Dragon Ball Super Episode 4

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July 11, 2015
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Dragon Ball Super Episode 4

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Dragon ball Super Episode 4 – Title: Aim for the Dragon Balls! Pilaf Gang’s Grand Strategy!

Pilaf Gang is back they aim for the Dragon Balls but with an other strategy.they are infiltrading the party of bulma . King kai just noticed that Beerus was on his way to meet Goku. Kai is freeking out he is very afraid of this situation !


  • Luffy

    i dont have high expectation of this episode…

  • Matt

    pff we need to wait a whole week…

  • Brandon Cpower

    damn it was delayed

  • John Charles

    Darn :<

  • cornell

    where is the subtitles? i cant see them. :/

    • cornell

      there is no subtitles plz help

      • cornell

        love the series but cant understand a thing 🙁

    • DragonBallSuper

      This is the RAW version (not subbed)

  • Brandon Cpower

    When will it be subbed , I can’t understand 99% of all Japanese ;-;

    • DragonBallSuper

      subs is ready !

      • Usman Ilyas


        • Usman Ilyas

          Where I’m waiting sub’s lol

          • refresh


        • DragonBallSuper

          where? click on play…

  • Redblaze27

    I dont get the ‘Bills’ thing, they are saying Beerus in Japanese.

    • i23sonny

      When you get someone with a Japanese accent to pronounce the word “Bills” it sounds like “Beerus”. They also say “Krillin” as “Kuririn”.

      There are many words like this, it’s just the accent.

    • They actually call him Beerus in the american interpretation.

  • I see the subtitles.

  • AnimeNut2931

    Are they actually going to do the whole battle of gods movie in episodes? its going to be whack if we have to wait 4 weeks to get through something most of us have already watched.

    • Well it looks like that to me :/ the story didn’t even pick up from the ending of the original anime Gotenks and Trunks are still little children, Uub apparently doesn’t exist I wish I could say this was a AU but DBZ doesn’t do that so I guess this shit’s just wack…. :/

      • cj

        dbz does do AU’S

        dbz gt is an au

        all dbz movies are au’s

        • Okay you’re right I’ll give ya that 😛

      • Hub

        dragonball super continues rigth after the events of majin boo, uub appears 10 years after the defeat of boo

      • princeofallsaiyans

        it’s Buu, not Boo. Goku stated that Uub’s name was Buu backwards, thinking that it was the reincarnation so they could that have the fight he promised 10 years previous

  • Nick

    I don’t see how the voice actor for King Kai got the part… He’s terrible and makes watching this very annoying.

    • seth


    • Whoknows

      Exactly what I was going to write, horrible voice dosnt even yell when his king kai mouth does soooo annoying

  • Nick

    “I would not him that” 19:35

  • Saurabh Aggarwal

    I want the continuation from DBGT A Hero’s Legacy in English or HIndi Language…..

  • Brian

    So the only difference from BoGs is its on a boat? Like why do this?

  • Brandon Deriso

    These subs are garbage.


    Y is mie a kid, same with shu? If this picked up from dbz they would be adults, second I hate the art I want Db or Dbz art back!! And since when did goku not like parties he loved them as a kid. dragon ball was the best anime of all. Time, it as cute, simple, funny, mature, inspiring, and epic. Dragonball z went from funny to action packed golden tears streaming down my face epicness. Db gt was kind of depressing and scary, I hated pan in gt who didn’t, and this is just a remake of the movies. Don’t even get me started on the golden frieze movie I’ll flip it is horrible. Awfull. Disgusting, I can say a hundred things that went wrong, but I’ll just say one to get the point across, since when did master Roshi have the power to take out friezes minions who probably had a power level of like 15000 when rows his power level is 150-200. Plus y is gohan a nerd if this takes place right after main boo shouldn’t he be super cool since he is mystic Gotham, or was.


    Not mystic Gotham gohan. I think I’m gonna re watch Dragonball because bulk and goku and Yamaha and mast r Rossi and krill end where amazing


    I should be in this show,

  • Anime4reason

    I tought goku allready new who beerus was

  • EvilZeroSc

    The King Kai voice actor sucks….he’s horrible. He doesn’t talk with the character or expresses the right emotions…

  • chris

    why i cant see this episode ?