Dragon Ball Super Episode 30

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January 19, 2016

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 30 Release Date : 07-feb-2016

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Dragon ball Super Episode 30 – Title: –

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  • Purnjay Purru

    he (goku) should select the remaining 2 fighters as piccolo and gohan goten and trunks won’t be able to do any thing even with gotenks super saiyan 3

    • Wizzy

      the 2 goku select are piccolo and majin buu

    • WrestlingsAdvocate

      Buu is much stronger than Gohan at this point.

      • MNY

        You think he’d be much stronger though? Because Gohan was stronger than Buu before he absorbed Gotenks and Piccolo, and I’d assume 1st Buu was by far the weakest form; and it’s not like Buu ever trains

        • Terez27

          Gohan hasn’t trained in over 10 years, not counting a few weeks of training before the Buu tournament and that little time with the Z sword on the Kai planet. The only reason he was able to hang with Buu was because Old Kai brought out his hidden power. Then he didn’t train after Buu and got weak again, and he’s in much worse shape than he was before Buu, not to speak of when he fought Dabura (when he had been training for a few weeks for the tournament). In this week’s episode, Piccolo has him breathless. Piccolo is not a whole lot stronger than a SS1. He never matched SS2. Buu doesn’t need to train; he’s just naturally super-strong, and probably about equal to SS3.

          • WrestlingsAdvocate

            Thank you. Answered for me.

          • Robert Kuzinsky

            Good Buu is at SSJ2 level at best.Good Buu is weaker than the revived Buu(the one with good and evil who Goku fought and dominated him effortlessly at SSJ3).

          • Terez27

            Goku didn’t dominate him effortlessly; there are lots of fights where Buu allows himself to get beaten up for a little while and then comes back to kick ass. I’d say they were about even; Goku believed he could have beaten him, but I doubt it would have been effortless if it came down to it. Vegeta fought him and self-destructed as SS2 and still couldn’t beat him.

          • Robert Kuzinsky

            well yes although Goku held back.beating him means gathering enough energy to finish him off and you are missing the point.I am talking about Good Buu who is weaker than the one Goku fought the first time.

          • Terez27

            Not much, or he wouldn’t have been able to hold off Kid Buu as long as he did in the end.

          • Robert Kuzinsky

            or Kid Buu was toying with him.holding off a Spirit bomb and pushing Goku to go SSJ to push it back is a very big feat indeed.

    • Cody Mitcham

      he selects gohan and boo but boo fails the written test so is disqualified.

      • Giorgio

        Gohan will join at some point…and maybe he is even hidden in the body of Beerus’ best fighter….so obvius it’s not over for Gohan!

        • Blaise

          how is he hidden in his body?

          • Giorgio

            It’s just an hypothesis. ..but remember even earth’s God himself (Piccolo’s non evil part) was jidden in a body of an old dude

    • Blake

      How are they able to stay in the chamber that long? Thought door {que Eric Cartman hand waving} “disappearedddddd” after 24 hrs?

  • Jermaine Porter

    there no sub titles

    • Terez27

      There never are until Sunday morning, usually by about 10 am EST, depending on the circumstances. It takes time.

  • NarutoFan

    no subs

  • dsd

    no subs fuckers

    • DatLittleZFighter

      You people who keep saying “waaah! No subs, wtf you guys?!” You guys need to be patient. It takes time for the subs to come out, not to mention how long it must take to translate everything. Don’t forget that they also have other stuff to do as well. They’ll come in due time. Why don’t you just go find something else to do if instead of complain.

    • Island_Shadow

      I remember having to wait years to see dragonball z episodes on the TV (such as the Ginyu force). You can wait one day you little twat.

  • Lifeachiever200

    NO SUBS AGAIN! WTF I AM GETTING SICK OF THIS! I look forward to this show ever sunday. You guys better get your shit into gear.

    • PeopleKeepWhining

      or you could always stop crying about a free service, what are you gonna do, go elsewhere?

