Dragon Ball Super Episode 23

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November 10, 2015

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 23

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Dragon ball Super Episode 23 – Title: Earth! Gohan! A Desperate Situation! Hurry back Son Goku!

Goku and Vegeta are still training in the staff of Whis, mean while Beerus was enjoying of his pizza untill there was no pizza anymore , he asked more from Whis and he need his staff for more pizza. The training has been stopped and he recieved a message from Bulma. That freeza is revived and that Piccolo has been killed by Captian ginyu. Goku used instant transmission to go back to the earth in no time. now Goku and Vegeta can face Freeza

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  • Alex Taylor

    Oh yeah! It looks like Vegeta is going to finally finish off Ginyu. (I hope)

    • Terez27

      One blow. And now he has all 5 Ginyu under his belt, since he finished off Goku’s leavings (and he got Guldo fair and square).

  • Rhino Radu IRock

    11 hours left . i cant wait

    • NerdLevelOver9.000

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      • moku

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          • Steve Bakewell

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          • SlashGod (SlashThunderStrike)

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          • moku

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      • Rhino Radu IRock

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        • SSJSSG Goku

          Lol, this guy Rhino can’t even english….

          • Rhino Radu IRock

            i dont spick english on my country dude , anyway he got that

        • jake

          why were you playing with dog shit…

  • YouFuckingRetard

    Upload it piece of shit

    • YouTotallyRight

      I know right? Hopefully he fall inside the toilet while taking shit.

      • fuckthiswait

        when is epi 23 finally uploaded waited so long

        • SlashGod (SlashThunderStrike)

          >Talks to himself
          >Uses same accounts

  • PutoCerdo

    A ver si cuelgas ya esta mierda, que llevo en la puta cama despierto 4 horas, hijo de puta.

  • tsukishiro

    Thank you for the upload

  • You r a f up

    False advertising subs where suppose to be out n hour aft raw its bout to be 2 im about to start givin my view to a different chanel this is some bs

    • david

      the thing is no one has it. Ive checked various sites, seems they all have them at once. So be patient!

  • Kimhoy Tan

    Damn, no english subs again..

  • Wagner Valdez

    there is not sub whats going on ?

    • Terez27

      Subs usually show up on Sunday (Murica time). They post the raw episode online as soon as it airs in Japan, and then their team has to translate it and add subtitles.

      • Wagner Valdez

        oh i see cool cool

  • Lover Boy Soumil

    fuck its getting on my nerves now..subbed version still not uploaded..fuck you asshole

    • Terez27

      You do know it takes time to translate this stuff, right?

      • Lover Boy Soumil

        I do know that..but earlier they didn’t used to take so much time to translate

        • Terez27

          Maybe so, but they are doing it out of the goodness of their hearts. I’m going to guess you are young and you don’t remember what it was like to try to find fansubbed stuff back in the day before high-speed internet. If you were lucky you could find a homemade bootleg in a comic shop or something, usually months or even years after it came out in Japan, terrible quality, terrible translations. I think it was a lot easier in big cities, but if you lived anywhere else you were screwed.

          12 hours is not a long time to wait, all things considered. It’s a good time to be alive.

          • mostly agree, but do remember that ‘out of the goodness of their hearts’ they’re also getting ad revenue thanks to us 😉

          • Terez27

            Probably not very much, honestly.

          • Sαιкσ

            I would be surprised if they even made a $ per month. They’re lucky if they’re even making enough to cover the costs for the site.

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          • kakoos

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          • YouFuckingRatKid

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    • Sαιкσ

      Don’t bitch, you’re watching it illegally for free. And these guys don’t have to go through the trouble of translating and uploading for us to watch, so be grateful rather than being a whiny bitch.

    • Mississippi over everbody

      No fux you. Just dont come back to this site, u panzy

  • Bunchababies

    You guys are whiny as fuck. “mehhh uploads, mehhh subs”. You all cry for fucking nothing, shut up and watch it tomorrow.

  • Subs are coming late because he is sick, so stop fucking demanding shit.

    • WhatADumbAsshole

      Stop bitching, we want subs. Fuck you

      • Me

        > Says “Stop Bitching”
        >> Bitches about wanting subs

        Well, atleast your name accurately describes you.

        • Hoa Craft

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      • Anonymous

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        • Dragonball.super

          Do you get paid for answering all the time random people on this website?

  • Mississippi over everbody

    Can’t wait for the subs this is a highly anticipated episode. I hope vegeta can finally surpass Goku

    • john

      omg, he already did!!!

      • Mississippi over everbody

        He has, but it sucks he wont be the one to defeat frieza

        • john

          ofourse he wont/wouldnt; it should be common sense only the main protagonist defeats the main antagonist..

