Dragon Ball Super Episode 32

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February 9, 2016

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 32 Release Date : 21-feb-2016

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Dragon ball Super Episode 32 – Title: –

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  • so… discount whinnie the pooh vs goku first.. heh this just got parody like

    • T-1000

      I don’t mind. remember baby cells? that was annoying, although gohan saves those eps/arch, those eps were frustrating to watch.

    • Diraphe

      I like it; takes me back to the good old tournaments from the original Dragon Ball.

  • Fonzie From Chicago

    man why cant thet just release all

  • Diraphe

    Bearded Vegeta and Goku!

    • Dustin Friesen

      I know!!!! I was like PLEASE let them keep the beards for the Tourney.

  • Somtochukwu Ekenyem

    Wait how can Goku still transform in a normal Super Saiyan

    • Nigami

      because they still can? they were never not able to do it…

  • Mr.PoPo

    GOKU BEARD!!!!!
    AND VEGITA!!!!

  • Wait a secnd

    where are the subs? O.O

  • NarutoFan

    there are never subs

  • Lifeachiever200

    Another sunday where there are never subs. WTF is this shit. I need this guy fired and a new guy doing translations FAST!

    • Schroom

      you can’t fire a guy who isn’t employed xD the subs are done by a volunteer, and the guy does it if and when he finds the time. be thankful you can have them at all.

    • Devilofdoom

      You know if it was me doing the subs. I would delay them by an hour for every comment I saw like that.

      • Devilofdumbass

        As long as you don’t do it is fine, dumbass

    • Dustin Friesen

      Another entitled fuck stick, WTF is your problem. I need this guy fired from life since he has no clue how to appreciate free things. And hopefully they can replace you with someone who can have a little respect for the Charity work these guys do. Find another place to call home you useless bag of dicks.

  • MPO

    wrong episode !!!!!

  • Devilofdoom

    WTF? Why am I getting a Frieza episode?

  • itswaris


  • DatLittleZFighter

    For those of you complaining; Just fucking wait. The subs will come when they come. It takes time! If you don’t feel like waiting instead of complaining and whining then find something else to do! And yes, if you read the manga Goku did transform into a Super Saiyan ( he still can do that!) not SSj2, or SSB.

  • DudeThatSaysStuffSometimes

    The subs for episode 32 were pretty awful. It’s clear they’re being done by a japanese person that speaks english as a secondary, when they should be done by a japanese american that speaks English as a first and japanese as a second. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful we get subs in the first place, but the grammar and syntax is just awful.

    • Michael H

      Ya – quite a few grammatical errors.. however it’s enough for us to get the ‘gist’ of what they’re saying – which is the main thing i guess…

    • Island_Shadow

      The best would actually be someone who spoke both English and Japanese from a very young age. It is probably still possible to get fluent in both languages as long as one practices with the native people of the second language, whether it be English or Japanese.

    • Tanxy Touche

      no they are using google translated subs Ken even wrote a message on his subbed video asking sites to stop using google translated subs coz it was ruining his reputation, watch the version from Ryuanime to see what am talking bout

  • Cortez Dela Morte

    good episode too bad they didnt spend more time showing them training in the time chamber. might of had some good moments in there.

  • Daniel.

    I love how they are wearing Pride FC gloves xD

    Japans biggest mma promotion to date, was later bought by the UFC but still. Pride was an iconic MMA promotion in Japan. Cool to see they threw the gloves in this anime.

  • Michael H

    anyone else’s version lookin 480p? – looks horrible for me

  • this site has gone downhill over the last month. these subs are terrible. after some googling, there’s a lot better subbed episodes out there, why not post those instead?

    • #Truestory

      The guy is really retarded, he doesn’t even english

    • Dustin Friesen

      Better question…Why dont you just watch those “better” subbed episode on those sites you found. Why are you here complaining about charity work done for you at no cost. Good, bad, or even mediocre; these subs are done for us with no expectation of compensation. So since you have done ZERO% of the work; either enjoy whats available or you can kindly fuck off.

      • Russel

        This site literally uses google translated subs that are then mirrored to the video. This time they didn’t even bother rendering it in proper quality after “subbing” it. Thanks for the heads up about better sites Dustin, won’t be coming back to this garbage site again.

      • No expectation of compensation? Is that why I watch ads before each episode? Too bad I can’t get a refund of my time for the advertisements I am subjected to while struggling to read awful subs. Nobody does shit for free, quit being a naive 12 year old.

        I have been coming to this site for awhile, I have had good subs in the past and like to support things that were once good in the hopes they will be good again. Unfortunately of late, the only thing I have been watching on this site are advertisements and have been switching to other stream providers when I realize the subs ate garbage. So please go back to jacking off to hentai and leave your sticky fingers off the keyboard biatch.

        • Dustin Friesen

          Are you mentally deficient?

          Let’s go through a check list.

          Did you pay for this service?

          Did you do any of the work?

          Are you a fucking self entitled sack of saggy vaginas?

          I don’t care if you have been here since the creation of this website. Or given its creator a reach around. You get what’s given to you. Complain all day but you don’t deserve this service. It’s a gift given to you by someone else who does all the work for you.

          • Yes I did pay for the service.

          • Dustin Friesen

            Watching advertisements on a free service website is not paying. Get that through your thick skull. You can do so many things while advertisements are playing…you know like look up the definition of paying for a service. Get rekt you sad fool.

            I bet you complain about the speed of free WiFi at McDonald’s aswell.

          • sdsdsd

            well, watching advertisements is paying with your most important item, your time, you can never ever get back more of, i mean you also need it to make money or anything but you could make more money with the same amount of time, but with time you can never change anything about it. i mean if what you were saying is true then the people of this website would have absolutely no problem if people used adblock and then they get 0 revenue, go ahead and ask them if they mind

          • Dustin Friesen

            Guy creates new accounts to make it look like more people support this childish behavior. Like if your time is so precious to you, then why spend all this time whining on this website, making alternate accounts to bitch and complain. Seriously go to the other websites and we will all be happier. You will get your precious time back and we don’t have to share this website with the likes of you.

            Just so damn sad.

          • Damn nigga look at you….

            Just because you are funny I won’t tell you you are a damn retarded

  • Michael H

    This was such a great episode… they showed soo much. i was worried they would drag out a few episodes to get to this point… so ready for next week

  • Andrew

    If the subs bother you that much, then you must be an illiterate retard.

  • Lifeachiever200

    The subs have really gone downhill too. I am amazed that they dont add subs to the next episode parts anymore. I have been saying this for awhile that they need to fire Ken and get someone else. I had to still come up with the right word they were saying in the subs because some of it was cut off. Just terrible. I loved the episode tho 😀

    • Tanxy Touche

      no they are using google translated subs Ken even wrote a message on his
      subbed video asking sites to stop using google translated subs coz it
      was ruining his reputation watch the version from Ryuanime to see what
      am talking bout

  • Island_Shadow

    The planet the saiyan from universe 6 is referring to is actually Salad. This was from the manga translations.

  • Michael Cena

    it is sad how you all argue and call each other words. so much hatred.

  • Tired of this fucking shit

    You can’t even form words into sentences that actually show how retarded you are, setting the subs. I’m done with this shit, see you never.

    • Dustin Friesen

      We cared….never. But you will be back. You weak willed fuck stick.

  • Nigger

    The episode has already been leaked and you are like nothing happened. Upload it, you down syndrome

  • Neptune Zero

    Quit bitching about the subs being bad. Someone did this, as charity, to you, for no cost. Be grateful.