Dragon Ball Super Episode 22

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November 2, 2015

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 22

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Dragon ball Super Episode 22 – Title: Change! Impossible Resurrection! The Name is Ginyu!!”

Tagoma is facing the Z figthers but he is completly different than the other soldiers of Freeza. While Tagoma was fighting gotan makes a suprise attack. Captain Ginyu as a frog writes ‘Change’ in the sand in front of Tagoma he reads this note, suddenly the bodys are switched. Captain Ginyu is Back ! Gohan turns into SSJ so Gunyu was no match for him.


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  • Nitesh Agarwal

    first watch in japnese. then watch with english sub.. then watch with english dub 😀 😀 Cant get enough of DBZ :).. the story is shaping great but the graphics can get much better..

    • K-dot

      wait theres English dubded versions ???

      • iAmSuperSaiyan

        There are fan dubs

        • Alvin Lewis


      • Nitesh Agarwal

        Not yet… When they come then we are gonna watch it once again… So 3 times 😀

      • Kaliaila

        I am thinking that people are extrapolating into the future for whenever Funimation irons out a deal to release Dubbed versions over here. Which likely is going on now but I doubt will happen until they start releasing the dvd sets over in Japan.

        • Terez27

          One of these days they will figure out that global marketing and synchronized releases = more money.

          • Kaliaila

            It’s generally cheaper for the people in Japan to buy the US version (which includes Japanese language) and have it shipped back to Japan than it is to buy the straight Japanese verisons. At least that was true back when they scrapped the synchronized dvd release of FFVII Advent Children.

          • Terez27

            You would think, though, that they stood to gain more money by picking up willing customers outside Japan, people who might not ever buy it if they’re forced to find it online first. This would be especially true for DB which is huge everywhere. I can’t even buy Kai season 2 in digital format yet, and there’s just no sense in that. I would put money on it even if it were only available in subs, except maybe now I won’t because I found the dubs online and probably can again next time I want to watch it. (Watched Buu in subs online. Would have bought that too. Can’t guarantee I’ll care in 5 years because I go through DB phases. Had the whole series on VHS at one point.)

          • Kaliaila

            People actually pay money for Kai? I mean real money? There is absolutely no sense in Kai at all. DBZ Abridged is light years better, if not as far through the series seeing as it started being done by 3 people in their spare time. Kai is a poorly implemented ripoff of DBZ Abridged, that was done because the companies saw they could get more money from DBZ. Though if you really like Kai that much; you should really try DBZ Kai Abridged.
            And 5 years??????? The DVDs will be available over here within 4 months or less of the DVDs being available in Japan. It’s as simple as that. Also, most of the people pay for the DVDs not simply so they can watch the show whenever they want, but so that they can watch a high quality version (picture and sound) of the show without the extra TV text as well as the Dubbed voices with which they are familiar.
            I’ve had the whole of several series as Fan subs; but I (and many others) also bought the commercial versions when they were made available. The majority of people who wish to buy and watch the show now, will still want to buy and watch it when the DVDs officially come out in Japan and then elsewhere in the world.

          • Terez27

            Kai and DBZA are….completely different things. Lots of people pay money for Kai; it’s a huge improvement over the original, with a few debatable details (e.g. voice actors). Most new fans of the series start out with Kai and don’t even bother with the fillered original. Also, by the time TFS started posting their parodies, Kai was already in production in Japan. It was planned as an anniversary release. 5 years is about average for dub lag. Hardcore fans are not “most people”.

    • Mississippi over everbody

      Tired of ppl talking about the graphics. Look at dbz and how horrible those graphics were. Dragon ball Super has come a long way from Dbz, and the graphics arent that bad, they give u a classic feel!

      • Nitesh Agarwal

        i beg to differ… i see a lot of change in graphics. I liked the older graphics in DBGT much more compared to this.

        • Mississippi over everbody

          What im getting at is the graphics do not make the show, yet the art of creativity does.

      • Kaliaila

        I honestly, think the animation is fine. They are using the same style as DB and DBZ used; I do not see any reason why they would change it. DBGT wasn’t any better or really that different from this.

  • Cody Mitcham

    so once again piccolo saves gohan

    • K-dot

      Piccolo, saving gohan since his daddy left lol

      • Terez27

        I think Toriyama probably didn’t intend for it to be that repetitive, but Toei couldn’t help using it over and over again in the movies. You can always count on Piccolo showing up right at the moment that it looks like Gohan is about to die. And Vegeta always shows up right when Goku is about to die, or Trunks.

        • Ryan Girdvainis

          I agree except for Trunks, they kind of both had to watch each other fail, miserably

          • Terez27

            I just rewatched Broly 2 (it’s been a while) and at the moment when I was expecting Piccolo to show up, there he was, except it turned out to be Krillin wearing Piccolo’s clothes. He and Vegeta never showed up.

            And of course Vegeta and Trunks always end up failing miserably because everyone does. No one ever wins except for Goku, with the exception of Gohan a few times, and Goku’s always there to help him in some kind of way. Of course, Goku usually needs help too, but he is the blessed protector of the kill shot or something. And he almost never gets there without everyone else having been beaten silly or killed.

        • Maria Fuentes

          You are aware Toriyama has nothing to do with the movies, right? It’s just selling what fans apparently want, so they save on good writters to give us fights with descent animation.

          • Terez27

            Yeah, that was my point. Toriyama didn’t intend for the Piccolo-saves-Gohan trope to become so repetitive. That’s on Toei.

          • Maria Fuentes

            True. Though, to be fair, I think the whole “OH, NO HE’S DEAD” deal lost its edge. We know he’s coming back, it’s like making a huge deal out of a broken arm xD

    • Imistu

      I was hoping this would somehow take Gohan over the edge to become SSJ3

      • Alvin Lewis

        how he doesnt train

        • Imistu

          You know…that whole hidden potential bullshit and “pain of loss” thing.

          P.S., Gotenks didn’t train either.

