Dragon Ball Super Episode 21

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October 29, 2015

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 21

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Dragon ball Super Episode 21 – Title: The Revenge Begins! The Vicious Freeza Army Attack Gohan!”

Freeza And his army arrives on the planeth Earth. Gohan,piccolo , krillin and the others are gathered to stop Freeza until Goku and Vegeta returs. Freeza wants to face Goku he waited to long to take his revenge. Freeza orders his army to attack the z fighters.

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  • cormack1994

    how long till subs

  • Jonathan Lojas

    why no subs

    • Daniel.

      Its called RAW. if you are watching an anime without subs its called RAW edit and it was just recently released. You should feel blessed to be watching it at all. Wait a day or two and someone, out of the goodness of their heart, will sub it for me you and the rest of the clueless goofs on this forum.

  • Chinocco Lopez

    just like the movie wtf !!!!

    • Jonathan Lojas

      same same, but different.

    • Daniel.

      Sorry for this but you are a moron… at least atm. you will grow soon.

      When a series is made after a movie, the movie being cannon, its likely they are going to meld the movies into the show but with greater detail, which is am absolute treat IN THE LONG RUN.

      Business wise it is very good for the industry that made DBZ to create the Movie’s because it gave them a good amount of income to work with to create the series. I am sure their true intention was to create the series first but their ALWAYS an issue with finances.

      The movies made them the money to make their show.

      Go spread the word on this particular business practice so you wont seem like a total ass hole when it comes to anime forums.

      • Chinocco Lopez

        ♫♪ “Don’t worry about a thing, worry about a thing, oh!

        Every little thing gonna be all right. Don’t worry!”♫♪

        ♫♪ “Don’t worry about a thing” – I won’t worry!♫♪

        ♫♪ “‘Cause every little thing gonna be all right.”♫♪

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  • Tanxy Touche

    Come sub it already people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t sleep all night for this

  • mazeen


  • mazeen


  • ana

    subs are here

  • Martyn Duncan

    Answer to riddle: Xuanzang (Tiripitaka) from journey to the west

  • K-dot

    Having to wait a week for new episodes makes me feel like a kid again lol

    • Daniel.

      im getting close to having to do that for One Piece! :’D

      Its terrible!

  • Steve Bakewell

    I love how bulma’s wearing bra-less shirt.

    • Jordan Lawton

      how can u tell?

      • Daniel.

        You cant, its an assumption. They kind of adopted the one piece style and made the attractive women more “ample” in the parts that are most appealing. 😉 Basically she just has better looking boobs in 3D which makes helluv alot of sense lmao.

  • Steve Bakewell

    OKAY WTF? They now made gohan get beat by a Freeza solider?

    • ItsAFuckingShame

      Not only that. Gohan can get not only super sayan1, but super sayan 2 and in theory mystic too. Tagoma is supposed to give him battle when transformed to super sayan 2, which is bullshit because for Vegeta and Goku and Everybody else took years to become a Super sayan 1, not even 2 and this fucking piece of shit is stronger in just 4 months. Toriyama should give back gohan his muscles and ki and get him back to mystic state.

      • Steve Bakewell

        Yeah like any low level runt alien can reach SSj&SSJ2 levels of power now.. its almost a joke! first Shishami and now this bitch… its like freeza should’ve been afraid of EVERY goddamn alien not just Saiyans.

        • Tom Hanks

          Yeah, pretty much. Now the power level is going up up up, no one is getting stronger if everyone is getting stronger. I guess they had to find some way to compensate for the fact that Goku and Vegeta are pretty much gods now. This renders pretty much every single other Z fighter obsolete.

          • Steve Bakewell

            It really messes up the canon if you think about it.. how is Freeza feared for centuries when any random low-level runt alien can get as strong as SSJ?