    • Derokar

      oh stfu you annoying pric

    • Malphius – Jailed Email Server

      They put it up unsubbed until they get it subbed. Stop bitching or learn Japanese.

    • Lifeachiever200

      im not learning japanese. I am glad they finally put subs up. I look forward to this every sunday. dragonball = my life. I have no friends 😀

    • Island_Shadow

      It’s not like the world’s gonna end if you can’t wait a day for the subs…

      • Lifeachiever200

        no. Because they need to replace people who can actually do the job well in one day.

        • Island_Shadow

          As the saying goes “beggars can’t be choosers.”

  • Michael H

    hopefully the subs will be on soon..

  • Michael H

    basically, Goku and Vegeta are too weak at this point – so they spend 3 days in the hyperbaric chamber – equivalent to 3 years of intense SSJ God training. – before the tournement begins. – they level up alot.. and Champa and Vados are surprised to see such a huge improvement. they realize it wasn’t going to be as ‘straight forward’ – as they thought.

    • Blake

      How are they able to stay in the chamber that long? Thought door {que Eric Cartman hand waving} “disappearedddddd” after 24 hrs? Does episode explain that?

      • Island_Shadow

        Just like how they modified the dragon balls to grant two wishes. He could modify the chamber to allow for training beyond 48 hours.

  • trolol

    Whoa has it ever taken this long to get the subs, hope everything is ok.

  • Malphius – Jailed Email Server

    Holy crap that episode was so bad. At least 10 minutes of clip-show. Everything else was minimal animation. Please take this away from Toei. They’re failing.

    • kurtis626

      I kinda expected this with the few episodes between the freeza arc and champa arc. I predict the champa arc will be fantastic!

    • NinjaShibe

      For a filler it wasn’t that bad. Remember when a filler was 20 mins of screaming.

  • Simon

    Where is the subtitles

  • NarutoFan

    finally subs are here

  • Gavin Nowak- Elliott


    • Blaise

      total bitch now

      • Gavin Nowak- Elliott

        he needs to fight for the universe, hes gonna be relevant again… remember last episode he said he would train again.

        • Blaise

          Then he skipped out on the tournament in this episode when he was their next strongest fighter to count on. Anything can happen with a Toriyama plot, but right now Gohan’s the same to me as in Golden Freeza arc. Disappointing considering what a bad ass he used to be.

    • Kaliaila

      Gohan is a responsible adult who puts his families needs ahead of his own desires. Goku is just doing this tournament because it will be fun for him to fight other strong people. Vegeta is doing it because he sees it as a way to test his powers and possibly advance them. Buu is doing it just to give Mr. Satan a wish. Piccolo is just doing it because Goku and Vegeta asked when he has nothing else to do aside from train with Gohan. I don’t see how this makes Gohan’s decision a mistake? The difference between him and Piccolo (and even Majin Buu) in the grand scheme of things is not going to be all that big, when you compare it to Goku, Vegeta, and Manoka.

  • Diraphe

    So Toriyama didn’t forget about Uub after all…

    • Terez27

      There was never any reason to think he had.

      • Terez27

        That line about Uub was put in for one purpose only: to remind stupid fans that he was still a baby.

        • Kaliaila

          Yeah, People forget that the introduction of Uub at the end of the Dragonball manga and of DBZ anime take place 10 years after the defeat of Kid Buu.

  • Tony

    worst episode ever they should at least show monaka ffs

    • Blaise

      You can google him on the dragonball wiki if you don’t mind the spoiler of seeing what he looks like. There’s nothing else there that’s really spoiler worthy, so it’s mostly safe. The manga is currently on the first battle of the tournament, so it’s only like 2 episodes ahead of the anime plot.

  • thegreenchipmunk

    Wait, how are they gonna use the hyperbolic time chamber? You can only use it twice in a lifetime and both of them already used it twice.

    • PrinceOfPride

      Remember, they said that Dende is fixing it after Piccolo destroyed it in the Buu saga, so he’s probably going to add his touch to it, just like he did with the dragon balls in the cell saga after Piccolo fused with Kami, allowing for more than two times. It’s either that, or the simple, “for the sake of the story-line” deal.