          • Matt Kennedy

            dude I have been hoping for him to snap as well. I also hope he becomes a main focus, because I mean, you can’t rely on daddy to come to the rescue to protect your family. Become strong, and be the one to keep them safe… please lol My favorite char, and he has one moment of semi-glory, and then gets bitch stomped 🙁

  • Ss Santu

    nooo Pic, my man. at least namiks dragon balls could bring him back for a multiple time

  • Ese Slickaveli Ace Dvs

    Where is the English subtitles I can’t even get the story line it’s in Japanese

  • Eduardo Mosca

    guys why does it say “502 Bad Gateway” i cant watch the video

  • Maria Fuentes

    I’m fucking loving this come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The consistency and details in character is just wonderful–

    • Keithan Drake

      Absolutely agreed 100%

  • bram

    oooohhhhh shit gohan is going to go ape grazy on friezaaaa XXDDDDD

  • Matt

    Piccolo needs to stop doing this xD awesome ep though, it’s getting better with each new episode

  • John Helge

    Am I the only one that felt a tear?

  • Takahisa

    Error: File not found

  • Mr.PoPo

    one punch man Easter egg xD
    100 Push ups, EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!!!!

  • Life Achiever 2001

    Pretty awesome episode 😀 They sure made Gohan a fucking weakling tho.

  • Mike

    WOW so cool wish we gotten these way before now

  • Alvin Lewis

    This is pissing me off how weak Piccolo has become. Thier is no way piccolo should be weaker than gohan. He trains contently and is fused with Kami. He should at the very least be near ssj3 level by now. Gohan never trains and deserves to get his azz whooped for it. But why did Gotenks fusion not last but a few seconds?

    • Terez27

      Gotenks is not the best strategist. Apparently the boys fused before they left to fly to the fight. They did the same thing against Buu once and apparently didn’t learn their lesson. They are just little kids, and too cocky for their own good. Also, Nameks don’t have the same infinite ability to get stronger that the Saiyans have. When Piccolo fused with Kami he became stronger than SS1 but that was his last big jump in power and he was still much weaker than SS2 (he was much weaker even than the “ascended” form that Vegeta used against semi-perfect Cell). He can still get stronger incrementally like before, but he has no way to jump exponentially like the Saiyans do with each transformation.

    • Kaliaila

      It is not that Piccolo has become weak, it is just that Goku has become so strong. Make note of the fact that you never hear anyone complaining about how weak Krillin has become. After all, at Krillin’s introduction he and Goku were pretty even on skill and power level. Goku’s Saiyan heritage just allowed him to progress far faster and higher than is even possible for Krillin. The same is also true for Piccolo. From the sound of how Frieza spoke, if he had put in as much training as Goku and Vegeta have then he probably could have been capable of challenging Beerus long before now.

  • Keithan Drake

    This has all the things that lacked in GT. It’s consistent, connected. Awesome use of the DBZ past storyline. Keep it up!

    • Terez27

      I have been waiting a long time for Ginyu to find a way to change with someone. They kept showing him throughout the rest of DBZ, just to make sure we knew he was still hanging around. It seemed he wouldn’t be able to change without that little voice box that Bulma made for him, but I always kind of hoped he would find a way.

  • Jared Painter

    Gohan needs too train otherwise he will be forever weak, just being brutally honest

    • Kaliaila

      For Gohan being weak, he is still the strongest of the 5 that were there.

  • Daniel George

    Piccolo is brilliant because he knows that Gohan will get mad and boom he’ll be back to his cell saga days hopefully

  • Gohan is becoming really f****in irritating. Can’t fight, can’t do anything – he just stands there eating Senzu beans as all of his friends die.

    Toriyama why are you doing this?

    • Kaliaila

      Because people didn’t accept Gohan as a replacement for Goku back when the original comic were coming out, so he is just a secondary character there to keep the bad guys busy until Goku and Vegeta can arrive at any one place. Also, at present he is still the 3rd strongest of the Z fighters.

      • What’s the point of him being the 3rd strongest if he is totally useless? When he was a kid he wasn’t so strong but he could surely beat a guy like Tagoma. Obviously Frieza is for the big boys but – Gohan doesn’t even have his gi on?

        • Kaliaila

          Gohan isn’t a fighter anymore, he is a scholar, but due to his saiyan heritage as well as his past life experiences he has incredible power and is a skilled fighter.
          Also, you’re greatly downplaying Tagoma. He’s spent the last 4 months helping Frieza train. As he said, he did benefit from that training as well. Gohan hasn’t done any training or most likely fought anyone stronger than average human bank robbers in the last 5 years. It takes far less than that to fall out of fighting form, much less the fighting form at which the Z-Fighters were at. I would bet that Goku and Vegeta are the only ones who still train as regularly as they did during DBZ era.
          As for his gi, he said in the episode that Frieza arrived that he couldn’t find it.

  • Terez27

    It’s nice to finally see an explanation for how Goku and Vegeta got to SS Blue so quickly. I watched it without subs last night and that was the only plot point I didn’t understand. Yay for subs!

  • Let it go, Gohan. Let it go…

  • jamal mahud


  • jamal mahud


  • Isaac Clarke

    not Piccolo again !!!!!……… Piccolo would be a better father for Gohan more then Goku himself …..

  • Akira

    Gohan, please start training and be the badass I know and love again… please…

  • Matt Kennedy


    • Terez27

      He needs to train if he wants his snap to be worth anything. Aside from the fact that he’s out of shape, he has to believe in himself to use his anger, and he doesn’t believe in himself right now. Even Goku doesn’t really have much faith in him any more, going by the manga.

