Dragon Ball Super Episode 33

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February 9, 2016

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 33 Release Date : 28-feb-2016

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Dragon ball Super Episode 33 – Title: –

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  • Cael Collum

    13:13:13 left…

  • Cortez Dela Morte

    good episode… will check it out again tomorrow when its subbed see how my japaneese is coming along

    • WrestlingsAdvocate

      Curiosity is my thing; what made you want to learn Japanese?

      • Cortez Dela Morte

        spent some time there in njpw im the dummy who broke his neck in a tables pyrimid match

        • WrestlingsAdvocate

          Ohhh. Tbh, I never followed NJPW, but its cool to know of a legitimate pro wrestler. Did you have to retire? And why are you a dummy? Its not like your the only person who’s ever gone through a table OR broken their neck. Was it a circumstantial incident? Finally, have/are you healing well?
          Sorry for the overload. I’m damn near a mark. I just haven’t brought myself to branch out yet.

          • Cortez Dela Morte

            slipped from balcony when a fan thru a drink at me fell backwards and went face first thru a half dozen tables breaking my neck and collar bone and some ribs. ive healed nicely since and yes i have since come into new carreer.

          • WrestlingsAdvocate

            Thats horribly unfortunate. Did you legally pursue that “fan”? He’s indirectly responsible for all of this. Sorry to hear that, but I’m really glad that your alright. That could’ve been a life-ender, or a paralyzing experience. I hope your enjoying your new career path, as I’m sure you had a fair level of passion to be a sports-entertainer competing in matches like that.

  • Malphius – Vury Scurry Bear

    This animation is utter sh1t, is Toei serious right now? Take this away from them and get another studio.

    • Cael Collum

      This is the way DB was always animated, if not better. If you don’t like it, why are you here?

      • Malphius – Vury Scurry Bear

        It’s way worse than usual. I’m critical because I’m a fan.

      • Andreas

        Because th quality has fallen and the art design has completely changed to cater to a younger audience.We can’t help but be mad about their incompetence. This was never a problem with dbz too. If this animation is that shit.ty i am not buying the full volume as i planned….

  • AngryAssNigga23

    I know the whole theme song now without the subs

  • Damnshit

    What’s this shit? I don’t know whats worse, the lack of subs or the animation, come on, are you fucking serious ??

    • Scotch

      Stop being a brat and complaining

      • Kevin Maftean

        I see subs up in Spanish and Arabic before English….Idk what these people are doing that it takes them so much longer…

        • Scotch

          But they are also just people taking the time out of their day to do the subs. Its not their job, you’re lucky we have someone who is doing it.

  • Daniel Lawson

    wtf happened to Goku? Did all the food make him get sleepy or is U6’s world have an adverse effect on SSJ mode

    • Dustin Friesen

      Its actually a planet in between the two universes so, maybe thats the case. But i think he was poisoned. Its why they had such a focus on his overeating at the start of the episode.

      • Aarran

        It looks like Goku lost on purpose, as he winked when Frost punched his hand towards the end. Which makes sense because Goku was dominating the match in just his SSj form and he could have gone much higher. Anyway, this gives Piccolo and Vegeta the chance to shine, like so many fans have been crying out for.

    • allhuakbar

      he lost on purpose he winked

  • CHMstr307

    The pacing is so bad! 2 whole fights ended in 1 episode?! Come on Toei! Every fight should have atleast 1 ep. dedicated to them. You fucked up big time Toei

  • Andreas

    This wasn’t even in the manga lol.The anime is actually either infront of the manga(i highly doubt it tho) or this is a filler to prolong the fight.My guess is that the match will be resumed in some way or another but idk.Just an assumption.

    • EsMortal

      What’s not in the manta goku vs frost if u talking about that then it was

      • Andreas

        Goku losing to Frost.It’s not in the manga thus it’s non-canon.What do you not understand?Maybe i was not clear enough….

        • WrestlingsAdvocate

          Well that doesn’t mean that the manga isn’t going there. Like in Z, I believe Goten was introduced in the anime a few weeks/months before he was in the manga. Then again, they could go two different directions from this point on. I’d rather it not though. That always divides the fanbase.

