Dragon Ball Super Episode 29

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December 22, 2015

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 29 Release Date : 31-jan-2016

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Dragon ball Super Episode 29 – Title: –


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  • Cortez Dela Morte

    will watch again tomorrow when the subs are on….

    • L Fal

      Ok, cya!

  • Gabe

    bulma’s sister???

    • AngryAssNigga23

      yup thats been in the mqanga

  • Yaya

    Kinda the same plot as GT, the black star dragon balls

    • Tanxy Touche

      But 20 times better

      • L Fal

        You keep telling yourself that 😉

      • Ivan Maldonado

        You obviously haven’t seen GT. DBS blows ,not only with it’s animation but with its plot. GT is far superior.

        • Cortez Dela Morte

          but its non cannon so it dont count

          • Ivan Maldonado

            AT Hasn’t come to that point in time in his Manga, people saying it’s not canon is like saying Gogeta is non-canon. Idiots.

        • Clemente Cortile

          GT has been bashed worldwide as a majestic failure due to its shallow plot and to not being able to retain the DB/DBZ atmosphere, which is something that DBS does have. It’s a matter of taste, like in the star wars prequel’s case.

          • That guy from that place

            The biggest issue GT had is trying to do too much at once and shoehorning silly things into it. Super may have some similarities such as the super dragonballs being similar to the blackstar balls, however the focus right now is the tournament not the search for the SDB. and as Cortez said GT isnt canon. In fact I think GT is the main reason Toriyama came back to do Super.

        • Mike

          The only thing people like about GT was the finale Saga where they fought the dragons

          • Daniel.

            GT was also a troll series in terms of Character Design. Vegeta, Trunks, Goku and a few more were extremely disrespected by the art department. Ill be quick with it, They made Vegeta look like a joke, Trunks looks like a confused safari guide, and Goku was turned to a fucking Kid.

        • that one guy

          @disqus_THxqo2ol1W:disqus are you fucking stupid? GT isn’t even Canon and Dende can’t heal. in the first episode he gets a “med kit” GT has terrible writing and is an embarrassment to even hold the dragon ball name. im glad its not canon

        • edli

          Gt is trash for white kids

    • WrestlingsAdvocate

      Not really. They’re entirely different. Care for me to list off their similarities and differences? I’m certain your not aware of them all.

  • Titan

    why da fuq am i not able to view this!
    a pop up from the sponsors covers the whole video!

    • There should always be an X button somewhere, or the “Close Ad” tab.

  • Lifeachiever200

    I love that we got to see bulma’s sister 😀

  • Mike

    is it Bulmas sister like a huge plothole also those dragon ball are huge

    • WrestlingsAdvocate

      Nah. There legitimately was no reason for Bulma to have ever mentioned her sister, as she left when Bulma was 5. It also was never stated that Bulma was an only child either, so I’d say that while it is definitely ass-pullish, it is not inconsistent to the plot.

      • Mike

        Just makes the whole Namek saga seem odd

        • WrestlingsAdvocate

          Because she never mentioned her sister when the topic of space came up? Well when Namek was mentioned, she didn’t show any signs of surprise, and simply stated that she never heard of Namek and was easily able to calculate how long it would take to get there, meaning she at least has an intermediate knowledge on space travel.

  • NarutoFan

    “Operation Timed Out” the video not loading

  • donald

    Bulma, the furious and curious!!

  • Dustin Friesen

    Bahahaha, of course the Niga Niga fruit is grape drank!!!!!!!!

  • TaruJ

    Dragon Ball each day was an adventure, It was balanced,It had drama, It had real time action, it had emotion it had humour.

    DBZ : had seasoned and great storyline, the plot and adventure

    DB GT : it wanted to go a step further, great Idea and consistency with the DBZ characters with them growing up.

    DBS : Gohan character epic failure, the guy is still super saiyan and a mystic saiyan and you cant be any if you not strong enough.

    Goten, Trunks & Dende are still the same age

    DBZ : Introduced UUB, and besides GT nothing has been said about him where did he and Goku flee of to at the end of BUU Saga.

    DBS: instead of playing the movies over again should have gone in to details of the movies atleast, the story of sorbet, Beerus before he slept.
    My epic failure is that we will probably never see the Golden/Yellow hair Super Saiyan and since when is the God form just a mere level that anyone could reach and after Super Saiyan 3 is it Super Saiyan God?/

    • Daniel Lawson

      no SS God isn’t the next level it’s a totally different power as for Ubb… both Trunks and Goten were teenagers when DBZ ended this is just 3 years after Buu saga

    • Daniel.

      There needs to be a limit at which people can type on this forum/comment section…


  • Daniel Alkia

    LoL that hint at the end of the episode was said by L, a guy in death note xD

  • Super Sayian

    Shenron used to be the best thing that those guys ever got, I hate the fact that he became so weak and useless.

  • Yaya

    I was just being a Dick lmao calm down yall lmao. The only thing similar is searching the the galaxy looking for dragon balls well one ‘Huge’ one to be exact. To add on, the only thing I like from GT was SS4

  • BagaJr

    Has Bulma’s sister even been in anything or even mentioned before? It seems random to introduce a character like that for practically no reason.

  • Dastrevas

    Unskippable ads. Ok I’m off to Anitube.

  • max

    if the Dragon balls are this big, imagine how the dragon is gonna look!!

  • Martin Sibara

    Can anyone please tell me the name of the ending/closing song. Its so awesome!

  • Daniel.

    I just want to write.

    If you actually complain about Dragon Ball Super, im sorry to say but you are incredibly spoiled.

    Dragon Ball is a VERY VERY old Manga and to actually be here in 2016 with a NEW CANNON Anime is a blessing.

    It is overseen by Akira and that is enough for me. More than DBGT was.

  • Daniel.

    The fights will start at 19:00 hours? LOL thats standard UFC main card start time. I love it. love it. love it.

    This organizing of the Tourny has me so giddy and happy that this series is back.

  • Daniel.

    LMFAO niga niga fruit… and its purple… My god…