          • Joshua Pryce

            I don’t think so, to me this actually makes a lot of sense think about it? Sorry if I ramble here but it will be quite a lengthy explanation and I was quite the Dragonball junkie growing up: it’s like you said ‘Freeza was feared for centuries’ and comparing one of his minions full power to his would be like comparing a pebble to a mountain! That is why his minions were likely too scared to even attempt to train with him, not just because of that but also because he was and likely still is extremely ruthless. Take Captain Ginyu as an example seeing as he apparently features in the next episode, he was Freeza’s strongest guy, he was at 120,000 while his boss Freeza at 100% in his final form was 200,000,000 (I think he only reached 120,000,000 on Namek because he was damaged by Goku’s Spirit Bomb but that wasn’t his true power). So, for Ginyu to get anywhere near him would be like making a mountain out of a mole hill lol as Freeza was roughly 1,667 times stronger than he was! However, that does not mean that it would not be possible for Ginyu to become just as strong given the right teacher perhaps… the boss himself! Now Dodoria was at 20,000 some think 21,000 or 22,000 but that would not explain Vegeta killing him with ease! Zarbon on the other hand was at 22,000 a lot of people think 23,000 but I think that is rubbish! When Vegeta killed Cui and Dodoria I think afterwards his power was still only around 24,000! There is an inconsistency here as I think in both anime and manga Zarbon said at the time that Cui had the same power level as Vegeta, both of them being at 18,000! Cui on the other hand says in both anime and manga that his power is ‘still much higher than Vegeta’s’ or something to that effect. My best guess is that Vegeta was at 16,000 but as time went on and he conquered more planets for Freeza his power went up to 18,000. Vegeta was Cui’s rival so it is likely as a strategist he did not allow Cui to know this so that Cui would not train to make himself stronger. Now I do not remember whether or not this is stated in manga, but if Freeza conquered planets alongside Vegeta like he did in the anime, it is possible that Zarbon and Dodoria were along for the ride and because of Vegeta’s carelessness they knew about his increase from 16,000 to 18,000! However they probably did not tell Cui because they did not want his and Vegeta’s rivalry to allow them both to get stronger and surpass them! There is my theory on that and that Cui’s power possibly did go up to 19,000 in the anime though I doubt it! Anyway back to my point, a lot of people seem to think Zarbon’s Monster form is 33,000 which I think is also a load of bull! Even 28,000 is stretching it a bit, in fact I think that was Vegeta’s power when he fought Zarbon the second time, with Zarbon’s Monster form being 27,000. Remember, as shown when Future Trunks beefed up to Ultra Super Saiyan when he fought Cell, speed is not always consistent with power although in Trunks’s case the inconsistency was much bigger than it was with Vegeta’s fights against Freeza’s henchmen. That and also that Vegeta’s power in his fight against Recoome is shown in the manga as being over 30,000 or under 30,000 in the anime. I’m pretty sure over 30,000 does not mean 31,000 or under 30,000 to be 29,000 exactly, but slightly above (manga) or slightly below (anime) 30,000! The first point is that Saiyans don’t literally get stronger after every fight, as shown because against Cui and Dodoria it was not a battle it was a kill! Vegeta very swiftly just vaporized them because he is badass and both of them were running away from Vegeta’s power so they didn’t have their guard up at the time! Vegeta picked up his ruthlessness from Freeza for the most part, so here would be the explanation on Tagoma: Sorbet said four months ago in the Z Universe that both Tagoma and Shisami had powers that rivalled that of Zarbon and Dodoria’s. In this episode, Sorbet says that Shisami is the strongest, likelihood is he probably was four months ago lol At a guess back then Tagoma was at 22,000 and Shisami was at 24,000. In his first form on Namek Freeza was 530,000 after being turned into an even stronger cyborg in his final form being revived in pieces and then regenerated by the ship’s regeneration chamber and turning back into his first form this would have placed him at a guess at 560,000! It is likely that Shisami was the stereotypical big stupid type of henchmen and Freeza took more of a liking to Tagoma and because of this decided to train him over logically picking the stronger fighter, either that or it is more likely that Tagoma volunteered! Freeza would allow this out of not wanting to lose any men through deciding fights before he goes up against the Z-fighters! Now look at Tagoma’s power compared to Freeza’s and think of how ruthless Freeza would have been in order to push himself further. In the first few minutes Tagoma would be on his death bed and need the regeneration chamber in order to get back to full strength and consistently throughout each day (perhaps excluding nights) would have to go through the same thing over and over again! Imagine being nearly killed dozens of times a day and how much that would have increased his power! I think it is even possible that after a month or two Tagoma’s power was rivalling Freeza’s in his final form and after maybe another month or over Freeza was able to tap into his Golden form! Now at this point Freeza achieves Godly or God-like ki which significantly increases his power in his base form, leaving Tagoma in the dust! This would be how Tagoma reaches powers as high as a Super Saiyan or perhaps even a Super Saiyan 2 (or higher) at this point, we’ll have to wait and see! What surprises me more is how Captain Ginyu in a frogs body apparently manages to swap bodies with Tagoma and become even stronger than him in the next episode! Either he manages to find a way to swap bodies without having to say anything or is now only barely able to talk. Although it makes sense him swapping bodies with a ruthless minion of Freeza’s rather than doing so with a Z-fighter which would only give him a weaker body than the hosts lol

