Dragon Ball Super Episode 26

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December 9, 2015

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 26

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Dragon ball Super Episode 26 – Title: –


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  • Cael Collum

    I love the part where Goku just comes out of nowhere:…
    and steals Vegeta’s kill.

    • HUEHUE

      You came to episode 26 15 days early just to say that and get upvotes?

      • Cael Collum

        Didn’t care whether or not I’d get upvotes. I’m sharing my favorite part.
        How many did I get?

    • Devilofdoom

      FAIL. That’s not ’till next week :p

      • Cael Collum

        It’s not a fail! It’s time-travel appreciation 🙂

  • Takahisa

    Please be Respectful, Polite, Kind and Patient.
    This episode will be available when the countdown timer runs out.
    Then, the Sub will be available between 15 -24 hours, depending.
    So, if waiting is a pain, may i suggest going somewhere else if you wish to complain.
    If you want to see subs the moment you come here, please wait 24 hours AFTER the timer runs out, to ensure you don’t have to wait in want, and give people abuse for not having the Sub available when you want it…
    We all want it, but we all have to wait for it.

    • A Nigga

      Can you add the additional 24 hours to the timer instead? So I can watch it livestream and come back here to watch it with subs. Thank You

      • Takahisa

        that’s a good idea, however, the subs can vary, sometimes it take 5 hours, sometimes it takes 24, it all depends on various variables.
        (I’m not Site staff, so you would have to contact an admin if you have ideas to put forward for the site 🙂

    • HUEHUE

      Lmao you’re so desperate to become a moderator

      • Takahisa

        someone has to be on clean-up duty 😀

  • Trololol

    Bitch who read this.

    • HUEHUE

      I am your mom


    Why the hell does it say release date 10 January?!?! the latest sunday falls on 3rd jan, why did they skip this day? And its not a mistake, even the wikipedia says 10th jan. Whaaaiii

    • always for the beginning of the year in japan they never run an episode at the beginning of the year on the first week

      • Fucking pigeon eaters

        Dish-faces are really retards, come on have you seen those eyes? They can barely see anything, stupid yellows.

        • Dumb White person

          I really hope your not talking about Asians
          After all you whites are the stupidest of them all

          • Takahisa

            i’m white, and i agree with u 😀

          • Fucking pigeon eaters

            Your name is Takahisa and you are white, roefl. That confirm my theory asian people can’t barely see anything.

          • Takahisa

            I’m not Asian, so how does my name prove anything to do with anyone from Asia??
            Your logic is irrational.

          • Daniel Lawson

            you all taste the same when properly cooked

          • A W

            Japan: First world leaders in child sex crime, cuckolding and degeneracy. Try harder.

    • Takahisa

      They don’t Release Anime in Japan in the first week of the Year. i don’t know why.. probs just holidays.

      • mrclt

        yeah, they don’t celebrate xmas as they see it as a couples thing kinda like Valentines day. Whereas with new year it’s a public holiday for them.

  • Nitesh Agarwal

    Was waiting for this episode with more excitement then the new year night… 7 more painful days 🙁 🙁

    • What a rat….

      You can also leave from that room, there’s a world out there.

  • Brandon Cupples

    Why the extra delay for this episode? Just curious, not complaining; I’ll wait for the goods 🙂

    • Takahisa

      I’m Not 100% sure, but someone said it’s ‘cos they don’t release Anime on the first week of the year in Japan… but im just going off of Hearsay.

    • mrclt

      Japan celebrate the new year, and thus don’t release Anime on that week – it’s not just DBS that had a week’s break. They do it during their Golden Week festival as well – the animators produce the content weekly so it’s only fair that they get a break.

  • You are fucking retarded

    Upload this fucking shit, you fucktard, it’s already on streaming !!!

  • Takahisa

    Has the Raw Episode 26 been pulled?
    countdown timer is up, and now counting down to ep 27 RAW.
    Is the RAW Late? or just unavailable to stop the hecklers complaining about the subs?
    BTW, Admin/Moderator, how’s Ken doing? is he getting Better, or is he still in Hospital?

  • DamnNigga

    It’s been 9 hours now, where is the damn nigga that upload the subs??