          • Cortez Dela Morte

            chapter nine ended where goku and frost started fighting in ssj/ final form its on youtube btw and is relesed mid month so yes its behind a bit

          • WrestlingsAdvocate

            Yeah. Its making me wonder what will be the state of affairs with the manga-to-anime adaptation. Which one is following which, ya know?

          • Andreas

            First of all, I am not sure that Goten was introduced in the anime weeks before he was in the manga.I could be wrong though. Even then this did not change much. Goku losing to Frost is a HUGE thing tho….Idk man. Maybe as i said this will be done to prolong the fight :p. Nice profile picture tho:p

          • WrestlingsAdvocate

            Lol thanks. Paul Heyman’s a great talker.
            Anyways, just checked. He debuted in the anime 2 months before the manga. However, I’m under the impression that Toriyama is associated with the anime in some way, so perhaps the animation team know the direction the manga is going. I don’t think the fight was prolonged, as the preview in next weeks episode has nothing but Piccolo vs Frost clips.

          • Andreas

            I didn’t even watch the preview!Silly me:p Well i don’t really know what’s going on to be honest.I sure as hell hope that Gohan returns and beats them up in one way or another..

          • WrestlingsAdvocate

            Who’d bring him? The only people that can bring him are already there.

          • Andreas

            Lol idk. I just hope it happens.I mean he is very smart(can easily pass the iq test) and there’s a place for someone on Goku’s team since Buu was disqualified.

          • WrestlingsAdvocate

            No the point seems to be that Universe 7 is already stronger, that Buu needed to be eliminated because plot says so for the sake of Universe 6 having a more believable victory.

  • Shak ahmed

    Wow I wanted goku to carry fighting in the tournament.

    • WrestlingsAdvocate

      That would’ve been funny, but this is one of the only chances we have for Piccolo to come out of retirement.

  • yewl

    can some one explain goku’s poisoning or sudden fatigue?

  • Jason

    where the fuck is the subs im fucking tired of waiting for this goddam ep like tf

  • obelisk

    Stop complaining will you first it comes out raw first there will be no subs for right now they will go back and sub it but for now there no subtitles

    • Andreas

      You do realise they are paid for advertising their products and other companies/products on the page right? No subs for a whole day is downright unacceptable.Like really?You have a volunteer translating the episode instead of hiring an expert?I am sorry, but even though this is free they HAVE NO right to tell us to stop complaining less so do you! The only reason i watch the episodes here is because i am waiting to buy the full dubbed version….

      • obelisk

        Trying to translate words that are foreign that look like symbols are going to be harder to translate and also the episode just came out so its raw brand new they are going to subtitle it tomorrow or you can try to translate it a wait you don’t work for them

        • purplekush

          Im lmfao here man haha, u surely think foreign symbols would be harder to translate? Dude how old are you lmao! im sure that there are so many people in the world that can translate Japanese into english,thats if they had the time !!!

          • obelisk

            Then you try I’ll give you 2 hours to translate a complete paragraph all translated from Japanese symbols

          • Carl Magna III

            2 hours? its been on for about 17 hours

          • purplekush

            looooooooooooool bruhhh can u translate it? i serisouly dont have time for it. i would rather watch it when it comes out! i can wait hahaha.

          • obelisk

            Still waiting

      • joe

        They actually have full right to tell you to stop complaining. Do you know why? It’s because YOU are NOT paying for the content on this site.

        I’ll repeat again, you incapably illiterate simpleton.
        Advertisers pay for adverting rights, but you are paying none for content.

        So shut your trap and try wrapping that fact around that thing you call a brain.
        Otherwise go do the human race a favor and feed yourself to the sharks.

        • WrestlingsAdvocate

          Look man, while your entirely right, the insults hinder your point, and have no necessity whatsoever. Its not cool to bash people over being incorrect, even when they might not know what they’re talking about.
          Would you even care if they legitimately killed themselves? If you don’t, that shows alot about the kind of person you are.

