Dragon Ball Super Episode 48

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June 18, 2016

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 48 Release Date : 19-jun-2016

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Dragon ball Super Episode 48 – Title: –

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  • Redskull01

    More PTSD for Trunks. Nice touch.

  • testuser

    Still no subs ?

    • William van Helsing

      subs will be there in 9 minutes

      • DeadDragon39

        wait there has already been dubs wtf, I’ve been reading incorrect grammar for almost a year because my stupid ass assumed that there wasn’t going to be dubs for a while.

  • Destroyinq

    Nice episode! Love it!

  • Nouman

    Haven’t seen Goten in a while. Just saying.

    • WrestlingsAdvocate

      No you’re not. You’re trying to subtlely hint at that ridiculous implausible theory. Possibility does not equate to to plausibility. Just because it can happen doesn’t mean its likely it will. DB is simple, and no matter the approach, that theory has more thought put into it than Toriyama probably put into Black’s character in general. People want different, I get it, but they aren’t going to get too much of it.

    • Carlos Garcia

      I think in the future Goten was never born because Goku died from a heart attack/infection in that time line before being able to conceive Goten, Also Gohan died (fighting the Androids I believe) so it probably isn’t either of them.

  • jerrod

    The tuffles are black i mean back. Gt is cannon dun dun dun!!!!!!

    • DeadDragon39


  • Charlesmanson69

    ‘Sup my yellow nigga, shit aint playing

  • Mattias Larsson

    Nice episode, but went so fast. Now have to wait one more week again. Next episode will probably be even more interesting.

  • Flaming_Fox69

    i literally cried when watching this episode

  • Dylan Clark

    So I’m still confused as shit as to why future trunks hair is now blue. kid trunks hair is even still purple so it makes no sense. and what’s with those weird long hairs that stick out? he didn’t have that before it was just two small hairs that came out where the hair parts before.

    • Ken

      My assumption was always that it just changed as he got older. Like, my younger brother used to have like super blonde hair, almost bleached blonde, but now he’s brown/dirty blonde. Similar concept, except purple to blue, maybe? I get the feeling it’s going to be addressed in one of these episodes, though.

  • Will0813

    Finallythey are making interesting content. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited for the next episode

  • DeadDragon39

    story writing is getting kinda weak

  • anonymous

    anyone know how this trunks can be the one we met in the android saga when in android saga trunks bulma was friends with their goku so how is there a black(evil) goku? i know will probably be explained in future episodes but just curious

    • LordHoodCXVII

      I’m not sure if this is canon, but I believe it’s because of parallel timelines, a bit of multiverse theory, and the butterfly effect.

      Because of Future Trunks’ “time travel”, his final “return” trip back in DBZ didn’t bring him back to his original timeline. Instead, he went to another alternate timeline where he returned (multiverse theory).

      While the exact chain of events is likely too lengthy to accurately list here, the result is that the Zamasu that would become Goku Black executed his plan, went to Future Trunks’ new timeline, and started his rampage to finish off what 17 and 18 missed.