Dragon Ball Super Episode 27

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December 9, 2015

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Dragon ball Super Episode 27 – Title: –


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    • Takahisa

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      • Daniel.

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  • Takahisa

    Hey Guys and Gals, Welcome to the site, please remember to be kind, courteous, polite, and above all, patient… Please remember that this content is free, and the people working on uploading and Subbing are risking a lot for you, o you don’t have Pay, or have to wait 6+ months for an official sub, or 12+ months for an official Dub
    Thank-you Staff for all your work 🙂

    • kurtis626

      I wish these kids would quit getting so upset about the upload timing and sub timing. It’s free for pete’s sake! I love what you guys are doing and thank you very much!

      I will watch the episodes even without subtitles and try to guess what the dialogue is and when the subs do come out, it’s entertaining to see how close I was.

      • Imistu

        I wish they’d just disable comments on the videos. It would solve the problem.

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        Hey that’s what I do!!

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      Thank you, I will bare this in mind.

  • Cody Mitcham

    thanks for the videos!

  • Yashpr

    Suppose if i download the raw episode then is there a way by which i can download only the subs for the episode

  • Nike

    Thank you !!!!

  • I hate how the show has panned out exactly like the movie. Since when do they do that? No surprise at all. I just wasted my time on this season.

    • Lifeachiever200

      They filled in more gaps that they left out in the movies. Next episode will be completely different. I am excited 😀

      • The gaps they filled in were not worth the experience.

        • Cortez Dela Morte

          it kinda fills in the gap about how ss blue came to be and how vegeta got way stronger then goku.

          • Like I said it wasn’t worth all these episodes to find out that. We knew vegeta didn’t reach it with the help of the other saiyans and it’s still never proven who’s the stronger of the two.

          • Rigma

            Goku and Vegeta are basically even by this point. Goku of course being more laid back, while Vegeta is more calculating: each has their own strengths and weaknesses.

          • Vamroc M Sylar

            In the movie it’s explained Goku’s cells have a sort of photographic memory unto themselves they automatically know how to achieve an ability level the first time Goku achieves it. So when Goku goes SS3 he doesn’t have to constantly train to maintain the ability this is why Goku always seemed stronger. Vegeta for the first time found someone stronger than Goku, saw an opportunity, and took it of course Beerus Is STILL stronger than the both of them but it’s not long before we see purple haired Goku & Vegeta.

  • Valent Teoh

    came here to watch people fight about SUBS

  • Lifeachiever200

    Never read in the manga about the 6th universe. I am soooo excited! I cannot wait to see the next episode of dragonball super 😀 I love how the TV show not only filled in the plot wholes of the two movies, but has added even more and more content. I am soo excited 😀 Dragonball = my life 😀

  • Tanxy Touche

    Man I hate Toei as much as any One Piece and DB Super fan but even I gotta give them this one ………………………..The animation was spot on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alex

    since Piccolo died, i waited for the moment when Gohan said that he will train again. Can’t wait to see how strong he’ll become.

  • That ending was amazing!

  • Venisha Penland

    This was a really good episode. I was rooting for Vegeta the whole time. But I got really hyped that Gohan said he would train again! That really makes me happy because he has been such a let down as of recent. He was once the strongest out of everyone and now he had became the yamacha of saiyans! I can’t wait how he develops, and maybe Pan will become very strong too!! EXCITED!!!!!

    • Rigma

      Bummer that it won’t fit in with the manga and Piccolo gets picked for the 7th Universe team instead of Gohan. Even if he does train, it won’t be enough time for him to pass Piccolo for the tournament.

      • Venisha Penland

        Yah, if I recall, they left gohan behind when they were on their way to the tournament location. But at least Gohan initiated that he will train again. Maybe after the tournament, something will develope with him. They have been giving Gohan’s little family a lot of screen time, maybe they will do something about it

        • Diraphe

          Keep in mind that Gohan is the only remaining fighter on Earth during the tournament…I suspect Earth will be faced with a threat and Gohan will be the only one there to defeat it.

          • Venisha Penland

            O_O that is true!! Now that is a scary thought lol

          • Peter Sondagh

            not really true. goten and trunks will be there. along with tien,yamcha and krillin

    • Hamany

      u were really hyped ? i skipped thro most of it because ive basically seen it in revival of f
      i mean the part where earth was destroyed would have been good but iive already seen the outcome and thats what made it boring

      • Venisha Penland

        I’ve seen the newest movie too, I was implying that I’m exited for Gohan training again. After they had introduced him as the great saiyan man, in the series, his character just went down hill. Other than Vegeta, he is my next favorite character, and so it just pains to see him get tossed around like a rag doll. ( that pervious episode of him getting shot up was brutal and that’s not including the animation in that episode lol)

      • Vamroc M Sylar

        Shouldn’t Buu have survived the explosion of Earth as well unless something has changed Majin Buu was every bit as powerful as Kid Buu but you know he’s all DERP

        • Hamany

          holy shit yah i mean he is indestructible and might be stronger than base form freeza

        • Peter Sondagh

          Buu wasnt near whis at the time and asleep as they mentioned before so i guess he survived. they just didnt show it.

  • Joshua

    I loved this one so much! Trunks with his great reference to Future Trunks. Gohan training again!! I can’t wait for the next few episodes. A big thank you to everyone who makes this site possible!!

  • Darcy Dewar

    11:21 :0 omkwtf?

  • Darcy Dewar

    16:14 #kamehame for the win

  • Dapuffster

    The reference to future trunks was great lmfao

  • Gabe

    Bulmas Big Tits 🙂

  • Mark Allen

    So Gohan finally starts training again

  • Hybrid Theory53

    Finally the show begins next week if you catch my drift.

  • faik

    Man i cannot wait for the next episode


    i bet whis is gonna go super sayian LOOOOOOL

  • Somtochukwu Ekenyem

    Gohan Is Back!!!!!
    Can’t wait to see him fight again.

  • Daniel.

    Nameks done eat but it seems out Boy Piccolo is adapting just fine, 20:00.

  • Reynalds Pluviose

    XD his face and head 9:14