  • Sandy Lee Ebert

    what is the easter egg thing for

  • Daniel Christopher Holt

    Tagoma was most likely only at a power level of 121.5 million. When Captain Ginyu took over his body and went full power, Super Saiyan 2 Gohan beat him in just a couple hits, and has a power level of 243 million. Before getting the God energy, mortal Super Saiyan 2 Goku is at 324.5 million power level, and as Super Saiyan 3 is at 1.298 billion power level. Super Saiyan 2 Gotenks is at a power level of 486 million but he may have been in his transformation too long before he got to the battle, as Super Saiyan 3 he has a power level of 1.92 billion that’s twice as much as what each individual of those saiyans would be at. Shisami would have probably been at a power level of 121.5 million too if it’s based on the movie but Tagoma went for a cheap shot. Super Saiyan 2 Gohan would have beaten both of them which is why Tagoma destroyed Gohan, before Gohan could go Super Saiyan which is an effective tactic but is cheap. Gohan and Piccolo are way too easy to take advantage of and could use more wisdom. Piccolo should have been able to take Tagoma, but Piccolo didn’t take off his weighted clothing and power up to his full power level of 120 million. Those power levels I mentioned are all 10 fold increase for 2 hours and 24 minutes. Frieza has the Golden energy for a max of 100 quintillion power level 10 fold for 2 hours and 24 minutes, and can shift to massive amounts of power level even in his first form which is why he can take down Gohan so easily at less than 0.0000000001% of his Golden energy 10 fold power level. Gohan didn’t use mystic at all which lacks the drive of Super Saiyan 2 but is at the same power level and is an energy much easier to handle for a Saiyan fighter that isn’t conditioned for Super Saiyan 2, it’s energy conversion to a state that’s easier to control. If a Saiyan fighter uses their Super Saiyan levels correctly with great conditioning, they’re significantly better than the mystic conversion. Mystic conversion makes Gohan’s tempo about the same as Piccolo’s, but Piccolo is a lot more consistent and well rounded in his training. As a child Gohan did so well in Super Saiyan because he got that Super Saiyan drive, and Super Saiyan for those that aren’t top conditioned in it can handle much better as children (because of a much lower bodyweight, and because children have a lot more buffering and endurance if they know how to use it, that’s the extra benefit Goku has when going into child form in GT.) which was the strength of Goten and Trunks at such a young age. Goku found mystic conversion pointless, and he was so finely trained he would have mastered the Z sword at much less of a period of time if he were less than half of his Heavenly base energy, his Heavenly base energy is 649,000, and his mortal base energy is 324,500. Gohan’s base energy is 243,000. Those base energies are non-transformation and non-fold. To get to 324,500 base energy in mortal body state a fighter needs top quality training for every part of their body. Right before and after going Super Saiyan, Vegeta got his base energy to 243,000 at 135 pounds of bodyweight handling 450 times gravity that’s 30.375 tons, he most likely got to a 324,500 base energy by the time of Buu Saga in his mortal body, but with the Majin upgrade fought with a 649,000 base energy that he lost when dying, but his Heavenly base energy is the same at 649,000.

    • Scotch

      Dude… There are no power levels at all since the Frieza saga.. The last one said was 1 million. Everything else is just made up

      • Daniel Christopher Holt

        Why are you so quick to give me a lazy and dead beat reply, and don’t call me dude. It will take me awhile to explain but the power level readings for a lot of the characters has consistently been a certain amount and the show explains this in each of the sagas.

        • Scotch

          lol you think i switched user names? Donald Duck up there isnt me. Sorry for the insult, we all have passion for the show, but you writing all these rediculous power levels, I just dont see the point. If you watch the series you have an idea where everyones power lies, they havent used a scouter since frieza saga, nor said anyones level since Vegeta said over 9000 and Frieza telling us he is 1 million. Everything else you are saying is made up garbage. . dude #yourfriendthetroll

          • Daniel Christopher Holt

            It’s not made up garbage. I went into detail and gave evidence in the show to suggest the power levels. I went by official announcements on power levels. I was very specific and went into detail. I went with continuity. Gotenks was either in Super Saiyan 1 or Super Saiyan 2. He might not have gone 10 fold increase. Because he hasn’t trained for awhile he’s not able to maintain the form or his power level as long, and he might have spent too long flying there in a powered down state. He might have spent too long pre-training right before the conflict. Even at his base form without being combined, it should have only taken him a couple minutes to get there because he should be very fast. Each of their base forms are at 243,000 of Goten and of Trunks.

          • Jeremy Reiman

            Even Toriyama doesn’t take power levels seriously–he gave a pun when he was asked about golden Freeza’s power level for fuck’s sake. They’re just a crutch for the sake of the story. The characters are only as strong as they need to be in each particular scene. Chill out. Dude.

          • Daniel Christopher Holt

            You’re giving me a very lazy and half assed response. You didn’t pay any attention to the show at all. I can explain to you what episodes to show you what I’m talking about. I do this on many subjects of both fiction and non-fiction, and I get into non-fiction a lot more. You’re very annoying.

          • Jeremy Reiman

            Just realized that this response (or responses, rather) was here. How long did you spend writing that all out? Do you expect me to all of that? You expect me to care that much to read off every little stat you’ve laid out? You realize it’s just a show right? And not even a very well written one at that. You should really try to calm down. People have different opinions than you clearly, and you’re just going to give yourself an ulcer getting this worked up about something that doesn’t matter in the slightest.

          • Daniel Christopher Holt

            I don’t want you to read anything I said. You’re a complete loser. I’ve seen billions of dollars worth of decisions in what I said. I should be paid billions of dollars. I have tens of thousands of views on my page even though it’s not a video and it’s all wording with video links of other sources not from me. That means that a lot of individuals like to read what I said. You had to have someone write, think, and type for you. You had to take your time to write with proper spelling, and it’s not something you’re good at because you have the writing level of primary school. I talk about many different subjects, many real subjects as well. As I write I get a lot of new ideas and have come upon many miraculous things because of it. Dragon Ball Z is just a very small portion of what I talk about, and I talk about multi-billion dollar movies and real life subjects. I have tens of thousands of messages where I talk off of the top of my head.

          • Jeremy Reiman

            What a wonderful rant you’ve written. I have no intention of reading it. My whole goal was to goad you into doing another. Mission accomplished.

          • Jeremy Reiman

            *expect me to read all of that?

            Typos, I always miss one.

          • Daniel Christopher Holt

            I don’t make any typos. If there are any typos in my messages it’s because a hacker changed my messages.

          • Jeremy Reiman

            That must be nice for you.