          • Steve Bakewell

            Do you even Paragraphs bro?

          • Jean Boisrond

            People with good explanations and commensens like you are the only reasons I read comments.

  • Mel Gerow

    Its not just like the movie at all, Frieza had a training partner. Tagoma didn’t die and instead is extremely powerful. He killed Shisami from behind along with nearly killing Gohan. Captain Ginyu is returning and Trunks and Goten are on their way to the fight. This is heading in the direction the movie should have. I cant wait for the final bout Goku/Vegeta and Golden Frieza. Especially with Vegeta being more powerful than Goku now. Things are getting interesting.


      I KNOW for people that saw the movie its a great thing!! I wonder if Vegeta will finally be able to kill him!! I think it’s the best route to go!!

      • Daniel.

        nahhh their just gonna let him beat the shit outa him a little more than he did in the movie xD.

        Then Goku will just do his thing as usual and blast him… sadly, i wish Vegeta could just Galek Gun him into oblivion, like he always dreamed of.

  • Vegeta ;O;

    Y’all i get it now… So Ginyu is back Trunks and Goten will fuse … Ginyu will use his powers to transport himself in body of Gotenks…. when fusion runs out of time Ginyu will be 2 persons?! AM I RIGHT IM A FOKING GENIOUS :3

  • Mike

    Freeza going to see kid trunks and freak out

  • Life Achiever 2001

    Can’t wait for the next episode 😀 OMGSH 😀

  • Farhan Mirza

    Why do gohan keep lossing in a single attack? He is a ssj3 level if not stronger.Becided after old kais magic his power shoudnt decrese even if he dont train.
    So there is no way Tagoma would be able to touch him.
    Also good to see captain Ginyu again but he wont be able to change bodies.

    • Keithan Drake

      Even if he still has that power level he doesn’t seem to be able to control it anymore, probably he’d lose his whole energy by trying to go mystic, or his potential became latent again. Besides Tagoma is bound to be extremely strong if he endured Golden Frieza for months.

      Even Vegeta believes that Gohan is probably the one with the biggest potential out of all the saiyans ( as stated in the last manga chapter) but I don’t think we’ll see any of it until he decides to train seriously.

      • mazeen

        ginyu cant change with out voice

        • Whatever6669

          Idiot. They literally said in the preview for next ep that Ginyuu is coming back. Thats literally in the title of the next ep.

    • Daniel.

      Too much pussy and books. Gohan hasnt been in training camp.
      All his testosterone has been shot out in loads into Videl. Dudes as limp as ginyus frog body.

  • syqs

    i like the 5 comercials before the show…

    • Whatever6669

      adblock ftw

  • godbeerus

    the download link just downloads episode 20. please fix

  • mazeen

    ginyu cant change without voice

    • Daniel.


  • Nik

    The frog at the end. Is actually captain of the ginyu force from Dragon ball z kai

    • Imistu

      or you know, just from Dragon Ball Z. DBZ Kai was an edit of the original that took out most, if not all, of the filler.

    • Daniel.

      You must be new. Whom ever introduces an easter egg as Kai should be banned.

      its from Dragon Ball Z like home boy, Imistu, said.



