Dragon Ball Super Episode 28

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December 9, 2015

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 28

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Dragon ball Super Episode 28 – Title: –


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  • shadow devil

    its amazing that we finally get to see goku train again and possibly reach god form

    • TS

      you mean gohan right?

    • Daniel.


  • shadow devil


    • thegreenchipmunk

      As far as I know, he doesn’t make it. Piccolo is chosen instead.

    • Taygaz

      if you read the manga the universe 7 fighters will be goku piccolo vegeta buu and a new character named manaka I think I spelled that last one right

      • Daniel.

        Major spoilers there Bro… Please Caps SPOILER before typing… you kinda bummed be out.

  • Juan Sanchez

    I’ve always loved gohan’s character, I really hope he becomes significant again.

  • Bryan Mac

    Her neck ring disappeared at 6:14

  • Simon

    I’m I the only one that doesn’t have subtitles

  • Tanxy Touche

    I’m sorry to say this but I really hope no one else reaches the sayain God level

    • Kaliaila

      I’m quite sure that the other 3 on Goku’s team won’t be anyone we know.

      • Terez27

        Haven’t read the manga, eh?

    • Aaron

      Piccolo, Buu, and a new guy

      • Tanxy Touche

        Sorry for the mix up, I meant Gohan, Trunks and Goten

  • Tanxy Touche

    He was like “don’t skip the intro” , and I gasped “who does that!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  • x-pedda Senpai

    i like the new intro but the japanese one was better

  • Steve Bakewell

    This is the official first episode of DB:SUPER!

    • Daniel.

      Yes sir it is. I enjoyed all the episodes, if you are able to Binge, though.

      But this is good news! Finally the NEW ADVENTURE! 🙂

  • Cody Mitcham

    i guess they went naruto on us there with that intro

  • A&WRootBeer LEMUR

    holy shit english dub

  • Friendly Neighborhood KAKOROT!

    Anyone else just love that intro? 😀

  • Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Buu and… Pecan, right? (their initials even rhyme [team GVGBP!]:)

    • Diraphe

      Its Goku, Vegeta, Buu, Piccolo, and an alien with giant nipples.

      • Rigma

        That’s literally what his name means. One with huge nipples.


  • Eric Bell

    Damn it! This is so exciting! I’m still debating whether or not I want to read the manga. I stopped reading a certain title just so I could watch it unfold and complete its run in anime form.

  • Bruce

    duds i say one thing amazing work with the singing at the begging

  • kurama46

    spoiler alert: the team is buu piccolo and another fighter chosen by beerus and is said to be stronger than goku. before the tournament starts buu is disqualified for failing the test all the fighters had to do.

  • Bill Rood

    AWESOME with the intro you guys rock big smile on my face right now

  • Michael H

    Ive read the manga’s, waiting for the next chapter.. its just awesome seeing the episodes.. Im more excited than Goku to see this tournement. lol

  • really nigga?

    This is shit

  • Brandon Cupples

    Loving the intro guys thank you for all your hard work!

  • talha

    missing gohan………he should be stronger again……and its a myth that other saiyans of uni 6 are ssg or not or ssj3

  • Daniel.

    Shits pants at 18:20.