          • Mississippi over everbody

            Goku already beat frieza once and so did trunks. Their are other animes where a side kick or other hero has beaten the main antagonist, hell even in dbz when gohan defeated cell. I think it would be cooler since vegeta is the prince of all sayians to have the chance to finally beat frieza. After all frieza did destroy planet vegeta. Vegeta is over due for a major win against a villan. All true fans would agree.

          • john

            Trunks defeated frieza when he wasnt the main antagonist anymore.

            Name the animes that do(as well as the villian and hero etc)?

            Gohan is the main protagonist son!

            Moreover, goku played a major part in cells death( gohan was basically a puppet)….the main reason for this ending though was to show goku passing on the torch.

            ”I think it would be cooler since vegeta is the prince of all sayians to have the chance to finally beat frieza. After all frieza did destroy planet vegeta”’.

            Being a frieza fan, i disagree here. Not only would this feel bad having every character getting a kill off him, it would probably look worst than how trunks disgraced the character, when you consider how sad vegeta makes his victims look before their death.

            Vegeta isnt over due for anything. hes actually lucky to still be alive, after proving to be the most evil character in the series..and hes only alive because he became popular.

            ”All true fans would agree”

            Lol true fans?

            And this is basically saying all ”true” fans are vegeta fans. which ofcourse is a messed up way of thinking. everyone has their own preferences. there are actually plenty that are disgusted by vegetas arrogance, and cold-heartedness..

            And there are plenty that dont particularly hate vegeta but prefer db over dbz which has no vegeta..and which pretty much has goku killing every major villian.

            I think a ”true” fan whether he likes it or not would have accepted long ago that this is gokus show/story and that regardless of how the story plays out he (or his offspring) will beat the main antagonist and his will eventually best his rivals.

  • Jessica Johns

    People don’t appriciate got too spoon fed, watching for free and with subtitles, these kind of stuff usually something you have to pay for not to mention if you want it in a timely manner such as as soon as its released in japan. translating in an hour is real hard i tryed translating one episode from hearing it took me a day lol.

  • Dunno why people are continuing to bitch about the episode being subbed a bit later than usual.

    Its out now so-

    *Le Shrug*

    • Steve Bakewell

      These crybabies are most likely 12 yr faggots.

      • Anonymous

        True, they should be happy for subs at all

  • Maria Fuentes

    YES!!! This is the Vegeta we all love and wanna bang. Mean as a whistle.

    And though there are things that have completly lost their edge (death, for instance) it keeps being good. The animation and effects are fantastic, it’s got great jokes and is making a great work of characterization.

    I really hope they keep up this level of quality. One episode per week is not enough, damn it, but what you gonna do?

  • mar alalkam

    Much better than the movie.

    Ps. English sub is released.

  • Trent Jamison

    I think this fight is going to take forever *insert emoticon

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  • moon

    omg i keep getting 500 internal server error

  • Discipolus

    Grrr i hate this. It’s always the same with dragonball. What actually happend in these 20mins? Just the arrival of Son-Goku and Vegita. :/
    Oh, btw: If it bothers you, that it takes so long to get the subs, learn the fucking language by yourself! Seriously, be glad, that there is someone who actually does the translating! Otherwise you have to wait until it’s official released in your country.

  • Alex1813

    Just ignore those internet trolls that demand for fast subs, they are not worth your time, great episode keep up the good work!

  • Steve Bakewell

    WOW… so basically all gohan did was signal Goku? c’mon they had such a good chance to actually make Gohan be badass.. JUST for a second..

  • Life Achiever 2001

    I really like how they are filling in the gaps of the Resurrection F movie and changing it up a little bit 😀

  • Akira

    And then that cliff hanger…

    • FireGodGenos


  • FireGodGenos

    why the fuck are people bitching about it being subbed late? just be fucking happy that its out you fucking idiots.

  • A&WRootBeer LEMUR

    Fuck that pull the same shit every season the have build up to the big fight BUT FUCKING SURPRIZE NEXT EPISODE FUCKERS

  • Michael H

    F that was good!

  • kakoos

    it’s slow always

  • Imistu

    what does “Hint: Pokemon Slogan” mean at the very end of the video?

  • Velox Mortis

    At first I was like, “Yay, Gohan saves Piccolo for a change!” and then it was like the Saiyajin Saga all over again. Why can’t Piccolo ever just grab Gohan and throw him out of the way?

    Aside from that, anyone else hate the way Piccolo’s face is drawn in this? It’s weird, all fat and blocky, like a green caveman.

    • SlashGod (SlashThunderStrike)

      Blame Toei Animation.

  • thegreenchipmunk

    Oh god, watching this gohan is so painful. Hopefully he’ll start training again after this. And why is he going super saiyan? Did toriyama just forget about his mystic form?

  • DBZ fan