  • Trent Jamison

    Lmaoo I was debating whether this series was bad or not but after this episode this anime clearly sucks but I’m still gonna end up watching em all cuz I’m addicted to DBZ even if its sh**tty DBZ

    • Daniel.


  • Daniel Christopher Holt


  • Daniel Christopher Holt

    It looks like Captain Ginyu will take Tagoma’s body. Captain Ginyu could gain Tagoma’s memories and use some of what Tagoma used but he wouldn’t abuse it like Tagoma would. Captain Ginyu took Goku’s body last time, because Goku couldn’t match Captain Ginyu if they were both at the same power level. Captain Ginyu had more experience at it, while Goku is a better fighter he wasn’t conditioned with experience at that time but after 1 or two fights at that level he would be. Captain Ginyu at the time was a better fighter than Frieza but not nearly as powerful. Goku could go at a higher power level but he was relying on tricks because he knew he couldn’t match Captain Ginyu at the time. That’s probably why Captain Ginyu won’t try to steal Goku’s body again, but Captain Ginyu might try to steal his body anyway. Now that Frieza has some solid training, and he said he’s also trained with his father King Cold when he was a child, his fighting ability could be a lot better than Captain Ginyu while his power level was always significantly higher. Sorbet takes Guldo’s place and Captain Ginyu was the only one of the original Ginyu Force that Frieza really liked. The others did the job but Captain Ginyu took charge. Sorbet has a higher thinking role for technology and civilization expansion that Frieza has plans of, but Frieza is good at the portion of taking over the Universe then someone such as Sorbet can improve the civilization and technology development of those planets to maintain the quality of the conquered portions of the Universe. Dodoria and Zarbon are still gone for good, but the writing is better when they’re around. Frieza can just mutate each fighter a lot more like what Captain Ginyu was talking about which is why the 1000 fighters were much weaker than Dodoria and Zarbon 4 months ago, but those 1000 fighters got mutated a lot more. Dodoria and Zarbon could be mutated but they’re both dead. It looked like Frieza was training in the afterlife with Captain Ginyu (having possessed Tagoma’s body), Sorbet, and Shisami. If they’re in the afterlife Frieza could bring in Dodoria and Zarbon, but they don’t have the technology in Hell to mutate them unless Frieza can help Dr. Gero to create that technology. Freiza at just a power level of 530,000 in his first form was dominating Tagoma and Shisami 4 months ago. In his first form Frieza can power up to 120 million with going Legendary but it takes a very long time while after his transformations he can power up a lot faster. Now that Frieza has the Golden energy he can siphon it and fight at any power level in any of his forms, and it doesn’t take that much time to power up the Golden energy. Frieza’s power level at 10 fold in final form, before getting the gold energy, is 80 million for 2 hours and 24 minutes fight duration, and in Legendary (100%) it’s 120 million power level for 2 hours and 24 minutes fight duration. At 80 million there can be 1/3rd extra fighting time because Frieza has the Legendary state’s energy on reserve. Golden Frieza can fight at a power level of 100 quintillion for two hours and 24 minutes, and if he goes Legendary in that form, it slows him down, and then goes back to non-Legendary his power level would still be 100 quintillion but he has 1/3rd more reserve energy. The fighters still don’t have the common sense of how to properly utilize Legendary, where Goku can activate legendary for his reserve energy, power down to 5 fold for 50 quintillion, and then go kaio-ken times 3 to fight at his normal build but with a power level of 150 quintillion for 2 hours and 24 minutes but he matches the other fighters like Whis, Lord Beerus, and Vegeta to where they don’t do that and there’s so many other things they’re focusing on. Goku did this by accident when facing off against Perfect Cell in his training with Gohan in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for more reserve energy but he didn’t power up more, and Perfect Cell activated that higher reserve energy when he showed his Legendary form against Vegeta and Trunks, and again when he went against Super Saiyan 2 Gohan, but that was canceled out when he became Super Perfect Cell but didn’t activate his Legendary reserve energy again because he didn’t go into that higher state temporarily. Perfect Cell consumed a lot of people for a much higher