    • Steve Bakewell

      Jesus Christ calm yo tits.. all this is just ROF rehash you already know what’s gonna happen.. the earth is gonna blow up blah blah. you know it.. why the rush?

      • DamnNigga

        ‘Cuz I’m a nigga, does it make sense now ?

  • Nitesh Agarwal

    We love you too Ken. Glad you are well now. Thanks for the quick subs after such a long wait for this episode. Happy New Year bro… Just wish i had a sansu bean to give you when you were sick 😀

  • travus Leroux

    so happy to see ken back and well stay good buddy thanks for the translation.

  • Gaurav Kumar Rawat

    damn it !!! same as the movie , damn they should have let vegeta finish this off this time , that would have added up the spice to the story proving vegeta’s strength and capability .

    • Daniel.

      Trying to stay Cannon. You cant go too far off the movie itself. Only a few more weeks till the real story begins. 🙂

  • Takahisa

    Glad to see you out of Hospital Ken! hope you stay well now 🙂

  • lols

    Thank you so much for the translation ken, you’re the best ! keep it up 😀

  • Mike

    So I am confused about the next sage

  • MaX Rodriguez

    youre awesome Ken ! Thx so Much !!

  • Tanxy Touche

    its here

  • guru

    It´s hard to watch the flashbacks with scenes from the original DBZ series because then you notice how bad the new art style looks in comparison

    • Daniel.

      Its animation…. what we grew up on was a cartoon. This is now animation.


  • Why do they say pride will keep them from working together when they’ve worked together numerous times in the past?

    • Daniel.

      Because it ALWAYS takes an insane amount of time and explanation to get those two dunder heads to work together. lmao. It makes sense though. Two ALPHA males NEVER connect. Vegeta is the epitome of Alpha male and Goku, as simple and kind hearted as he is portrayed, hes still a fucking Saiyan warrior ultra alpha mother fucker. lol. Alphas always want to do things themselves, no help.

      • …but they have helped each other and on more than one occasion so why say never? It doesn’t take that much for them to work together. They’ll do it if it’s necessary they’re never completely against it.

        • Daniel.

          You should re read what I wrote… Never did I say they don’t or have never fought together. Slow down.

          • “Two ALPHA males NEVER connect. “

          • Daniel.

            Thats a statement on the term Alpha male.

            Alpha males do not connect with other alpha males.

            But at times they can work together if the cause is great enough, as its been proven with Vegeta and Goku in the older anime.

            Sheesh, you try to be cool with someone and have a small chat and they go and turn it all up side down. :’D

  • Dustin Friesen

    Well worth the wait, thank you for all your hard work.
    Please disregard all the simpleton fuck sticks who have no respect or patience.
    Looking forward to the next episode.

  • Avieshek Rajkhowa

    Frieze looks like a Chimpanzee

    • Daniel Lawson

      looked like more then a few artist were hung over from festivities

  • Daniel.

    Just here to say thank you and i love you.


  • Daniel.

    Lets be real here.
    Its not Golden Freeza.

    Its Mustard Freeza…

    You cant have Freeza claim his name cheesey, Golden Freeza, then you see he is actually multi mustard colored…

    They should just make him GOLD… you know, like his name says?

  • Daniel.

    AWESOME. So glad they chose to do a credit theme swap like some animes. Good stuff. New song, new slide shows. All good stuff.

    Why couldn’t they just let Vegeta kill Frieza or “Freeza” If this is the same as “Resurrection of F” then Freeza kills Vegeta by destroying the earth, which is absolutely ridiculous considering Vegeta is now Super Saiyan God. How the fuck does the explosion of the earth kill Vegeta, & I’m sure he would have flown towards Whis-Sama’s air bubble before he suffocated. Anyways I’m STILL LOVING THESE NEW EPISODES!!!

  • ……..

    Man, why didn’t you upload the upcoming epi??? What the hell

  • Reynalds Pluviose

    were is the blood like in DBZ its not that great theat they got rid of it

  • Trevkron

    Have troublestablished watching video not sure if my computer or just a bug in the system not complaining just figure I would point it out incase I’m not the only one with problems but keep up the good work guys ILOVE THIS SITE !!!!