Dragon Ball Super Episode 34

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February 9, 2016

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 34 Release Date : 06-mar-2016

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Dragon ball Super Episode 34 – Title: –

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  • Ritvick Yaduvanshi

    vegeta is literally going to F**k him..

    • Spidey

      I just hope that Vegeta will rip off frost’s arms, like he did with android 19

      • Ritvick Yaduvanshi

        hell yeah . but i saw Hit standing against Frost ? didnt get it ?

        • Blaise

          What do you mean?

          • Ritvick Yaduvanshi

            In the next episode they show that Hit was standing against Frost. Which makes me think that Hit might go against Frost as Hit maybe good guy and he dosen’t like that Frost cheated for winning the Damn match..I’m just guessing it might be something else..just have to wait until Next Saturday. To figure it out

          • Blaise

            Oh shit wow didn’t notice that! Maybe Hit gets tired of Frost’s tricks and just kill him, or maybe Frost is also evil but sees an opportunity to remove Frost as competition.

          • Ritvick Yaduvanshi

            Hell yeah bro!!

    • Cael Collum

      I don’t think they’re going to fuck in the middle of the tournament dude.

  • Island_Shadow

    They really screwed over Piccolo in this series…

    • dbzguy4

      and all the humans. its bullshit. have krillin wish to be sayain

      • Cael Collum

        lol is that even possible

  • Mr.PoPo


  • Krushan Gangurde

    the quality is shit’

    • civleaderSoprano

      I agree

  • SupremeChaosXD


  • SupremeChaosXD

    Finally, frost winning has been explained…he cheated

  • dbsuper


  • SDBViewer

    anyone know when they normally post the subbed?

    • Cael Collum

      day after raw is posted, late in the day

  • Life Achiever 2001

    I am just going to expect the subs to come out sunday afternoon now instead of sunday morning. This is getting ridiculous. Every Sunday morning for awhile and now it takese until the afternoon.

  • Vegatable55

    They don’t make us pay to watch any of this. They’re basically doing us a favor. Idk what some people expect whining about an episode being a few hours late..

    • Devilofdoom

      Last week I would have agreed with you. But this week they are insisting that we turn ad block off so they ARE getting paid for it.

      • James Lott

        You mean the ads that pay for the servers? No, that’s not the same as someone getting paid to sub the episode. Dumbass…

      • jason lombardo

        yeah, but is it money coming out of your pocket? no. so shut the fuck up and enjoy it.

    • civleaderSoprano

      The thing is you have to click on the video, you have to play the video(watch the add) and check if the video is already subbed. They write in the video description subbed version online soon, but changes are the video is already subbed.

      It would be great if they waited until the subbed version and skip the unsub version.

    • tom

      they don’t even work on subs half time take from other sites =-/

    • obelisk

      People never learn to be patience that’s why there complaining

  • Darcy Dewar

    you fucking bastard you are really making me go look for the episode because i have adblocker

    • Cael Collum

      Just turn it off ya fuckin’ bastard

      • Alya

        I’m using adblock, haven’t turned mine off, and it works fine for me.

        • Cael Collum

          It was a problem for a bit, I think they got backlash and got rid of it? It’s working now for me too.

      • Darcy Dewar

        turn off ya mouth bitch

        • Cael Collum

          We’re not speaking you illiterate. You can easily turn off adblocker, you don’t need to “go look for the episode”.

      • BlazeKing

        People do not want to do that ever since the rise of malware-ridden ad networks. Shouldn’t have to turn of adblock to watch a video on any viable site. Think “firstrowsports” and you’ll understand why.

  • civleaderSoprano

    No add blocker, fine… (I guess) but is it just me but the quality of this video is really really low.

    • Ritvick Yaduvanshi

      Yeah the quality was low but it was fine it did the job…but anyways we always have option to see it in HD on YouTube!!

  • apritz

    Stop complaining and watch it on youtube its always faster every fuckin sunday!!!

  • Vegatable55

    I’m just super excited to see what vageta does to frost for real. He deserves to have his moment more than anyone

    • Blaise

      GOD WHYYYY MUST WE WAIT! I am so looking forward to Vegeta trashing the shit out of him. Also I bet Frost has another transformation on top of it. I’m ready for blue hair to fuck his bucket up.

