Dragon Ball Super Episode 31

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January 19, 2016

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 31 Release Date : 14-feb-2016

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Dragon ball Super Episode 31 – Title: –

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  • Bitch you nigga

    Where’s the damn episode???!

    • Daniel.

      Lol. Ill handle this retard.

      Come back in about 3 days.
      Better yet. Next to the video source is a countdown. read that.
      Now if you understand Japanese come back at that time.
      If you DO NOT come back about one day after for the Subtitles.

      RAW means as aired.
      Subs will be made soon after.

      Get off this website if you do not like those perimeters.

      Go masturbate like you want to, eat, and complain somewhere else.

      • Lolo

        Amen to that

  • Dennis Crawford

    no subs??

    • Amanda Joseph

      Read my above comment. Or the one below.

      • The subs haven’t been updated still… Still horrible… I think you don’t know what you are talking about.

  • Amanda Joseph

    I wish people would actually look at what countdown says. it clearly says “Dragon Ball Super Episode 31 Raw” That means no subtitle yet! Those won’t be until tomorrow or until Wednesday the latest.

    • Carl Magna III

      wheres those subs?

      • I was just wondering the same thing! Waited all week for subs to be updated and it seems like that info was a misinformed rambling.

  • nonamebutHERO

    why do they even allow us to write here sth? 99,9% is pure SHIT like “where is the damn episode” or “no subs” or “you are idiots” etc… you dont need it, just disable this chat funktion as it is totally unnecessary imo

    • Because it doesn’t bother them like it seems to bother you. Some of us learn to ignore and skip over the bs.

    • Daniel.

      Someone needs to regulate these sections.
      They should delete anyone who writes extremely long winded theories that are actually just spoilers from the Manga.
      Anyone who ask’s where Subs are and or the actual video.

      There are some people here who like to express their gratitude or ask questions.

  • The sound feels like it was recorded from a microphone aimed at the tv

    • infernon _

      It’s probably in mono, it should be better soon.

      • TheCopyNinja

        its not better its still crap

  • Pure-Power

    These subs are attrocious. Why even release this garbage?

  • petar

    Yea the sound isn’t the best quality

  • Dat Teen Who Games

    What are these cancerous subs?

    • Daniel.

      Yeah there is NO lying about this. These subs hurt to read xD

      • iolaos

        are they going to fix them anytime soon?

    • Alex

      I had to pause it from time to time to read them and try to make sense of them. I think it was translated word for word at some points as well which so it dos not always make sense.

    • a u t o r e l e a s e p o o l

      Yep. It’s an incoherent mess. Who ever made this simply did not care about the job he or she was doing. Are you not grateful for that? /s

      • Black24Attack

        Dont be the ungrateful mongoloid that you are. Be grateful that you can watch this for free, a full year before it actually comes out. You know how to speak english, so put 2 and 2 together and make sense of it in your own thick skull. Cheers!

  • Caylor

    These people work hard to release this FREE content. If you have so much to complain about, watch it somewhere else

    • a u t o r e l e a s e p o o l

      That’s exactly what I’ll do. Btw, “FREE” content can still be considered worthless shit. Pretty insulting to expect us to put up with this crap.

  • Imistu

    I know I can’t do better, but I’ll still comment anyways. That subbing job was horrible. What happened to the other person that was doing it?

  • justin

    7:59 “your wife if it is to have”

    what the fuck? did nobody proof read this shit?

  • Gabe

    horrible subs lmao

  • Michael H

    ugh – filler episodes

  • Taygaz

    this episode was pointless

  • Ethan Nguyen

    Who ever translated this has the worst grammar ever… I could do better and I don’t even speak Japanese.

  • Critic

    Holy shit, you ungrateful little worms. This is why we can’t have free things.

  • Lifeachiever200

    Glad i watched this earlier when I had the chance. The episode is now cut off at the beginning. We need to demote Ken or get rid of him. He is doing a terrible job with this episode subbing.

  • Russel

    To the people saying the subs are done for free and we should be glad we even get some… No, video hosting sites such as this actually pay him to translate, this isn’t some charitable free work they’re doing.

