Dragon Ball Super Episode 53

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July 16, 2016


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Dragon Ball Super Episode 53 Release Date : 31-jul-2016

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Dragon ball Super Episode 53 – Title: –

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  • Merrick Stone

    why isnt episode 53 released today, 7/24?! its Sunday!! Did i miss something?

    • KingSalamand

      It’s being held off till next Sunday due to an Airing error at fuji Television

      • Sean Bickel

        *flips table*

        • KingSalamand

          Right? It’s bull. But I’m hoping in the meantime they fix gohans character and make him extremely powerful again.

          • KILVA

            I’m sure the next episode is already written.

          • KingSalamand

            It is. Was a poor form of a joke

        • stefanALASKAtaylor

          my exact feels

  • ShogunReborn

    instead of the countdown ending today it start…wtf bro not cool

  • arruuu

    where is the subbed version

    • wodnering the same thing

      • WrestlingsAdvocate

        Then you both are wondering too soon. Its one guy. Why can’t people be patient for their free illegal content? Even when the dude was in the hospital, y’all were nagging him, slandering him, and bashing him because the subs were late.

        • KILVA

          Yeah, pathetic really.

          • WrestlingsAdvocate

            I see. Well regardless, it seems that each individual of the process is as vital as any.

        • arruuu

          lol i just asked where it was, i wasnt nagging slandering or bashing him

  • Olaf van Kooten

    Well this was a fun episode 🙂

  • veonnj

    good enough, zamasu will turn bad se thoon and am the first to see this episode

    • Xiang Xuehai

      I think Zamasu is going to poison his Teacher.

  • gandalf

    loved this episode

  • Daniel Christopher Holt

    Goku was impressed by Zamasu’s sharpness, quick learning, and going quick for the kill. Lord Beerus could have done the same thing to Goku but wanted to teach Goku instead. Black fought at 10 fold increase Supreme Kai 575 million power level. Zamasu fought at 100 quintillion power level as did Goku. Unlike with Lord Beerus, Goku didn’t get the red hair temporary ritual activation and so he doesn’t have the same raw power or speed, but he has the same power level. Goku is grasping it better but doesn’t see Lord Beerus ‘s greater skill. Goku still used kaio-ken split second spurts on Zamasu. Goku used kaio-ken spurts and instant transmission on Lord Beerus. Black has Zamasu’s higher chi but hasn’t used it yet, and he’s only used mortal chi. Black is like smoke from Mortal Kombat 2, and Xicor is like Reptiles from Mortal Kombat 1. As far as I know Xicor is the hardest challenge tht comes later in AF but much harder challenges may have come. Xicor is half Saiyan, half Supreme Kai. His mother is Western Supreme Kai.