      • Kaliaila

        Goku had already been in it more than twice from what I recall. Then there is also the thought that they have died and been wished back in each case so perhaps that resets the number of times they can use it. Or the fact that they are approaching God level powers makes it moot. From what I recall the whole twice in a lifetime rule was more there because normal people cannot physically and mentally withstand the effects of the room more than twice.

  • Kio Ken x1k

    Episode 30 wasn’t much of an anticipation at all! Sadly, but nevertheless, looking forward towards episode 31!

  • Ballentine

    no….Gohan….but you…..who cares about a conference. My heart sunk when he said that.

    • The Badger

      Yeah that is the dumbest excuse I have ever heard in the entire DB. I understand they need to come up with a reason, but c’mon. They could have left Gohan injured after the fight with Freeza and use that as an excuse not to bring him. I mean the fate of the Universe is at stake, who cares about a conference.

      • The fate of the universe isn’t at stake.

      • Cody Mitcham

        they’re just switching earths if they lose. it’s not really a “fate of the universe” thing.

    • civleaderSoprano

      I don’t care about gohan.

  • parlell

    Si they make us watch the first 10mins of the last episode lik we didn’t kno Wat was already going on

    • Daniel.

      Some people think its funny to type like a moron. But morons are gonna moron.

  • Daniel Christopher Holt

    In the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, if their chi reserve energy can keep recycling they could fold increase to a much higher power level all day. If their chi energy can recycle in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, because I’m not sure if they have to go and collect chi for God fighter chi, but if they still can only maintain battle with it for a certain period of time even if they can recycle it then they still can only fight at non-fold increase if they fight 12 hours a day. 8 hours a day are for sleeping, sometimes they can fight for an entire 24 hours but they need to catch up on sleep but could go two weeks without sleep at time but sleep for a week straight. Lord Beerus went over a half century without sleep but he must not be as good at fighting as when he’s caught up on sleep. The other 4 hours are for cooking, eating, and time with their minds. They would maintain at non-fold increase to get used to that power level during sleep too even during cooking and eating. Staying at 100% Legendary all day for a period of time in there, atleast a month a few times spread out, and wearing max load weights some of the time can enhance their training and energy control. Near the end of it on the last month they can also go back to the max load weights and 100% Legendary in God fighter chi. This is the first time, in Goku’s best training environment, he can focus on training with Vegeta. It’s not the same at the castle but the castle has other benefits. 3 years at 12 hours a day is 13,113 hours of fighting aptitude. At non-fold increase of God fighter chi, their weights would weigh 1.124 quadrillion tons. That’s what the weighted suit must have weighed at the castle for each Saiyan God. They could also practice staying in their base form and powering up to their highest fold increase without transformation to adapt their base forms to higher energy levels, that doesn’t increase the power level of their base power. They would have to work up to SS3 first, before attempting Saiyan God level at base form without Saiyan God transformation by fold increase with Saiyan God reserve energy.

  • Simon.Z

    Worst episode.
    Nothing new and now I have to wait whole week for a new one =(

  • civleaderSoprano

    This episode is not the greatest episode because of its more a recap of whats has happend than a new episode. And also **small spoiler** I hate the fact that Goku has mention the fact that Uub be in this serie. NO UUB!!!

  • Lifeachiever200

    Someone who does subs need to stop messing around and get there shit into gear. We waited this long for subs and we shouldnt have to. Ken should be replaced.

  • Michael Cena

    I hate when they think of the past grrrr… We already know… skip that!

  • Daniel.

    I love it. Thanks again.

  • Somtochukwu Ekenyem

    Damn it Gohan, the conference isn’t that important!!

  • Chanay jain

    I didnt understnd what berrus is tellin to whis that he not training them and also he said that did whis thought berrus to fight goku and vegeta seriously and after that whis replied that so that you(berrus)can make them(goku and vegeta)fight me some day…..what was this conversation…????