Dragon Ball Super Episode 36

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March 27, 2016

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 36 Release Date : 27-mar-2016

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Dragon ball Super Episode 36 – Title: –

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  • Theodor

    I feel sorry for Magetta 🙁

    • Kaliaila

      I think at some point Vegeta will apologize to him, begrudgingly.

  • Mattias

    Good episode. Meybe the best so far. And the next episode looks like it`s going to be avesome also. Dragon ball super is really improving now in my opinion.

  • Life Achiever 2001

    Fantastic episode! I can’t wait until next week 😀

  • Michael H

    Legit episode! – cant wait to say how Vegeta goes aganst the kid

    • KaliJ

      Agreed!! 😀

  • Vegeta disappointed me in this. He fuckin got beat by a weak ass robot. Gtfo. No wonder goku is always ahead. He’s clear a better and more seasoned fighter than vegeta ever will be. Too driven off emotion and not skill alone.

    • Sean Reilly

      Vegeta beat him tho.

      • off a stupid technicality, vegeta should’ve won the fight instantly but he’s just too stupid

        • yessir

          that bruh guy is right , it sounds to me you’re not reading the subtitles

          • What is there to read that I misunderstood? Vegeta HIMSELF was angry that he practically lost the match due to his stupidity. Even goku mentioned that he should’ve went harder. If you lose to an immensely inferior opponent you sir are dumb as fuck. Sorry.

      • Island_Shadow

        Vegeta got lucky because of the rules.

    • Bruhhhhhh…

      vegeta held back

      • …so you agree with me. I didn’t see goku with his blue hair godliness yet he still was in full control of his fight till the poison fiasco.

        • s8n

          He didn’t get beat, and Magetta wasn’t weak. Physical attacks don’t work and no human in that condition could survive, let alone properly fight. Vegeta didn’t even use half of his power, and in a real fight like in the later half, they’re in an open space and he wins.

          He goes all out for the mini-Saiyan though. I don’t know why.

  • Aaron Richards

    Who else thought that Vegeta was going to go SSJ3 when he broke the barrier?

    • Brandon Fernandez

      I thought so too but then it was just the tin man he was battling against

  • Gavin Nowak- Elliott

    great episode

  • bustybulma

    Vegeta’s the best. Period.

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  • Acme

    No episode 35?
    I’m confused

    • s8n

      it’s there

  • Simon

    Once again vegeta lost because of he is to stupid
    Yet he wins because of the rules toi only did that to not piss off any more vegeta fans

    • s8n

      lol vegeta wasn’t fighting seriously like Goku said. He was also being stubborn early on, staying in the heat and smoke so he couldn’t fight as seriously as he wanted to.

      • Island_Shadow

        Not the point of what Simon is getting at. Vegeta or any of the contenders can just as easily lose without showing their full potential (look at Frost we didn’t even get to see all his poisons). The point of a tournament is not “who is stronger,” but “who is the better fighter.” This includes ring outs and out smarting your opponent without it being a power level contest. Yes, Vegeta should have went in with more strength and would have won if so. However, in the end, if it weren’t for the fact he step on the rubble from the ring, he would have lost. His victory was in part due to luck.