          • Daniel Christopher Holt

            I’ve watched all of DB, DBZ, DBGT, movies, and OVAs to put everything together on this. I know for sure. You can’t take what Akira Toriyama says literally when in a lot of cases he’s not literal. Other times he is literal. You didn’t properly interpret what Akira Toriyama said. When I know exactly I know exactly, and I give references. I haven’t read all of the mangas, and there’s only a few extra details in the mangas. The Dragon Ball Super mangas are also being made now that are ahead of the show.

          • Daniel Christopher Holt

            Power levels have a huge part of the show. After the Frieza Saga an issue became how to better buffer energies and power levels stayed about the same for awhile where before the Buu Saga the power levels consistently stayed at about 120 million for 2 hours and 24 minutes. Goku stayed away from kaio-ken after the Frieza saga and only used it again, against Pikkon. Goku didn’t use kaio-ken at all in the Buu Saga. Kaio-ken during Pikkon was more like stick shift because Goku can go 10 fold increase, and kaio-ken X2 just doubles 10 fold increase in Super Saiyan 2 that’s like kaio-ken X20 for Super Saiyan. For base power Goku is 225 pounds of bodyweight, and got to 100 times gravity at a power level of 90,000 which was shown in the Frieza saga. For Goku’s bodyweight that’s 11.25 tons. At King Kai’s planet in Heavenly body Goku was training at base power with 81.125 tons including his bodyweight of 225 pounds that’s 2250 pounds at 10 times gravity, that increases his Heavenly base power level to 649,000. When Heavenly Super Saiyan 2 Goku fought Super Saiyan 2 Majin Vegeta, Goku told Vegeta that his Heavenly body has twice the strength and endurance that the Majin upgrade also gives.

          • Daniel Christopher Holt

            In the Android Saga Ascended Super Saiyan Vegeta (50% Legendary) at 10 fold increase has a power level of 150,000,000. Ultra Super Saiyan Trunks (100% Legendary) 10 fold increase has a power level of 180,000,000. Super Saiyan Goku fought Perfect Cell both at a power level of about 120,000,000 10 fold increase. Perfect Cell must have already been able to go Super Perfect Cell, but like Super Saiyan 2 Gohan he kept it put away because it tired him out too much and that weakness can be exploited which is why an injured Gohan could still beat him. Gohan at several times less bodyweight could handle higher power levels much better because he’s a child, that also shows with Goten, Trunks, and GT kid Goku.

          • Daniel Christopher Holt

            Before the Android Saga, Vegeta was stated to be at 135 pounds of bodyweight by Dr. Brief. Vegeta requested that Dr. Brief make Vegeta a gravity generator ship that can go over 450 times gravity. Dr. Brief said that at Vegeta’s 135 pounds of bodyweight, 450 times gravity would be 30.375 tons. At first Vegeta couldn’t handle 300 times gravity, which means he could most likely handle 250 times gravity at his lower bodyweight of 135 pounds that’s 16.875 tons at the fight against Frieza after being revived by Dende. At 250 times gravity of a bodyweight of 135 pounds of bodyweight, Vegeta’s base power would be 135,000 power level for a 24 hour fighting time. Vegeta went 10 fold increase against Frieza, for Vegeta’s power level to be 1.35 million for 2 hours and 24 minutes. I doubt Vegeta can go over 10 fold physically, as the only time a fighter can go over 10 fold is if they know kaio-ken. Vegeta could charge high amounts of energy for blast attacks that are over 10 fold that he’s good at. Gohan’s special power in the beginning of DBZ was that he could focus all of his day’s 24 hour reserve energy into one attack or feat of strength that he showed a couple times in the Saiyan Saga and Frieza Saga. Gohan stopped showing that ability after the Frieza Saga, because he felt it robbed his opponents which is why Goku didn’t go over 10 fold in energy increase in most of his opponenets after the Frieza Saga. Goku only went 20 fold increase against Pikkon because Goku could go Super Saiyan 3, and so he only used it to equalize his energy against Pikkon for matched combat.

          • Daniel Christopher Holt

            At 135 pounds of bodyweight Vegeta could only get to a power level of 243,000 at 450 times gravity mastery. He trained in the gravity threshold without fold increasing, otherwise at 10 fold increase he could handle much higher gravity settings but for a much less period of time. Vegeta couldn’t handle 500 times gravity at his base power. After 450 times gravity mastery, Vegeta attained Super Saiyan while training to his complete threshold. To get to Super Saiyan a fighter not only maxes out on base power and 10 fold increase, they also need to sap that power level and exhaust it to great levels that all of the Legendary stages also aid a lot in too as long as they’re not abused and if they’re not used in the wrong ways. When Super Saiyan Goku fought Super Saiyan Gohan in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for up to 24 hour periods and stayed in their Super Saiyan forms for weeks at a time, they did so at a power level of 24.3 million without 10 fold increase because at 10 fold increase they can only maintain that level for 2 hours and 24 minutes. Vegeta and Trunks did not train at non-fold increase for long periods of time in their Super Saiyan forms. Goku could go longer than 24 hours, up to 36 hours, in Super Saiyan non-fold increase because he also increased his reserve energy by 1.5 times by going Ultra Super Saiyan (100% Legendary). Goku only did this momentarily, but Gohan never went into any of the Legendary stages himself. Gohan doubled his Super Saiyan 1 reserve energy by temporarily going Super Saiyan 2 later into the stages of training with Goku in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber during the Android Saga for the Cell Tournament.

          • Daniel Christopher Holt

            I’ve thought of how Akira Toriyama can get into other aspects for Dragon Ball Super like Dragon Ball, other mangas and story ideas he’s done for decades, and they sort of attempted Dragon Ball again with Dragon Ball GT. Dragon Ball GT had a great story outline and could be somewhat rewritten with music redone to make much higher energy, and much higher quality writing, to go well with Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball. However, I think Dragon Ball GT is a near future alternate reality unless they take away the Saiyan God abilities, but they have plans for them in eons to come into eternity where it was just a trial period. The movies and OVAs have other good storyline elements to them. A lot of writing concepts Akira Toriyama got away from of what he did when he was younger that was deeper in his writing, but he’s improved in other areas in newer times.

