Dragon Ball Super Episode 52

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July 16, 2016

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 52 Release Date : 17-jul-2016

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Dragon ball Super Episode 52 – Title: –

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  • Flaming_Fox69



    Well… Mostly filler but oh well. Shit goes down next episode finally.

    • Giancarlo Rotunno

      but it is a good filler nonetheless. You can see deep into Trunks mind set

  • Michael H

    finally.. actually got to see Zamasu…

  • veonnj

    its so cringy

  • KingSalamand

    Am I the only one who is upset with what has happened to Gohan’s character? That flashback from the Cell games hit me. Gohan was my favorite. At the end of DBZ he was so powerful and a skilled fighter. Mystic Gohan was great. I don’t see how he could turn into this. And then after Frieza’s little flashy incident. He said he’d train and become strong again. well were is this? I want the strong Z Fighter Gohan used to be. Anyone agree?

    • Sadly I agree 100% and have felt so since the very first episode, chapter, movie screen time, etc.

      • GMan606

        cause pan has his power

      • KingSalamand

        Thank you, Happy I’m not the only one. DB Super is all about Super Saiyan Blue and vegeta and Goku. I keep watching hoping that Akira will see his mistake. Gohan wasn’t into studying, his mom Chi Chi made him. He wasn’t completely like his father but he understood the importance of training. I want Gohan’s great comeback. I want to see him transcend above Mystic and actually achieve this prophecy like power he was preached about having. Am I right or wrong?

        • KILVA

          Err, yeah, I’m figuring it’s all about SS Blue because it’s the newest most powerful Saiyan form.
          Obviously it’s going to be present in all of the large sagas. He wasn’t going to defeat Golden Frieza without SSGSS. He wasn’t going to do well in the Duoverse Tournament without SSGSS. DB Super is only ~50 episodes in, there are many more sagas to be had.
          DBS is also about the introduction of more Gods, the parallel universes and the Omni-king, Goku & Vegeta’s neverending rivalry, and new enemies with new tactics (like Hit). There was a lot of hype for the new form, but that doesn’t mean that’s all that DBS has to offer.

          Gohan’s great comeback is in the making, and I’m sure Toriyama will unleash it at the perfect time, perhaps one of those famous “one minute more and it’d have been too late” moments.

          • KingSalamand

            I sure hope so. I really want Gohan back. I’m going to sit back and wait because it’s amazing as is, but I’d love to have my favorite character back in action.

    • Daniel Christopher Holt

      Gohan cut down on training to learn other techniques to winning in combat other than martial arts. He found the other fighters are losing their common sense of how to win situations because they’re just focused on martial arts. SSGSS Vegeta, Trunks, Goten, and SSGSS Goku almost lost to the weird water creature. Even the martial artists aren’t applying anywhere near to their full potential in training as I’ve found major areas they can improve on in less or more time. Gohan gave up an education opportunity to stay closer to his wife, friends, and daughter. Pan it looks like has already been given God fighter chi otherwise how did she fly outside of Earth’s ozone layer. Gohan has to pay close attention to raising Pan into the higher Divine path so she doesn’t die in the future after GT like in a more well known manga of an alternate future. Gohan could learn moreso in education with Divine beings like Elder Supreme Kai and Eastern Supreme Kai, extraterrestrials, Piccolo/Kami, Popo, and Earth God Dende. Gohan can learn from Dr. Brief, Bulma, and Trunks as Trunks gets older very high level knowledge.

      • KingSalamand

        Okay but what about his loss of fighting skill, strength, and abilities after a one year span? I understand he went to study and become a scholar but no where does it say that he went to looking into other ways of winning fights? He just gave up and went to school like his mom wanted. I want to see the Gohan from DBZ come back, Mystic Gohan with this prophecy like power. yes GT can happen. But I don’t believe it will or should. GT was a train wreck. I want to see Gohan say screw school, train, become who he used to be, and actually surpass his father like it was originally planned. yes he has pan, and a family, but Goku has chi chi and then Gohan, then Goten. it didn’t stop him. But then again they are different. Go back and rewatch the cell games, Gohan learned the importance of fighting, training, and never giving up.. he even says to cell that he learned from his father to never give up even if the odds are stacked against you. He would have never done what he did in GT or Super. He should be right along with his dad and Vegeta. I just can’t believe Gohan would do all this. He’s a Saiyan at heart. Toriyama knows this. We all want our Gohan back. Not a GT Gohan or Super Gohan. We want our beloved fighting, cocky, strong Gohan back.

