Dragon Ball Super Episode 49

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June 18, 2016

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 49 Release Date : 26-jun-2016

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Dragon ball Super Episode 49 – Title: –

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  • Edward Whittington

    love that they brought back kaio-ken

  • Sudarshan Stark


  • DB Z/S For Life

    Aside from the inconsistent art and animation, this episode was awesome. Definitely looking forward to next week’s episode. Black is a total badass!

  • wow… they brought super sayian 3 back for one episode… darn it 🙁

    • Redskull01

      Don’t forget the filler saga that Gotenks came back im. He went SSJ3 too.

      • yeah.. really that was just filler though.. i dont think it was present at any point in the BOG Saga or the RF saga

      • yeah but that one was kinda boring this could have lasted but..

  • Ade Càdél


  • Kane

    Why is there no subtitles???? I’m not fluent in Japanese

  • Sixx

    damn it now i have to wait another week 🙁

  • Oz

    Doing an Amazing Job Toriyama… Inconsistency in ssj2 hair… but amazing. Ssj3 for one episode ?? I LOVE IT….. Why not have Goku go god form as a demonstration?? WOW i cannot even wait.

    • Eclipse

      Because Trunkn said that he slowly got stronger.. Dont you know yet that Goku NEVER go all out first…

  • Justin Davis


  • Justin Davis


  • Awesome

  • Flaming_Fox69


  • William van Helsing

    I can’t wait for next week, and goku black didn’t even look a bit afraid when he saw goku

    • ShogunReborn

      i don’t think he fought the same goku, because trunks didn’t know about ss3, i think there on different time lines..

      • William van Helsing

        He was the same goku, but the last time future trunks was here, it was in the cell saga and that was when goku was trying to obtain ss2. Goku got ss3 in majin buu saga remember.

        • Blackychan

          Goku died during the cell saga in trunks time line.

        • ShogunReborn

          Ha, told you they never fought….ep.50

  • El1us

    I want berus to go to the “black” and smack his ass and say “you cant travel through time without some delicious food”

  • Dark Sol

    Ack! :S I was hoping to see some fighting this episode. I might die of anticipation but I love it!

  • Xiang Xuehai

    Should of been Vegita against Black GoKu

  • Destroyinq

    Cant wait for next episode! Already saw the preview!

  • Tyrome Playmaker McDonald

    I wonder will this be the first time we see Vegeta kill Goku (Black)!!! I hope they set it up for that…

  • Darcy Dewar

    what if this is the timeline where goku accepted the offer of being the next deity of destruction and in the next 17 years beerus dies

    • Darcy Dewar