          • Daniel Christopher Holt

            There’s no crutches with what I talk about. You’re ignorance and your complete lack of interest of actually looking into anything are your crutch so that you can ignore how stupid you are. You’re in denial of that as another annoying closet case. I don’t like anyone that goes into the closet, and I hate them even more if they come out of the closet or were always from the closet. I’m not insulting you because I’m telling you the truth, I don’t get any energy from telling you who you are. It is annoying that you have people you hang out with that are as good as you at giving eachother fake compliments and fake confidence on wrong information which is so common in the sorry direction USA is going with it’s huge borderline retarded liberal brainwashing. Your entire existence is a fraud.

            I’ve thought of how Akira Toriyama can get into other aspects for Dragon Ball Super like Dragon Ball, other mangas and story ideas he’s done for decades, and they sort of attempted Dragon Ball again with Dragon Ball GT. Dragon Ball GT had a great story outline and could be somewhat rewritten with music redone to make much higher energy, and much higher quality writing, to go well with Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball. However, I think Dragon Ball GT is a near future alternate reality unless they take away the Saiyan God abilities, but they have plans for them in eons to come into eternity where it was just a trial period. The movies and OVAs have other good storyline elements to them. A lot of writing concepts Akira Toriyama got away from of what he did when he was younger that was deeper in his writing, but he’s improved in other areas in newer times. In the end of GT it appeared to be the first time Goku and Vegeta attained Saiyan God, but they only attained it in their combined form as Gogeta. Their hair was red because when their hair is black in Saiyan God 10 fold increase it turns red, and when their hair is blonde at 10 fold increase it turns blue. That was Super Saiyan 4 God Gogeta. He could only maintain his transformation for a limited period of time, and while he can easily destroy Omega Shenron again and again, Omega Shenron can reform as his power is derived from all of the collected sins of Earth mankind in the entire history of all of the negative energy that has collected and is on the planet to be removed.

            This person gets into a lot of other aspects of Akira Toriyama of his decades of writing, and of his other series he’s written. I thought they could write more with Gohan, Piccolo, and their relation to Dende with developing them into other aspects outside of just fighting like magic and science. Bulma can have more of a link to science they can also bring Trunks into. Bulma could develop some magic and divine level things. While Goku and Vegeta are very strong, someone can just use different types of magic to destroy them, or different types of science to destroy them, and they can develop other types of strategy elements and new types of story elements when they write into newer series. The team needs to be developed for more balance, and used as an actual team. They can tie the other characters into divine characters like how Gohan talks to Dende, and the Supreme Kais. That may mean they’re thinking of making Gohan a Supreme Kai into millenniums but it’s a guess and he might not. 2 Supreme Kais were killed. Master Roshi and the witch from Dragon Ball are other characters they can use more again. I haven’t reviewed this guy but I saw a couple of his videos. It’s a different side than what I talk about.

