Dragon Ball Super Episode 44

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 44 Release Date : 22-may-2016

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Dragon ball Super Episode 44 – Title: –

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  • neel

    Oh man i cant stand waiting the counter went to zero 3 hours ago

  • Rmuk

    Episode 44 sub WAITING!!!

  • Cel

    I dont got sub

  • You guys are fucking idiots. The first counter is for the raw upload, another counter starts for when the subs will be uploaded. It says this right on the fucking counter for fucks sake. Every week for the past 2 months you idiots keep complaining. It comes out when it comes out, even if the counter hits 0 and nothing gets uploaded. The people that run this site and implement the subtitles are awesome and don’t do this for a bunch of cash. Just shut the fuck up and type thank you every week or talk about the show.

    • Cortez Dela Morte

      well said!

    • ForeignAvenir

      Thats facts tho

    • thegreenchipmunk

      You’re expecting common sense from people on the internet.

  • Life Achiever 2001

    This episode was eh. Not my favorite one.

    • Super Saiyan Rage

      what are u looking for an Ultimate fight in every episode

  • Super Saiyan Rage

    Dragonball is supposed to based off an Adventure about a little Boy named GOKU and all his interactions

  • talha

    what the hell………..this is’nt good……..every time this happens only with vegeta when he is in the action.toriyama is stuck with old same dbz conventional stories.

    • Big daddy

      Goku is the protagonist soo

  • Alice

    I thought it was kind of funny that Goten & Trunks snuck onto Monoka’s ship and got stuck. They really are dumb sometimes. 🙂

    Lots of love to whoever is subtitling this! Thank you!

  • Jason Smith

    Considering I don’t see a goten and trunks clone this would be the perfect time for Gotenks to reappear!

  • Chibi

    Honestly, this one of the first episodes that actually felt like the old DB/DBZ feel that I once new and loved. It had the silly antics of the boys which reminded me of Dragon Ball and Goku getting into trouble. It had that moment at the last second where Vegeta saved his son. Which just felt so very Dragon Ball Z. I’m hoping for necessary team work in the next episode which will bring out the feel of when the Z fighters used to take on an enemy together. Sure Goku always gets the last save, he’s the main character. I’m not really gonna complain about that. BUT I would love to see Vegeta not get tossed to the side. Though I think I heard somewhere that Vegeta is Akira Toriyama’s least favorite character, and if that’s the case then I’m not going to expect too much for him.

    I’d personally like to see both Vegeta and Goku lose their powers and it’ll be up to everyone else to destroy the copies and save the world. 😀

    As always great job on posting and translating to whoever is doing it! <3

  • Justin Blades

    mind blown. that being said i gotta make a simon ooze reference so…. yea.