        • KILVA

          Toriyama also knows that you want him back. Guess how great it’ll feel when he returns Gohan to his former power, and now that he’s studied he’ll be more efficient. It’s all writing tricks.

          • KingSalamand

            It’ll feel absolutely amazing and I’d probably cry. So I’ll give you that. Alright. I’ll wait.

        • Daniel Christopher Holt

          I watched all of it and I continue to watch it. I don’t need to go back to watch anything to better understand it as I’m very clear on the understanding I gained. There’s a lot you’re not seeing but other than researching the show it’s a matter of perceiving it. You have to know what to look for when you’re watching it.

          There’s higher grades of training like the level of mortal training Gohan and Goku had in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber they haven’t had since. Vegeta only trains at his full power level for a few hours everyday, while Goku is the only fighter who trains all day long. Goku and Vegeta could train a lot longer at Lord Beerus’s castle for a brief period of new thorough teaching but that’s not life long. The time displacement there is different so that a lot more time passes in a second while it doesn’t age them like the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

          They can go back to God level training but they learn new things. They may only have brief periods of thorough training as time goes on. They also need to go through periods of problem solving without spending lots of time that GT was getting into. Mystic Superhuman Martial Arts can only resolve so much and is just a part of it. Academics is limited in what it teaches. Bulma is way more intelligent than Gohan. Gohan can learn a lot more by balancing his academics while also learning from a lot of other sources, and learning a lot of new skills.

          Gohan can learn far beyond the college university level with Dende, Piccolo/Kami, Elder Supreme Kai and Eastern Supreme Kai, etc. Gohan would be far less intelligent, far less skilled, and far less knowledgeable if he just focused on academics. Life has so much to experience for a full package of attainment that just to focus on academics greatly limits. Only 10% of knowledge is gained from academics. There’s the other 90%.

          There’s a lot of powerful training strategies that Goku and others still aren’t using. They can gain much more effectiveness and train far less. Same with Gohan who needs to learn to balance out his day for higher tasks. He’s not using nearly the level of immense resources he has. There’s ways to train at higher energy levels they haven’t done.

          They can create a top standard for less training time that will bring them light years ahead. Longer training still has it’s benefits, but that’s saved for the fighters who have time for it. Gohan may get into God fighter chi training, and if he learns other things in that higher realm he will be far more intelligent with it. He may want to get Pan started very young so that she can be good with her schedule when she gets much older.

        • Daniel Christopher Holt

          https:// plus. google. com/ 110445286067359961506/posts/QGyGB2PDLY3

          This gets into lots of Dragon Ball series.

    • Kaliaila

      Gohan chose to not do what his father did to him. He is not going to abandon his family in pursuit of training and the next amazing fight. I think that Gohan will get back to training some so that he gets back up to what he used to be capable of when he peaked. But I do not forsee him going blue anytime soon. Though when the time comes for him to do that, I think that he will master it far faster than either Goku or Vegeta did.

      • KingSalamand

        Goku didn’t abandon anyone but chi chi. Gohan was with him most of the time {when he was alive at least}. I still want our Gohan back. The one from the Cell games that quoted his father and said he’d never give up no matter the odds stacked against you, and the Gohan who awakened into ultimate Gohan and transcended Goku in a simple base form. There is an overwhelming amount of us who want Gohan, the strongest warrior. I’d love to see him take Goku’s place sometime. He is his child and the strongest in the entire family {even though Pan might surpass him some how just a hunch}. Gohan will never be the same after the cell games or buu. it was apparent. So why in one year span should he become weak, and not even be able to go Ultimate or SSJ2? One year, is a little ridiculous. Gohan needs a comeback and now.

        • Kaliaila

          Goku chose to stay on Namek to fight with Freeza when the planet was about to blow up. Goku chose to not be wished back to Earth after the Namek incident. Goku chose to die and stay dead in order to fight stronger people. I would consider that to be abandoning Gohan, and he wasn’t there for the first several years of Goten’s life.