Dragon Ball Super Episode 39

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April 17, 2016

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 39 Release Date : 17-apr-2016

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  • JustAnAfrican

    is the video working?

    • Steve Bakewell


  • br

    a really great episode

  • John Helge

    top 10 DB episode ever!

  • f0dor.

    Watching this episode made me feel like I’m back as a kid watching DBZ, or to be more precise, the episode of DBZ when Goku destroys Kid Buu with the Spirit Bomb. GOOSE BUMPS ALL OVER ME! This has to be one of the most exciting episodes in the Dragon Ball series!

    • loooool

      nerd motherfucker

      • Knight Artorias the Abysswalke

        Hello pot. Meet ketle…

    • Justin Davis

      So trueeeee

  • Carl Magna III

    why does this server have to be so slow? trying to let it load near the end and it crashes, i get 100Mbps here

    • Carl Magna III

      thats just GREAT, the stream is broken before i could see the end. someone fix this please

      • Dude, seriously ?

        Stop being a baby crying bitch, you sound like you need mental help, the world will not end, so take it easy pal.

  • faik

    this episode made my day

  • Yeah….She Sucked Me Up

    BEST EPISODE EVER…………..bruh this was too dope

  • Life Achiever 2001

    Best episode ever!!! I cant wait until next week! I hope Earth doesn’t go to Universe 6, but if it does then maybe Vegeta can go visit the Saiyans of Universe 6.

    • Kaliaila

      I’m guessing that regardless of their winning or losing that they will end up going to U6 simply because the last super dragon ball will be there I bet.

  • dannie

    seriously goes down as a top 5 episode for db, dbz or dbs

  • Thiago Bueno Garcia

    i feel like Goku loses. But then again, episode 40 doesnt say anything about monaka vs Hit– perhaps not?

  • Light Lux Collie

    I’m calling it now.

    Goku looses to Hit only for Gohan to show up and save the day.

    • thegreenchipmunk

      Gohan is probably weaker than he was in the cell saga at this point.

    • Daniel Thompson

      Naah, Majin Buu wakes up and finishes the test.

  • Gavin Nowak- Elliott


  • Max G Miller

    That shit gave me chills lol hit dont know who hes fuckin with lmao check urself

  • Dk92

    Such an incredible episode man.

  • Mohammed Ashraf

    i forget everything that happened to me yesterday ,,,,, because of this episode ………its make me stronger

  • Ahmer

    This episode is epic this is the most amazing episode in dragon ball ś all series I ever seen


    *CLAP* *CLAP* *CLAP*

  • Glen Bustiaan Franckaert

    Goosebumps!!!!! 1 word – THIS IS DRAGOBALL SUPER!!!!

  • Michael H

    OMMFG!!!! i just jizzed a little

  • Dragon ball Z_Fan

    definitely goes in top 5 episodes including db, dbz, and dbs

  • Jesse James

    i hate this show goku always has some OP trump card that he uses 10% of success my ass like he would actually botch…no. goku. he spent 3 years in the time chamber and vegeta never seen him practicing this move never felt his power go up…bullshit that’s because it would not happen you can’t practice a move that has 90% chance of death and no fighter in the right mind would use it. especially when goku still thinks monaka is the strongest on the team.

    • Tony

      You definetly haven’t watched a lot of db or dbz have you they have unlocked a lot of potential with out actually going to them like the cell games when trunks though he had a trump card but goku knew the flaw of the move with out actually turning and vegeta as well, and they have done a lot of meditation and gain power, so they don’t always have to punch to get stronger, and with the saiyans they use anger and a bunch of other feelings just saying is dbs and a great episode what did you expect.

      • Daniel Thompson

        or just holding their power levels still or maintaining super saiyan. Those are two other methods of their training. Which actually makes sense since even in real life you can contract your muscles and hold it there to get a rip.

    • Daniel Thompson

      First off, how in the world does Goku even know what 10% is!? Second, he knows god-mode and he knows kaio-ken so he doesn’t really need to practice them individually. He said he practiced ki control which would be required to use both simultaneously. He likely did practice that in front of Vegeta since Whis told them both to do that. However, Vegeta didn’t know that Goku had another plan for that training the entire time.

  • andy pandy

    I never usually like seeing previews of the next ep as it ruins it for me but I just had to see that bit at the end as I was l,iterally shouting at my screen “YOU CANNOT END IT LIKE THAT” apparently goku loses, sad to see that honestly :'( I was literally dying as I totally forgot about this ep going to kioken as I thought he was going ssj5 or someshit like that as I just forgot this ep was about that in general

  • Predentia

    i still say gohan is the god beerus fights

  • Daniel Thompson

    I knew Goku would eventually use Kaio-ken again. I patiently waited and it finally came true. Next prediction: Majin Buu wakes up and finishes his exam to be the 5th contestant and beats a worn out Hit.

    • ThatOneMeme

      OMG I DIDNT EVEN THINK OF THAT, Buu wont even take damage

  • Dank Shark

    This episodes embodies why people like goku. He overcomes any limit thrown at him, no matter the level, no matter the race, no matter the god, no matter the time demon.

  • Captain_Falcon

    SPOILER: Universe 7 Wins. Also new characters in May

  • FireBolt Mc


  • Nick

    Tell the lead animator and team to quite. Give the old animators back their job. All I see are stick men drawings. I am being very honest here, not rude.