      • Vegetable55

        I just wish vegeta could have his time as the most powerful z fighter. God knows he deserves it

        • Blaise

          Would be amazing if Toriyama let it happen. Vegeta’s build up in the Golden Freeza arc was so amazing, such disappointment Toriyama cut his legs out from under him right at the climax.

  • Blaise

    Love the plot twist on Frost. This saga is finally starting to get good. Sux have to wait a week!

    • Cael Collum

      Sux that Vegeta sort of throws his team to the wind by making Piccolo forfeit and getting Earth that much closer to being put back in Universe 6. They better repay us with a great fight.

      • Blaise

        Vegeta’s going to crush Frost in the most satisfying fashion. I’m sure of it!

  • Ritvick Yaduvanshi

    Hey guys dont you think Goku can fight Again because Frost used the same technique against Goku which just means Goku won due to disqualification..

    • Cael Collum

      We can only hope they don’t say decisions can’t be taken back. Surely they wouldn’t, because they’re Gods and you don’t fool Gods like that and get away with it…

    • Blaise

      Yep, I’m betting that’s the loophole that will allow Goku to back in the end and save everyone like he always does.

  • Life Achiever 2001

    On another note, they always cut it at the good point of the episode! 🙁

    • Devilofdoom

      That’s because they want the casual viewers to come back next week.

    • Cael Collum

      Cliffhangers are a mandatory addition to a running series lol, if they sell these in volumes, the cliffhangers are what will make you buy the next one.

  • Robert Miller

    This is one time that Mr. Satan would be right about it being a trick. Too bad they did not have him say it…

    • bunnysosweet

      lol omg best comment XD

  • So why did Goku wink? Was that ever explained?

    • Dk92

      It was probably just a reaction to being stunned.

    • Cael Collum

      Yeah. He started feeling dizzy, that’s what the body language is signalling.

    • Ritvick Yaduvanshi

      Bro maybe he didn’t wink it was just normal reaction to the attack that Frost did…like consider we all have different opinion for the same episode likewise the if u see with same attack Goku winked which was normal and with the same attack Picollo just passed out. Hopefully this answer will help you I guess!! 🙂

    • They wanted us to think it was a wink and that he threw the match but he was actually just reacting to the poison or whatever that was

      • Yeah after watching it again I noticed that too. Clever.

  • reallynigga

    You motherfucker, subs are disgustingly bad. Learn the fucking language fucking yellow, damn… you can’t even form words into sentences that actually show how retard you are. I’m done with your shit.

    • Dat Teen Who Games

      Dude, while i can agree that these subs are downright cancer, “Fucking yellow”? Really? What makes u then? A redneck? A white dumbass?

      • Ritvick Yaduvanshi

        Lmao bro. U nailed it!!

  • Xiang Xuehai

    On the next episode, Vegita gets to go one on one with Frost (which in his mind it is Frieza). Vegita mock Frost for a bit then send him to the next Dimension. A way to set revenge on Frieza since Frieza is dead already!

    • Cael Collum

      How do you know this and how do you propose Vegeta is going to send something to another dimension?

  • le rude

    omg fix your commercials… i press play and 5 spanish comercial start at the same time… overlayed on top of each other and video is black.. then i wait longer for another sound from another commercial.. after which i reload the browser only to repeat the whole process once again…

  • Rafael

    Doesn’t look like Vegeta kills Frost like I’d hope. I don’t think he can or else he will get disqualified and that would leave Monaka as the only fighter left for universe 6. Also, it looks like that evil guy is up next after Frost, but I’m not sure whether it’s because Vegeta beats Frost or because that guy ends up killing Frost himself.

  • Kevin Neff Bond

    Is it just me or did everyone just completely forget about how Frost cheated with Goku ? Why is he not re-qualified when Piccolo was ?

    • Piccolo wasn’t re-qualified either.

  • taygaz

    isn’t 35 supposed to be out today ??

  • Brandon Cupples

    Why is there a delay? We’re a week behind aren’t we?

  • Jesse Maron

    i cantt wait for 35, it comes out tommorow

  • Estafador

    Whoa, seems unlike Universe 7 Freeza, U6 Freeza is more tactical and less callous when it comes to conquering lands. Stay good looking in the press AND get multiple lands. Talk about a shrewd businessman.