            youtube. com /channel/UCgIqhB8oD5SZ0yUSp71VCOQ/ videos

      • Daniel Christopher Holt

        Goku’s power level when going to planet Namek was 90,000 after training at 100 times gravity. 100 times gravity for Goku’s bodyweight is 11.25 tons. Goku is at 225 pounds of bodyweight, and the gravity threshold a fighter can handle also depends on their bodyweight. Goku went kaio-ken X2 at first on Namek that brought him to 180,000 the show said but takes from his reserve energy to be able to fight for 12 hours. At near death a Saiyan becomes a lot stronger after healing completely. Goku at 180,000 power level after healing (without kaio-ken) in the Hyperbolic time chamber went kaio-ken X10 for a power level of 1.8 million for 2 hours and 24 minutes, and then went kaio-ken X20 for a power level of 3.6 million for 1 hour and 14 minutes. In Frieza’s first form he’s at 530,000 power level. In his second form, first transformation, he’s at 1 million power level. After the 2nd and third transformations, in Final Form, Frieza was continually increasing his power level. After charging up his power level to a degree, Final Form Frieza said he was at about 50% when he fought Goku who went to kaio-ken X20 by that time, and so Frieza fought at a 4 million power level or a little bit below that power level but over 3.6 million power level. At different points Frieza would cheat Goku, not for a strategic edge but if Goku is to take on much higher tasks he can’t be naïve which Frieza was exposing that to Goku and continues to expose that with others because they’re so naïve and will easily get killed by weak idiots on random occasions that’s sad and pathetic. Frieza trained with King Cold as a child that Frieza said, he also said it was a pain in the ass because of how his father is, and so Frieza has more experience at the higher power levels. King Cold likes the first transformation better because he has bigger joints and it’s better to train in, and those Arcosians can increase to their max power levels in any of their forms but it takes much longer. Frieza can move much faster in his third transformation which is why he likes that form the best, and he has a much greater energy advantage at that size. Frieza might have gone a little bit lower than 4 million power level to match Goku’s kaio-ken X20 but Frieza went at or a little over 3.6 million power level at that time, but Goku had such a hard time handling that energy because it’s the first time Goku went to that energy level. Goku met his energy threshold by being completely taxed and exhausted and was able to go Super Saiyan that brought back his entire power level, bringing him to a base power of 243,000 in non-Super Saiyan. In Super Saiyan he was at 12.15 million power level. Frieza went up to his full power level that’s 8 million for 24 hours. Frieza went into his Legendary state to increase his 24 hour power level to 12 million, and went 10 fold increase (Frieza calls his true 100%) to charge up to 120 million power level for 2 hours and 24 minutes while he used barely any reserve energy when he fought the rest of the time before that figuring out new fighting maneuvers instead of dominating his opponenets right away. At this point when fighters get so powerful they can increase their power levels by 10 fold without something like a kaio-ken technique, but kaio-ken makes it easier to control when going over 10 fold. Super Saiyan Goku didn’t use kaio-ken at all in that battle. Super Saiyan Goku went 10 fold increase to 121.5 million power level. Goku only went 25% Legendary which you could see he’s more bulked up than usual in his Super Saiyan form, for his power level to get to 136.68 million for 2 hours and 24 minutes. After this point the fighters usually only fight for 2 hours and 24 minutes at the most because they usually go into their 10 fold increase. It’s officially stated that Oozaru is 10 times base form energy in power level and reserve energy, Super Saiyan is 50 times, Super Saiyan 2 is 100 times, Super Saiyan 3 is 400 times, and Super Saiyan 4 is 4000 times (Golden Oozaru is probably 1000 times). Piccolo at Super Namekian has a power level of 120 million and was about the same strength level as Super Saiyan Goku, Super Saiyan Vegeta, Super Saiyan Future Trunks, and Super Saiyan Gohan, but their Super Saiyan transformation gives them a lot more aggressive drive to give them the edge. Their weakness is that they have to train in the form for long periods of time that’s exhausting if they don’t master it to maintain it for longer periods of time, which is what Piccolo first had over the Super Saiyans when he attained Super Namekian is that he could fight at 100% capability at that power level without the energy exhaustion. Right before Vegeta first attained Super Saiyan it was stated that he trained at 450 times gravity at 135 pounds of bodyweight that’s 243,000 base power (but he couldn’t handle 500 times gravity with such energy finesse, if he is as well trained as Goku became he would have been able to train at 40.56 tons that’s 600.9 times gravity for Vegeta and 350.5 times gravity for Goku at their different bodyweights), and his base power didn’t change at all when he attained Super Saiyan but his training wasn’t as thorough as Goku’s at the time. Goku stated his Heavenly body is twice as powerful as his mortal body in the Buu Saga to Vegeta. After Goku trained in Heavenly body at Kai’s planet for 7 years, he could train in base form without fold increase of energy at 649,000 when he was 225 pounds of bodyweight and had 4 tons of weights attached to him at 10 times gravity at Kai’s planet that makes it 41.125 tons. He couldn’t handle 401.125 tons that’s 10 tons on each limb, 40 tons altogether, with his bodyweight that’s 401.125 tons, that would require a 6.49 million power level. When he went Super Saiyan without fold increasing his energy he could easily handle that. In mortal body that means his mortal body base energy is now 324,500. When in fusion dance it combines both the power levels of both fighters including their base energy and reserve energy as long as they’re equally matched in power level, if one fighter is higher they have to lower their power level to match the other fighter before going into the fusion dance. Potara earrings can combine both power levels without both fighters having equal energies. Two good fighters such as two saiyans should be able to train to match eachother’s power levels equally. It would make sense that Legendary increases power level including reserve energy by 1.5 times, because Super Saiyan Trunks went 100% Legendary (as Ultra Super Saiyan) against Perfect Cell but wasn’t nearly as powerful as Super Saiyan 2. 25% Legendary is 1.125 times and 50% Legendary is 1.25 times. Super Saiyan Vegeta considered 50% Legendary as Ascended Super Saiyan. The problem with Legendary state is that it slows down a fighter with the extra bodyweight, but it’s good for a part of training to be able to train the body to handle higher power levels that aids in attaining higher transformations. Goku showed Gohan the Ascended Super Saiyan and Ultra Super Saiyan forms in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber that also increased Goku’s reserve energy but he said they weren’t going to train in them because they needed to focus on maintaining their Super Saiyan energies where they stayed in their Super Saiyan forms each at 12.15 million power level for weeks or months at a time in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. They would fight for over 20 hours at a time in their Super Saiyan forms where they could only maintain it so long at 12.15 million power levels (they probably cut back to under 16 hours at a time of fighting in the forms for 8 hours of sleep each night but might have also adapted to 2 weeks without sleep at a time they needed to catch up on for better focus), Goku could go at 36 hours at a time because he went Ultra Super Saiyan temporarily which permanently increased his reserve energy. Gohan never went Ascended Super Saiyan or Ultra Super Saiyan. At some point Gohan attained Super Saiyan 2 in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber that increases his Super Saiyan 1 reserve energy by 2 times, but Gohan had a hard time handling Super Saiyan 2 and kept it a secret from his father also to use it as an edge over Perfect Cell without Goku blabbing about it and removing Gohan’s strategic advantage of the element of surprise. Super Saiyan 2 Gohan’s edge over Perfect Cell, Legendary Perfect Cell, and Super Perfect Cell is that Gohan weighs many times less and so has a much higher speed increase. Goku had Gohan go against Cell because Gohan had a lot more speed at his lower bodyweight, and Cell’s strategy the whole time with all of the fighters was consuming individuals for their reserve energy and being able to fight at much longer periods of time because of that. Gohan lost that edge in adulthood. Goku had a premonition in his dream in the Android Saga of Majin Buu coming in the future with a vastly higher power level, and so Goku chose to go back to training in Otherworld in Heavenly body to prepare for Majin Buu. It was never explained but before the Frieza Saga, none of the fighters shown in the show would fold increase their power levels except when Goku learned kaio-ken. Frieza and Goku fold increased their power levels going into reserve energies for Legendary Final Form Frieza 10 fold, and 25% Legendary Super Saiyan 2 Goku 10 fold. Goku having double reserve energy attained Super Saiyan 2 and 3 right away when he went to Other World again in his Heavenly body, and matched Pikkon’s power level when Goku went Heavenly Super Saiyan 2 kaio-ken X2 10 fold (Goku’s Heavenly reserve energy at this time is 486,000 but by 7 years he brought it to 649,000) at a power level of 972 million with a fighting time of 4 hours and 48 minutes fighting time (because he had the Heavenly Super Saiyan 3 reserve energy). Reserve energy is the power level amount for every second of a 24 hours period, 86,400 seconds. Power level is the same amount every second of the maximum potential power level non-fold increase. It was officially announced in Japan that Golden Frieza’s power level is 100 quintillion, Saiyan God Goku and Saiyan God Vegeta’s power levels would be the same. When they announced power levels post Frieza Saga, they now meant 10 fold increase for 2 hours and 24 minutes. That’s also why the battles don’t go over that amount of time for each fighter at 10 fold increase after that. Cell and Buu could go much longer because they temporarily increased their reserve energy by consuming people. When Goku and Vegeta got the Saiyan God energy they can barely handle it, and so they had to work up a progression at much lower power levels through many different types of training with Whis. This doesn’t increase their Saiyan God energy at all, but it does increase how well they can control it to work up to length of time being able to go at full capacity which they’re still not close to mastering at 100 quintillion power level yet. 100 quintillion power level is after 10 fold increase and can be maintained for 2 hours and 24 minutes, they can still go that long when first attaining that Saiyan God energy but they can’t maintain the full capacity in that 2 hour and 24 minute period meaning they can’t fight nearly as good as they could. The show’s creator said that Saiyan God Goku is at a 6, Lord Beerus is at a 10, and Whis is at a 15. That means Lord Beerus at 10 fold increase is at 167 quintillion power level, and Whis at 10 fold increase is at 250 quintillion power level. Lord Beerus is so tired and wanted to focus on training Goku instead of Beerus using his advanced techniques such as pressure points and quick reaction time, and so Lord Beerus destroyed 8.5 trash planets and consumed their energy to be able to maintain a lot of reserve energy against Saiyan God Goku. Once Lord Beerus gets used to Goku’s way of fighting, Lord Beerus can maintain his energy better in a brawl. Lord Beerus usually avoids a brawl because it saps his energy, with so much he needs to use it in with a day the show doesn’t show all of his extra tasks, being so behind on sleep of decades because of how busy his schedule is (that’s why the Divine Order are recruiting Goku and Vegeta for so many different divine tasks, and the other Z fighters as well in the future period of centuries and much more. Goku and Pikkon have to wait 3 centuries before they get training with Grand Kai.) that he’s going to get Goku’s and Vegeta’s help on catching up on schedule in the long term to be able to have a better quality Universe. That’s why they relied on Frieza to take over 70% of the Universe with his evil is that they were so behind on schedule and Lord Beerus has only slept for 39 years straight that’s still not enough years of sleep to catch up on. Goku only fought at 80% of his God energy most of the time which is why his hair wasn’t red (80 quintillion power level, he said he was fighting at 80% most of the time in the movie), which surprised Lord Beerus but Goku was also using temporary kaio-ken spurts and instant transmission (the spurts are so quick that it doesn’t show his body turn red all over) for Goku to be able to figure out timing at such a high power level. In the movie it was stated Lord Beerus was only fighting at 70% power level (117 quintillion power level), to stay a little higher than Goku so Lord Beerus can watch Goku’s style as he brawls with him. He could match Goku at the same power level as Goku, but Lord Beerus wanted to focus on watching and brawling to get a feel for and figure out how to train Goku instead of beating Goku right away. Lord Beerus can brawl Saiyan God Goku and still win easily at the time, but then Lord Beerus wouldn’t catch how to train Goku and get a feel for the brawl with Goku. Lord Beerus will improve in a lot of ways with sustaining his energy in brawls with more experience with Goku and Vegeta because that’s usually not Lord Beerus’s style. There’s usually not fighter specific types at that high of a power level, and so Goku and Vegeta are completely different cases as that’s not the focus in the higher realities. When Goku and Vegeta go Super Saiyan 2 in their Saiyan God forms their hair turns blue from yellow hair, and if they were in Super Saiyan 4 their hair would turn red because it turns red from black hair. Going Super Saiyan 1, 2, 3, etc. only increases Saiyan God energy by a fractional amount. But the benefit of Super Saiyan transformations is the extra drive and testosterone aggression that they get in those forms with their Saiyan genetics. If they had tails that would also improve their testosterone drive a lot that was mentioned in Dragon Ball GT (Dragon Ball GT must be an earlier near future alternate timeline Whis examined before he chose for him and Lord Beerus to take Goku and Vegeta on. Whis can review alternate timelines and alternate realities of the 12 Universes.). But Goku and Vegeta train outside of Super Saiyan forms in God energy so that they don’t have a dependency on the edge of their Super Saiyan forms in drive. They still train some in their Super Saiyan forms to also learn optimal fighting in those forms because they don’t want to cheat their opponents when they go all out in a real battle.

