Dragon Ball Super Episode 46

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 46 Release Date : 05-jun-2016

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Dragon ball Super Episode 46 – Title: –

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  • Michael H


  • Diaz A. Ausby

    So…we have to wait till noon to watch the new episode?

  • Erdonis Sopi


  • Faiz Ejaz

    fuck were is the subbed version

    • aaa

      It’s in your ass

  • deen

    countdown end 3pm still no subbed.. 6pm still no subbed… stupid dumbass website…

    • No respect kev

      Go on then sub it yourself dumbass

  • WTF man!!!

  • Grirane Mehdi salah

    well i felt like this episode was a comercial. shitty fight , so average animation, and monaka saves the day one more time. but im so exited about future trunks arc. hope its not shit

  • Malphius – Vury Scurry Bear

    It’s embarrassing how bad Dragonball Super is. Every week I hope for it to get better and every week it still sucks.

  • pk1

    Ya’ll lost 1 fan bcs of the fucking ads

    • Cael Collum

      You’re not paying for it… QQ. Adblock is always an option if you don’t use an archaic browser.

  • Life Achiever 2001

    I hope this black character is pretty good for the next chapter. I feel like I have seen this before in DBZ. Saiyan Saga, Frieza saga, Cell Saga including cell games, Buu Saga. I excluded the filler sagas. Now we have the same thing happening in Dragonball Super. Super Saiyan God Saga, Frieza Resurrection Saga, Champa Saga including the Champa Tournament, and then finally the Black Saga. We are already at episode 46. They are going to stretch the black saga out a little bit to make it 150 I feel like. Dragonball only got around 150ish episodes. I hope there is more then that. I was just studying stuff today and saw the similarities between Dragonball Super and Dragonball Z.

    You can also count the Pan Baby Saga as a filler too.This was also filler saga much like the garlic junior saga. Filler Saga was okay. Bad ending tho. Monaka is not powerful at all and sucks they are using him as a crutch to make goku powerful.

    Overall the Dragonball Super series was not what I wanted. I thought it was going to deal with more of traveling to the other universe, but it looks like they are taking the same route as they did with Dragonball Z. Who else agrees?

    • Alessandro

      Universe travelig as a GT so is better? lol don’t tell me that, plz

  • Jamie

    I will say this about the upcoming arc…They already messed up showing trunks as if he had the sword. The sword broke on the android. When trunks went back he was taller and muscular. Bulma even commented on his return by saying my you have grown taller. This trunks looks like GT trunks. The Trunks after the cell games had no need for a sword he was muscular and powerful. The next arc maybe great but showing this trunks is already starting off on the wrong foot in my opinion.

    • empCarnivore

      They already messed up a few times on stuff like that, but it’s ok. At this point it’s just another parallel universe.

      • redskull01

        Here’s what I think: Bulma asked King Kai where New Namek was (she has been shown to hear him), went and wished people back to life, Goku became evil or something, maybe mind control, and Trunks discovered SSSJGSSJ, explaining that hair color and the lack of muscle.

    • g3g

      i think you didnt noticed that thats another sword and maybe trunks is a little shorter but who gives a shit at least we are getting something new.

      i mean this episode was kinda boring and a little bit stupid but that credit scene was cool and awesome maybe with this new arc the series will improve.

  • Grady Harris

    Jamie,that trunks your referring to,is from a parallel world.trunks changed history when he traveled back into the past & saved Goku.sence Trunks went back to his timeline and Goku was still dead.So i assume based on that,it is a parallel universe that trunks created,by changing the timeline.Anything trunks did should not effect the timeline were watching.

  • Cael Collum

    11111 views lol

  • Clemente Cortile

    Awesome episode.

  • Turtel

    I swear to god this new arc better pull this shit together. DB Super could be soo good but they keep being pathetic and doing childish shit, like dbz was mature enough and it was such a hit. I dont know why they need this crap in here >_>

  • Megatron

    To everyone saying how bad the animation is shit, go fuck yourselves how could you say that? its so fucking updated from db, and dbz, its incredible. Not saying that animation is bad on those but wtf do you want? Also its only episode 46 and in that amount of episodes we’ve seen goku become a god, go through another transformation and the last time we saw that was at the beginning of the Majin Boo Saga, become friends with a god of destruction and his teacher, fight in a universal tenkaichi budokai, defeat freeza AGAIN, and you guys are complaining about FILLER?! The whole series of GT was FILLER so get off your high horse and watch something else if you’re going to be cynical assholes!

    • luisito carumba

      im with you bro! how come the animation now is bad compare to the previous DBZ? i mean equipment wize today are far more better right? if that is the case, did he also prefer that nokia 3210 features are far more better compare to i phone’s? where is this idiot guy come from?

  • Edward Whittington

    Ok now is there another way to watch this video or any other because this video keeps freezing and just a moment ago if froze my computer. this web site sucks.

    • Cael Collum

      get Maxthon Cloud. 2 different engines to switch between, videos always work.



  • buh

    when is bandai gonna add nose hols to the characters?

  • tremayne

    lol that pacifier

  • Atrophy Queen

    To all the people talking about the sword Trunks has, don’t you remember DBZ Wrath of the Dragon? That’s how he got the sword. I like everything DBZ. I think it was kind of crappy that the events of GT take place after the events of Super. In GT Goku becomes Super Saiyan 3 and 4 and kicks ass and is in small child form most of the time. In Super he is an adult again and reaches all new heights of power as Super Saiyan God or Blue as they changed it to. In GT pan was like 10 or something like that and Trunks was an adult and CEO and Goten was a hormonal teen. In Super, goten and trunks are about the same age not one in high school still while the other runs a business and pan is a baby. My point to all that is sure after DB and DBZ shit got fucked up but its still good and if you don’t like it walk off.