis

    where is the subbed episode?

    • Xiang Xuehai

      Up your

  • Jamie

    I read the manga recently and they elaborated about the time travel etc. It took a few pages for them to. I am glad they are addressing the issue in the anime. I also have to say that people complain about the animation. The story to me is really carrying this arc. They are building a great foundation.

    • Deep

      Where did you find manga?

      • Asxetos

        in his dreams

  • Sean Bickel

    when will people realize that the subbed episode comes out a few hours AFTER the unsubbed version… stupid idiot morons…

  • Kareem Eloufir

    Episode 55 ??

  • Jake Connell

    Where is ep55??

    • Daniel Lawson

      no episode this week

      • Sean Bickel

        ok, this is bullshit…. they did this 2 weeks ago too

      • Jake Connell

        This is weird.
        I came o Spain and had no data plan set up and lo behold an error at Fuji tv. Ep is aired the next week when I have data. Now we are in the last week of my holiday and have had to buy 500mb just to watch yesterday and lo behold no episode until I’m back safe in England with wifi weed and my friends.

        Thank you DBZ super for caring that I watch you happy and content ✌🏼️
        *tru story.. Xxx

    • Gavin Nowak- Elliott

      wiki says the 28th

  • Jonny Glass

    RIP table. LOL

  • Marcel Schmidt

    Ihr Hurensöhne!!
    First to sub?! Are you serios?
    The fkn countdown is on 0 for 1 hour and the subbed version is still not online!
    I hope you die real life!

  • test

    vegeta dies in super episode 56