Dragon Ball Super Episode 47

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June 11, 2016

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 47 Release Date : 12-jun-2016

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Dragon ball Super Episode 47 – Title: –

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  • Malphius – Vury Scurry Bear

    This is such an improvement on the rest of the series so far. I’ve hated on Super since it started but this looks super promising. The quality of this first episode was far above the rest.

    • Cortez Dela Morte

      prob cuz they changed animation studios… that and its a new story arc

      • Malphius – Vury Scurry Bear

        Holy crap they did change studios! Praise the flying spaghetti monster!

        Who they use now?

    • Cody Mitcham

      they just haven’t had any real plot so far until this. that and only real powerful enemies were beerus and hit. and beerus turned good.

  • Mattias Larsson

    Yes definetly a good eisode and a promising start of the new arc. And the animaion of the episode is also very good. I want to see what happens next. 🙂

  • William van Helsing

    I want to see how kid-trunks reacts to future-trunks

  • Alessandro

    I can’t use this new video player 🙁

  • Grim

    Can’t even watch this on my phone without some random ass pop up coming up and booting me from the video…

  • Super Saiyan Rage

    I hate the fact that Super cant spread these fucken so called “ARCS” like in DBZ. In Super 5-7 epidoses a single ARC, like really? Make these series longer. Spread out the episode like the real “SAGAS” like the Saiyan Saga started from episode 1 and lasted up until the final battle against Vegeta and the Low Level Clown Kakarot… Make the SAGAS 15-30 episodes each keep the Real fans Interested!!!

    • Redskull

      Dude, stop complaining. At least they’re bothering to continue the series, you got a new series. The main reason they probably made Super is to shut up people wanting more and make them complain about something else. I don’t see you doing anything better than criticizing Toriyama’s work after 2 decades, of course it’ll be rusty. Deal with it. He’ll eventually get his act together.

      • Jordan DjStix Mason

        totally agree.. the only series i disliked was GT… but only because they made the ever-so powerful Gohan into a cape wearing helmet rocking little bitch.. otherwise its one of the few shows still in good standing after 20+ years. ill still never forget that moment goku 1st went super saiyan… FOR KRILLIN!!!!

    • Aarran

      The problem is, at the beginning, they only promised like 100 episodes, so they couldn’t afford to have certain storylines drag on for too long. It seems like they’ve changed their minds and now its likely there will be 145 episodes but that was probably why the Champa-Beerus tournament didn’t last so long.

  • Super Saiyan Rage

    Every week we have complainers about this SUPER series its never consistent… The only thing that is consistent about Dragonball Super is all the Critics complaining every week

    • Cortez Dela Morte

      i know… we should all be ucky to watch this now instead of month from now

  • Daniel Lawson

    I love you guys and I want to keep you off my adblock list, but you’re killing me with these video ads I can’t even watch the show

    • Abhijeet Pandey

      may be you should clear your extensions also run an antivirus on your chrome or just remove all crap & start fresh you will get just one valid ADvert and easy acess to any other websites as well !

    • Jordan DjStix Mason

      do you have a gaming console? i watch on XboxOne browser, with mobile version enabled & cookies disabled… all is well on my side

    • Stefan Taylor

      when a ad pops up just push b

  • Kurotsuchi Mayuri

    …looks like an older Goten to me…not Goku. Wonder who he’s fused with?

  • Joseph Gotico

    But where is gohan and goten? 🙁

  • Darcy Dewar

    i wonder if beerus likes lettuce because the screen writer knew Americans will be watching and that donald j. trump ”hates lettuce”

  • Darcy Dewar

    why is noone saying anything about the blue haired trunks?

    • Darcy Dewar

      sidenote: i did the math and he is THIRTY YEARS OLD

    • clayton harrison

      a better question is why no one said anything when he had pink hair