        • donald jackson

          umm…… TLDR

          • Daniel Christopher Holt

            Then don’t reply to me. I took some time to answer to the response in detail from the other person. Stop being a troll. I don’t like your agenda. I spent all this time putting those replies together for you to give me such a lazy dead beat response when you changed accounts to an entirely different name to hide your identity?

      • Daniel Christopher Holt

        I put this with pictures and links to direct sources of the interviews of Akira Toriyama but this Dragon Ball Super forum doesn’t allow links of the show and doesn’t allow pictures of the show to be added, or any related content to the show. I put this again without those pictures and without those links to the show and interviews.

        Akira Toriyama states that Saiyan God Goku is a 6 compared to Lord Beerus who’s at a 10, and compared to Whis who’s at a 15 in comparison to their power levels to Saiyan God Goku in scale.

        Interview with Akira Toriyama:

        Interviewer: Compared to Beerus, God of Destruction, how strong is [Super Saiyan] God?

        Akira Toriyama: I suppose if Beerus’ strength is a 10, [Super Saiyan] God would be right about 6. Only, Saiyans rapidly increase in strength as they fight against strong opponents, so the longer they fought, the more that gap would shrink, and it might even be possible for them to eventually turn the tables. Incidentally, I guess Whis would be about a 15.

        Interview with Akira Toriyama states that Golden Frieza’s power level is at 100 quintillion (100,000,000,000,000,000,000):

        つまり、今まで本気を出していなかったのである(笑)! 映画での活躍ぶりをみると、クリリンと同等かそれ以上のパワーを出しているように思える。もしかすると、地球人最強の戦士は亀仙人なのかもしれない。ちなみに今回登場したゴールデンフリーザの戦闘力は100000000000000000000である。


        Interviewer:・Kame Senin hasn’t been fighting seriously up until now!?

