Dragon Ball Super Episode 37

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April 2, 2016

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 37 Release Date : 03-apr-2016

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Dragon ball Super Episode 37 – Title: –

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  • Juan Manuel Alvarez Arias

    A good episode 🙂

  • Definitely a good episode. But has anybody else noticed that the referee looks like a green Kid Buu? I just really hope this series continues and shows more of their universe too.

  • Dragon Lord the Dank

    Bruh, you know what I just thought of.
    What if that nigga Bardok is the leader of the saiyans in the 6th universe.

    • Life Achiever 2001

      I am thinking it is Vegeta’s Dad not bardock.

      • Knight Artorias the Abysswalke

        and the kid saiyan is Vegeta’s counterpart.

      • Right? The guy resembles vegeta not goku. Fuck is he thinkin?

    • BlackdragunBall

      Hell yea that would be cool! be does that mean son has a twin?!

    • mdub92

      I feel like Vegeta has intentions of being the king of Sadal. Just the way Caba says that their king is strong like Vegeta and Vegeta says he would like to meet him, makes it seem like Vegeta wants to challenge and defeat the king and become king of Sadal. Think about it, he was prince of planet Vegeta. Rightful heir to the saiyan planet in universe 7. If he is strong enough to be king of the saiyan planet in universe 6 don’t you think he’ll go for it.

  • Life Achiever 2001

    That episode was really good! Dragonball Super is already on their 37th episode. I hope they keep continuing and go to 150-300 episodes. I would really love 300 episodes of this show 😀

  • Carl Magna III

    couldn’t of asked for a better episode!

    • Carl Magna III

      now I want to see Vegeta training the other sayian someday.

      • Kaliaila

        I can see somewhere down the line where Cabba faces off against Uub.

  • Ricky Lee

    Planet Salad, right? Not Sadal…

    • s8n

      “Sadaro” in Japanese so yes, Sadal. The Funimation dub says Salad.

  • Michael H

    that was the shit



    • Scott McKinstry

      Just be lucky you even get to watch this shit at all dude. Personally idgaf about the animation. I consider myself lucky that Toriyama even agreed to do another DB series in my lifetime. Enjoy it.


        Bro even Toriyama was complaining about the bad animation. There was even an interview about this. I have an opinion that even Toriyama shares. So yeah we’re fortunate that we got another series.

    • Life Achiever 2001

      fuck you. it wasnt bad animation. Who looks at such details like that has no life!

  • Dk92

    Looks like things are starting to heat up, I’ve been waiting.

  • Den

    How do you get passed the dang ad?

  • Inesita Gonzalez

    Does everyone notice that the shade of blue of the Super Saiayin god form is the same color as Bulma’s hair. Lol she is a super human god that’s why Vegeta is in love with her XD.