Dragon Ball Super Episode 3

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 3 English sub

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Dragon ball Super Episode 3 – Title:  Where does the dream go!? Look for Super Saiyan God!”

Bulma is celebrating her birthday party, She is giving a big party everybody is invited.But Vegeta and Goku Dont show up on her party Bulma gets very angry of this situation. Beerus and Whils are discussing about Super Saiyan God and finaly they wanted to meet a Saiyan. Goku is continue his traing on Kai’s planet But King Kai is trying to keep information about Beerus secret from Goku.


  • Vegeta

    Cant Wait !!!

  • Minime



    Vegeta will never surpass GOKU !!!

  • maingamer

    Thank you veryy muchhhhh !!!!!!!

  • strAnge

    where is the sub?

    • DragonBallSuper

      Its online !

      • strAnge

        thank you =)

  • nana

    Thank you for english subbbbbb <33333333

  • Master Roshi

    nah this episode was badddddd !!

    • mr. popo

      its just like the movie battle of gods, but its not bad !

  • Markese Beck

    I love this series!

  • Imran Mohammad

    its same thing as battle of god movie, whats the difference?

  • ggppoomm

    i can go to battel of gods right now and see wut is going to happen

  • GoGito

    SPoiler* Gogeta Super Saiyan God Blue Hair

  • deeznuts

    who noticed videl legs changed for unbare to bare

  • zahir

    if i pause to read the English writing the adverts all the time comes!!!but i like super

  • Magicman_Chris

    I know this sounds dumb bur there’s not one Dragonball Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT Episode or movie even fan based Abridged that I have not seen! My all time fav guy and character to play on Dragonball Xenoverse , is none other then the one and only Prince himself! Vageta is the man ;D

    • Willdaberry Blue

      o yeah, Vageta for the win !!!

  • Oliver Lopez