        Akira Toriyama: In other words, up until the events of this movie, he hasn’t made any serious effort in fighting (laughs)! Generally looking at what’s happening in the movie, Krillin is displaying an equal, or perhaps more, fighting power than Kame Senin. By the way, in this movie, Golden Frieza’s power level is at one hundred quintillion (100’000’000’000’000’000’000).

        The translated interview:

        The part of Master Roshi is sort of a joke, except it is saying he’s a committed top notch fighter.

        What this could mean is that Master Roshi has brought his base power to 324,500, and he goes into Legendary for a base power of 486,750. Krillin must be at a power level of 243,000, and he can 10 fold increase his power level to 2,430,000 for 2 hours and 24 minutes. Master Roshi in Legendary form can 10 fold increase his power level to 4,867,500 for 2 hours and 24 minutes of fighting time. Humans of Earth cannot go any higher than that I don’t think, because they don’t have transformations. Krillin is much younger so he has more vitality in battle than Master Roshi. Master Roshi as of late has committed himself a lot more to increasing his fighting ability and power level. Master Roshi is immortal because he had an immortality elixir a long time ago in the past, but he can still die mentioned in the Dragon Ball manga Chapter 13: “Fanning the Flame”. He gained immortality at a much older age, but he stays at that older age to where it didn’t bring him back to his prime youth. Being at that permanent age he is, is necessary because he’s much more effective as a teacher at that age. Frieza can mutate his army with a scientific device that Captain Ginyu told Goku about in the Frieza Saga. Captain Ginyu told Goku, that Captain Ginyu was mutated to bring his power level to 120,000. Goku was only at 90,000 but decided to use kaio-ken times 2 to go to 180,000 because he thought it was cheap that Captain Ginyu mutated to that power level and didn’t develop towards that power level. Captain Ginyu had more experience at his power level, and Goku also went kaio-ken times 2 because he could not match Captain Ginyu at the same power level at the time where Goku would need just a little bit more practice to do so but then far surpassed that after one more battle. Arcosians have much higher power levels to begin with, without any scientific mutating devices. It goes against Frieza’s pride to mutate himself and he doesn’t have to, but he can use mutated fighters for his goal of conquering the Universe. Frieza could only take over the Universe to a certain degree, to where he couldn’t usurp powerful divine beings like Whis and Lord Beerus, and Frieza must have chosen to take over most of the Universe to better maintain it even though Frieza did that with evil of socialistic rule. It’s a temporary fix they cannot depend on, and Frieza has to fix the evil within himself in the grand scheme of things for what goes up must come down. There’s good in Frieza’s nature, and in many ways he was doing it for the greater good even though it’s only temporary until a better system can take place that the show is developing into. When Frieza returned the scientific improvement of his ruled territory with Sorbet, made it to where Frieza had them develop a much more powerful mutating device for their army.

  • Scotch

    Man this is the best episode yet and most of you are just complaining and complaining about Gohan. You guys all already know Gohan is weaker than he should be and you’ve know for months and this episode is amazing and you’re still complaining.

    It’s pretty obviously they are setting Gohan up to come back as a stronger character. He keeps putting himself down, Frieza is insulting him, his mentor who is like a father figure to him just died (maybe). Give the show some damn time, they are not gonna just make Gohan a super saiyan 3 in one episode, if they even do it at all (probably not).

    But maybe he will go into training or unlock his mystic abilities. Chill the out.

  • Cronus Bane

    Did I miss something? I thought Gohan went mystic and that was more powerful than being just SS2. Can he go Mystic SS2 now?

    • Diraphe

      Gohan seems to have lost both his Mystic power and SS2. He can only go SS1 and he even mentions having trouble maintaining that form.

      Looks like he might reacquire SS2 in episode 23 though.

  • maxstain2

    that dick shot tho *spilers*

  • DBZ.AMVZ03

    I honestly thought krillin should have stepped up cause he’s been the best friend of the main character and he never really does anything in the story or show to change it

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    Deja Vu

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    I hate Ginyu and Tagoma. Shashimi should have been the one to train with Frieza.

  • Sean Marquez

    Piccolo: Gohan.
    Gohan: Yes, Mr. Piccolo?
    Piccolo: Why… Didn’t… You… DODGE?!!!!!!!!!!

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    OMG! Why is everyone so fucking weak….lmao… I can’t take it. Gohan transform Super Saiyan 2 already!!! Gotenks change to Super Saiyan 3!!! Dammit!!…lmao

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    Capt. Ginyu is back, what a twist!

  • rahulkhanna

    during Cell saga piccolo after fusing with kami was more powerful then Supersaiyan vagita and he never stopped training even after that.
    What i cant figure out is that how a weaker super saiayn Gohan was able to beat Tagoma while piccolo was not .

  • Daniel Christopher Holt

    Here’s a new comment

    https:// plus. google. com/u/0/110445286067359961506/posts

    Here’s what I put of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, movies and OVAs, Dragon Ball Multiverse, Dragon Ball Super, Dragon Ball GT, and Dragon Ball AF where I explain a lot of gaps:

    https:// plus. google. com/110445286067359961506/posts/QGyGB2PDLY3

    Some music and real world information:

    https:// plus. google. com/110445286067359961506/posts/g1Jvsb3MfTZ

    https:// plus. google. com/110445286067359961506/posts/8Qs2KPcrra1

    https:// plus. google. com/110445286067359961506/posts/FHN27cAF28D

    https:// plus. google. com/110445286067359961506/posts/BuwEFrkYZ7r

    Centuries into the future Mecha Jason is fueled and repowered by the Big Gete Star for his next massacre when they rebuild Camp Crystal Lake on a new planet Earth mankind has vacated to. He will never rest after the initial tragedy at Camp Crystal lake:

    https:// plus. google. com/110445286067359961506/posts/g9sr3BBQ5nE

    https:// plus. google. com/110445286067359961506/posts/HAwADjx9c1N

    These are a little outdated compared to what I have in the first Dragon Ball Z link but they have some other details and perspectives:

    https:// plus. google. com/110445286067359961506/posts/cTfkLTtUsTc

    https:// plus. google. com/110445286067359961506/posts/1s1nWHUAjAV