Dragon Ball Super Episode 35

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March 6, 2016

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 35 Release Date : 20-mar-2016

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Dragon ball Super Episode 35 – Title: –

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  • alban muhaxhiri

    i can’t se episode 35

    • aNoNoNonymous

      why not?

      • alban muhaxhiri

        why i can’t se episode 35

        • awsomesauce2

          episode 35 is not out yet come back March 13. subs may come the next day so please be patient

          • alban muhaxhiri

            thanks 😀

          • awsomesauce2

            change of plans, sorry for the inconvenience but episode is pushed back to March 20

  • K-dot

    And when i do get caught up….now theres a wait lol the suspense is killing me….

    Will Vegeta finally get his shot at someone similar to Freeza?
    Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Super *DBZ Announcer Guy voice*

  • alban muhaxhiri

    why now and 8 day’s why

  • R3MILI

    8 days? wtf

  • Dardii Halili

    8 Days srsly are you fucking crazy 😡😡😡 :@:@

  • Theodor

    Wait so it will be aired in 8 days?

  • Ritvick Yaduvanshi

    what the heck is going on here where the hell is episode 35???????????????

  • Life Achiever 2001

    When i saw episode 35 on here i was super excited only to find out it was episode 34. this website is seriously going downhill.

    • gaston

      Then leave.

  • Idiots

    The people who make these episode are taking a break you morons! It will be aired next week

  • Luka Đuričić

    no problem

  • _Guest_

    People, Fuji TV will air Episode 35 on March 20. Inform yourselves before you start complaining.

  • Am I the only one who misses those all out battles where they had to use all they had to win? I’m tired of these one on one battles they’ve been doing lately.

    • Joshua Ward

      I’d like to say it is because this doesn’t seem as serious, but they did do it with Frieza, too. I think, maybe, they are holding out for later when a threat becomes apparent, but even then, that will just limit it to Goku, Vegeta and maaaaybe Gohan. With the tier raised past the rest of the characters, it can only do so much now.

  • MrPiccolo

    I wish that somehow piccolo and tien would become relevant again… Those 2 have always been tough, trained hard and never quit… Which, even though I am sure Ill be hated for this but, Vegeta used to complain and wuss out all the time in Z…. I know now he’s the man but….. UPGRADE PICCOLO! UPGRADE TIEN!!! Give Tien a 4th eye and let him use his four arm technique…. Turn Piccolo Blue!

    • Knight Artorias the Abysswalke


    • Kaliaila

      I never really saw Vegeta wuss out. He mostly just got beaten by plot. It would be nice if Piccolo, Tien, and maybe even Krillin would get a power up so that they can fight maybe at the level that Goku and Vegeta were at during the Buu Saga. I just do not see a reasonable way for them to make such a change in these characters short of Piccolo absorbing another Namekian that is at his current power level (though his head would be start to get crowded after a while). I mean they could do something to say that Tien is an alien and his alien power is only awakening now after all these years for some random reason. Krillin would be more difficult since he is the most human of the three (minus the lack of a nose). I suppose another way that they could go about a power up for them would be if they did it via a wish, but I don’t see that happening this time (am thinking that the Super Dragonball wish will be to resurrect King Kai and the others on his planet finally).

      Gohan could easily get back to and start to catch up with Goku and Vegeta if he did a lot of serious training, but he is never going to realistically have the time because of his split focus (being a present father and provider as well as being a Z-Fighter).

  • R3MILI

    They changed the time

  • Tanxy Touche

    I don’t know Japanese but fuck I’ve been waiting two weeks am gonna watch it raw and use google translate when it’s really necessary

  • Blaise

    Says it comes out today but I can’t load it. Anyone else?

    • Obed

      Yea me too

      • Blaise

        yo it’s working now but no subtitles 🙁

  • Life Achiever 2001

    I got to start remembering that subs come in the afternoon.

  • Jonathan Lojas

    why does it only play 6 minutes of the episode?

  • 7eyEsWideOpen7

    i love it i love it i love it look how far vegeta has evolved cant wait to see next episode

  • Mario

    I think the saiyin from the other planet is gonna train with goku and vageta

  • Knight Artorias the Abysswalke

    Honestly, the part I hate the most is that it takes three minutes to get to the actual content.

  • Jaidin Buchanan

    You’re telling me I waited two weeks to watch vegeta beat the piss out of frost and that’s the fight you give us. Wow.

  • scott

    why not go god mode?

  • Cody Mitcham

    I hope they get a new intro soon I like this one but man it’s getting old