Dragon Ball Super Episode 51

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 51 Release Date : 10-jul-2016

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Dragon ball Super Episode 51 – Title: –

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  • Flaming_Fox69

    First bitches

  • Diaz A. Ausby

    You know; there was a time when it used to drive me absolutely bat shit to hear people mention the artwork of an episode and I never noticed it until this one…looks like one of those knock offs were everyone starts screwing each other….

  • Lovely Sasha

    Whaattttttttttttttttttttttttt! where the fuck is Subbed Episode

    • aaaa

      In your hole dumbass

    • Sean Bickel

      give it some time asshole, they usually come up after 5pm EST

  • William van Helsing

    I can’t wait for the next episode, i really want to know what trunks thinks of gohan

  • Daniel Christopher Holt

    I don’t know if the green kaio-shin can go in the higher chi states. He could just have the mortal level chi. Black could just be the green kaio-shin while the Goku consciousness that inhabited that body is in suspended animation. That body could have gotten to a higher Black level in God fighter chi far beyond Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan. Black doesn’t use his God fighter chi that often because it’s wasteful. The green kaio-shin himself may not have God fighter chi and only uses it with that body. Black’s attack on that Earth is based on his mortal Supreme Kai power level, and not the Black God fighter chi. He can still use similar powers and techniques of the black chi but at mortal level chi strength. Future Trunks got to Super Saiyan 2 at 10 fold increase 270 million power level. Black uses green Supreme Kai’s power level of 10 fold increase 575 million and doesn’t need to go super saiyan which is too exhausting without many hours of training. Gohan wanted to spend time with other types of learning and instead learned mystic conversion with Elder Witch Kai to convert his SS2 and SS3 power levels in mystic conversion to have a more maintained energy like Piccolo and the Supremem Kai’s. While Gohan can go SS3 he can barely handle it and he had a hard enough time handling SS1 and SS2. Goku trains so much and so long he can handle SS3 but is nowhere near the handling it. The Saiyan genetics are better at fighting which is why green Kaio-shin possessed that body also using Goku’s wisdom and special destiny but for his ways.

    • Bruticus

      Interesting, but where is all this information coming from?

      • Daniel Christopher Holt

        The power level of God fighter chi is based on an official interview of Japanese magazines of Golden Frieza’s power level. Black didn’t fight near an SS3 power level which they said in the episodes yet Goku is asking for more training from Whis because he thought Black is withholding a much higher chi. Goku learning white has been strongly speculated to the Black chi.

        Black isn’t as good in mortal chi as he is with God fighter chi. Supreme Kais also showing their fighting ability even at a higher power level isn’t as good as the Saiyans. They’ve also shown the green kaio-shin in previews. This can also lead to Dragonball AF and half Saiyan half Supreme Kai Xicor that happens after Dragon Ball GT. Akira Toriyama said in power level Saiyan God Goku is a 6, Beerus is a 10, and Whis is a 15.

        After Frieza Saga power levels were only revealed in Shonen Jump because they only showed power levels based on mostly 10 fold increase while before the battle with Frieza on planet Namek none of the characters would fold increase at all, and their power levels were based on non-fold increase. Goku had kaio-ken but that’s different than fold increase.

        • tyler

          hey hagrid, a spoiler alert would be appreciated

          • Daniel Christopher Holt

            Even after it’s “spoiled” those watching it won’t figure it out unless they read what I said again afterwards. I went with what the community has said, and white could have already been an official announcement from Akira Toriyama in recent interviews. I went with observations with a lot of what I said.

            It’s prelimary commentary and also explaining a lot of what has already happened and the details throughout the entire series as they still give canon back from Dragon Ball in Super. Even after someone reads what I say they’re not going to digest it the first time, and their long term memory will long forget it to where they’d have to read many more times to digest it after seeing the canon unfold more.

            I also talk about far more where in all many will have a hard time digesting it but for some fans it will be very easy to digest. I’ve into far more detail in many subjects of non-fiction and fiction of many different subjects, and I’ve gone into far more detail on the subject of the Dragon Ball Z/Movies/Super/Multiverse/ GT/Super/manga series.

            Akira Toriyama may read a lot of this so it may only happen in canon after those talk about it in prelimary commentary. It wouldn’t be a spoiler if it only became future canon after being read from prelimary commentary and notes.

          • Daniel Christopher Holt

            Hey ugly looking retarded dude, don’t reply to me. That’s not my name. That’s your name.