Dragon Ball Super Episode 43

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 43 Release Date : 15-may-2016

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Dragon ball Super Episode 42 – Title: –

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  • Akshay Viswajith

    Where is subbed? >.< T_T

  • it says 0 seconds but there is no sub wtf m8

    • Jhffxv


  • Aarran

    Damn, Pan’ll be a Super Saiyan before she’s 3 at this rate xD

  • Life Achiever 2001

    I hope they turn Pan into a Super Saiyan. We need a female Super Saiyan in the show 🙂 Loved it when Pan rescued Pilaf and the other two and flew around the earth’s atmosphere 🙂

  • Diaz A. Ausby

    So…the 6 month old is powering up? Mmkay….

  • Wiser

    So the trend is that every new generation of Saiyan/Earthling decent is more powerful than the last. As someone pointed out we now have a 6 month old powering up. All they have to do is keep fucking and in a few generations they’ll have a baby that can take down Beerus.

    • Jason Oramas

      sounds plausible

  • Clemente Cortile

    wow even these filler episodes are good. The show is really coming along nicely

  • Dk92

    Is Pan the next Broly? What she did with Pilaf, Broly did with his father at birth.

    • Malcolm Morin

      without a protective barrier lmao!

  • D

    Video won’t play

  • Aaron Lundquist

    Watch Dragon Absalon on YouTube it rocks.

  • Darcy Dewar

    was that purple haired kid from ”doctor slump”? (also by akira toryama)

    • Adam

      Yeah Arale from DragonBall