    • Sensible critic

      But it’s free for the viewer, so yes, the ungrateful little worms should be glad because it’s not going out of their own pockets. Indeed the translations were a bit off, but we have to remember, they are privileges not rights.

      • a u t o r e l e a s e p o o l

        Are you that guy that gives homeless people a few coins and then lectures them about how they should be grateful? How about we use that energy to make better quality content instead. This is the worst subtitle job on this site.

        So no, we are not grateful for every turd Japanese speakers shit out. We have every right to complain and look elsewhere for a less shit translation.

  • Vren

    Why the subbed version is not available yet ?

  • Zoingy

    These subs man. They hurt to read.

    What happened to Ken?

    • Darcy Dewar

      these comments hurt to read if you don’t like the show don’t watch it,


      • Zoingy

        No, I love the show. I’m just saying that the subtitles for this episode were… Well to put it lightly sub-par. The previous episodes were subbed by Ken Xyro, and of very high quality, these however were at the point of being incomprehensible. Things such as “your wife it if is to have” just completely take me out of the experience.

  • Cody Mitcham

    when are vegeta and goku gonna change clothes?

  • Blaise

    If Dragonball didn’t have such a rich history that I invested time into as a kid I wouldn’t watch this shitty filler. Bulma had 3 questions that could actually advance the plot or at least give us some interesting info about the dragonball universe for fans who appreciate that kind of background knowledge, and she wastes not 1, but 2 of the questions. It’s like Toriyama’s humor is to tease the viewer for the sake of a shitty joke.

    • EsMortal

      But this isn’t filler

      • Blaise

        I didn’t learn anything new this episode except that super dragonballs were 40000 km something and that their stars were visible from every angle. Oh and mr. know it all was introduced, but seems unlikely he’ll show up again, if it all.

        Maybe that’s not filler by definition, but to me it feels like absolutely nothing worthwhile happened.

    • Darcy Dewar

      the whole series is literally a joke toriyama was bored made a manga it was popular then proceeded to make more

  • Bullshit

    Dexter Fox just stop subbing

  • Eric Ducharme

    For the idiots complaining about this being an inconsequential episode…The hunt for the super dragon balls is being set up in this episode…something Toriyama always takes the time to do in each iteration of Dragon Ball. Secondly, we find out that Bulma has saiyan blood. What’s more is that it is something Piccolo has suspected. Pay Attention!

    • AzstroBoii


      • Eric Ducharme

        Huh what? What did you not understand?

  • jesus

    I know you have to make money… shoving a 10 ads per page and loading them in a way into the video that they can’t be skipped, this doesn’t make for a good experience and will turn people away I’m one of them. It doesn’t matter that it’s free, as a service, provide high quality and people will respect. Don’t provide it, you’ll lose visitors. I have my adblock on now. And switch to HTML5 video.

  • Strathos

    What did Vegeta say to Goku about Bulma at her departure with Jako? Is she a saiyan or what?

    • a u t o r e l e a s e p o o l

      Nobody knows. The translation was very very bad. But apparently you should be grateful that you even have the “privilege” to guess what that conversation was about.

      Learn Japanese or GTFO pleb /s

    • Gyon van Dam

      i wanna know too

  • Malphius – Jailed Email Server

    More garbage filler? Awesome. Not.

  • DeezNutz

    This added an unnecessary plot hole to the story, how is Bulma gonna meet Jaco before DBZ when they where all astonished to find out about Piccolo and Goku being from outer space.

  • a u t o r e l e a s e p o o l

    These subs are awful. Completely incoherent. Is there another translation available?

  • a u t o r e l e a s e p o o l

    PSA: Better subs exist. I am ditching this site. I don’t want to post a specific competitor here because I’m not a jerk and the rest of the episodes were watchable.

  • Darcy Dewar

    their is more loaded than i have watched yet is still f@cking stalls,,, why?

  • Darcy Dewar

    i know this isn’t cannon but wow good job jaco

  • Estafador

    The one consistent thing about all these anime that they still follow East Asian customs concerning women which is age defines beauty. If I as an American Black man was up in China or Japan (and they didn’t judge me based on my skin color), I’d be tagging older women left and right. fuck the 20 year olds.