          • Dustin Friesen

            Nope, nope and a whole fucking bag of nopes.
            This is our opportunity as human beings to tear these fuck sticks a new asshole. I am sick and tired of seeing this bullshit and I will open the gates of hell to get my point across.
            Either enjoy your free content without spitting out some obscene, self righteous bullshit.
            Or get lost…..

          • WrestlingsAdvocate

            Not at all. As long as humans remain like this, we’ll end up extinct within a millennia, but you seem to be one of those people who’d rather remain superficial because “you won’t be around then”. Don’t make it seem like this is something people should be doing. Thats no way to justify being rude and obnoxious.

      • Dustin Friesen

        WHAT!?!?!?! Get the fuck out of here.
        They have every right to do what ever the fuck they want. Just like you have every right to GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. Its free content, just like you stated. Which either makes you completely retarded or just so arrogant that its astounding.
        The advertisements pay for the website, that’s about it. Why don’t you hire your own damn expert and make a website of your own.
        I am at a point now where I find pleasure in knowing that ass hats like you have to wait longer for the subs. Because I have something called patience and appreciation, so I will watch it when you know…..its released. And you know…..enjoy it for what it is.

        • Andreas

          It’s free because there are no copyrights in Japan not because they want to make our lives easier. I love people that are as naive as you..I can do whatever i want.This is not their content this is owned by TOEI animation. So no,i won’t show appreciation for something they don’t own. They make money out of this website by outsourcing another company, so why should i appreciate them?! And in reply to the other guy:Are they paying for this content themselves?No, they are not.And what do advertisers have to do with anything?I was talking about the people being paid in this website by simply using other people’s work.THEY DIDN’T PRODUCE , NOR DID THEY ANIMATE IT. This was done by TOEI animation. While i don’t like repeating myself i can’t believe that someone so naive is allowed to call me out for not having a brain.

          • Ravan Damien

            “…i can’t believe that someone so naive is allowed to call me out for not having a brain.”

            If you’re naive enough to write that sentence and not realize that “being called out” means “telling the truth about something,” then maybe they’re onto something. If you don’t want to be looked at as an idiot, then don’t give people ammunition. NEVER say someone ‘called you out’ on something that you disagree with. “I can’t believe that someone accused me of not having a brain” would’ve made you look less dumb.

  • Diraphe

    Did Goku throw the fight?

    • Cortez Dela Morte

      yes he did

      • Diraphe

        I don’t understand Japanese but it seems like Champa threatened Frost by saying he would kill innocent people and Goku took pity on him.

        • Cael Collum

          Seems like Goku got waaaaaaaay too cocky. Should’ve just thrown him out the ring once he went SS.

    • Dustin Friesen

      No, he was posioned. Its why they put a focus on his overeating the meat. Why would he throw the fight knowing that the next competitor would easily over power Frost.

      • MPO

        NO HE LOST ON PURPOSE GOKU WİNKED HİS EYE (sorry forgot caps lock 🙁 )

    • Kaliaila

      The vision from Goku’s side sure didn’t seem like a throwing the fight kind of thing, more like suddenly ill kind of thing. Similar to what it probably looked like from Goku’s PoV when he had that heart virus.

  • FVCkYAll

    fuck yall im I just want my fucking subb

  • NarutoFan

    no subs

  • subby

    subs are available on gogoanime guys

  • Randy Enmanuel Vargas

    so are they taking a brake now cuz i did not see the clock ruing for the next episode

  • Felix Jones

    knocked out with a flick???

  • YOLOswaqqqq:)

    “The reason I was hiding my true final form, was not for the purpose of saving it for later like you assumed. It feels like an old suit I never have the occasion to wear, unfortunately whenever I put it on SOMEONE DIES.”-Frost

  • gabe

    So thats the nice version of the freeza race from the parellel universe? Seeing a person of the freeza race thats not hatefull towards everyone especially the saiyan’s is just so weird! Frost seems like such a good guy. This is fucking with my head sooooo bad, especially when he shook Goku’s hand that fucked me up so bad.