reserve energy that he lost some of when Vegeta removed his arm, and then more when Goku blew apart of Cell off. With a higher reserve energy, and his great regenerative abilities, he can nonchalantly expend his energy without safeguarding it like the other fighters did that is what makes Cell such a challenge level even though as Cell he’s at 110 million power level, as Imperfect Cell he’s at 115 million power level, Perfect Cell he’s at 120 million power level, Legendary Perfect Cell is at 180 million power level, and Super Perfect Cell is at 240 million power level all at 10 fold increase. Cell didn’t have the problem of stress and pressure that he put on the other fighters, and stress and pressure creates a weakened psychological state for the other fighters. Cell would also bluff about how weak the other fighters are and point out their weaknesses, using the strategy of embarrassment and psychosomatic suggestions as he also challenged their minds as they are weak minded and didn’t develop that aspect. He bluffed about not being worn down at all or hurt at all, to make the fighters feel lost because in their minds they couldn’t budge him taking them from their estimations. Perfect Cell displays guilty evil Dr. Gero wouldn’t take advantage of, and Perfect Cell is the evil nature Dr. Gero won’t go to but he created him for the experiment to produce such a monster. Goku used up the rest of Perfect Cell’s energy of the people he consumed so his fight duration is like any other fighter without that enhancement but gave him a sensu bean, for when Super Perfect Cell went against Super Saiyan 2 Gohan they were more matched. Super Perfect Cell re-absorbed his energy and Kai’s planet from the explosion before he went to face Gohan. Super Perfect Cell may not have had nearly the power level he could have had at that level because he didn’t have time to recover after a day, which is why Gohan was able to stand against him after the injury. That and his dad helped him from Other World. Perfect Cell may have already known how to go into the Super Perfect Cell state but didn’t have enough time to train in it that would drain him fast, and his strategy was to sustain a longer duration in combat of the reserve energy also with the people he consumed, so that he can develop better mind strategies without relying on excessive power. Gohan still had the speed advantage because he weighs several times less than Super Perfect Cell at the same power level. Super Saiyan Gohan is at 120 million for 2 hours and 24 minutes, and then when he became Super Saiyan 2 Gohan he had a power level of 240 million for 2 hours and 24 minutes. After training in Otherworld for 7 years Goku got to a power level of 1,298,000,000 in mortal form for 2 hours and 24 minutes, and in Heavenly form is 2,596,000,000 power level for 2 hours and 24 minutes. His base power is higher in mortal body when he returned back to life for Super Saiyan to be 162,250,000, Super Saiyan 2 to be 324,500,000, and those are without going Legendary. Gohan doesn’t have the same advantage when he’s an adult because he lacks the extra speed, and Goten and Trunks took that on because of their decreased size at a younger age. Piccolo’s power level is 120 million at full energy but Piccolo has the advantage that he can regenerate a limb so he can have a better offense that takes off some wasted defense, he also doesn’t get drained by the energy spike of Super Saiyan which is why Gohan went mystic that doesn’t increase his power level at all. Goku trained alot to be able to handle Super Saiyan 3 without the flaw of the energy spike, but Gohan doesn’t want to put that type of time into training when he goes to study. The highest an Earth fighter can currently get to is 3,245,000 power level at 10 fold, and at Legendary 4,867,500 power level at 10 fold for 2 hours and 24 minutes fighting time, that’s with a base power of 324,500, and a Legendary base power of 486,750. Unless with gravity threshold any fighter can get much higher and they just haven’t thought about doing that. If so Piccolo can create 10 copies of himself, create a bio-electric field like Broly, and train in Earth’s sun at varying levels to ramp up his power level which is also how he ramped up his power level so quickly at King Kai’s planet with 10 times gravity. Goku went 25% Legendary against 10 fold final form Legendary Frieza for Super Saiyan Goku to be at 136,687,500 power level. Originally Kid Buu only had a power level of 1.15 billion at 10 fold increase, then when he first became Fat Buu he mixed with Strong Kai and Fat Kai for a 10 fold increase to 2.3 billion (each of those Kais were at a 575 million power level), but he would absorb people and planets to have a lot more reserve energy, when he split the other Buus were just at 1.15 billion power level, as was he, each of those other Buus (he was only one Buu manifestation at a time when split from Fat Buu) with extra reserve energy as they hadn’t absorbed Fat Buu or the other fighters. Before anyone is completely absorbed Buu just has the reserve energy, but when they fully absorb he adds their power level. When he turns people into food he just gets reserve energy from them, not a higher power level. That’s why he’ll remove most fighters before they completely absorb is that he doesn’t want them apart of him forever but he uses up their reserve energy temporarily. Kid Buu was only at 1.15 billion power level but he would absorb people and planets, and because of his much smaller size he had a lot more speed and with the Strong Kai portion he’s a much better fighter. The Fat Kai portion has a lot of tricks, but he’s not that good of a fighter which is why Kid Buu removed him. Majin Buu doesn’t lose his power level nearly as fast when parts are blown off, because it goes up in vapors to join back with him, it doesn’t take him any power level to regenerate while he can instantly generate from injuries, which is what makes him a lot more difficult of a fighter having many advantages over Piccolo and Super Perfect Cell. Goku wished Buu to reincarnate and to be clean of any sin because the way he was created with manipulation wasn’t fair to him as he was a good person. As Uub he doesn’t have the Strong Kai portion anymore, and his top power level is 575 million. When Uub fuses with Fat Buu in Dragon Ball GT which is an alternate reality, he becomes Majuub keeping the Fat Kai portion for a power level of 1.725 billion. Uub at a 575 million power level when Goku trains with him, Goku can just use kaio-ken if he wants to at a base power of 324,500 he can go kaio-ken times 177 at 10 fold to match that power level. Goku can go to such high levels of kaio-ken without transformation because of his higher reserve energies, it takes practice, and kaio-ken is only more dangerous with an experienced fighter like Goku when he wants to max out his power level to his maximum potential. At that time in GT Goku’s max power level was, without Legendary I don’t know if he developed the benefits of it for reserve energy, 1.298 billion for 2 hours and 24 minutes fighting time. If Goku went kaio-ken times 2 while at 10 fold at Super Saiyan 3 his power level would be 2,596,000,000 for 1 hour and 14 minutes fighting duration, in base form at 10 fold that’s the equivalent to kaio-ken times 800. Perfect Cell created a lot of Cell Jr.s and divided his reserve energy in them to be significantly stronger than each individual fighter but only enough to dominate each of those fighters and with a very limited duration fighting time because they didn’t have that much reserve energy but they had a much higher power level. Perfect Cell planned that if Gohan could match him, Perfect Cell would just re-absorb the Cell Jr.s. Gohan became Super Saiyan 2 which he had been hiding and went into that form before in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber but kept it a secret from Goku who is a loud mouth and would ruin Gohan’s strategic advantage. Gohan quickly destroyed each Cell Jr. into dust so that Cell couldn’t reabsorb them and Gohan quickly finished Perfect Cell. Legendary Perfect Cell was soundly defeated, and he got pissed off and set himself to blow up Earth that Gohan couldn’t do anything against. Goku planned to train in Otherworld again and had a premonition in his dreams of Majin Buu which you could see in a dream of Goku’s during the Android Saga. Perfect Cell was insulted that he was put against a child, which is why he embarrassed the other fighters with Cell Jr.s. Gohan wasn’t nearly as good a fighter as Goku, and Gohan took advantage of his smaller size at the time. It was an insult and disgrace to Cell. But in the first place Cell just jumped up in levels without developing it, being directly created that way which is the other side to the argument. Same with Majin Buu, but the series looked for a sense of fairness in it all that continues with Super and was apart of GT. Super Saiyan 3 Goku at mortal has a reserve energy of 11.21472 trillion, and Saiyan God Goku has a reserve energy of 864 sextillion. Reserve energy stores in a 24 hour period like watts for every second. When Goku trained with Gohan in the hyperbolic time chamber for 24 hours at a time they didn’t go 10 fold in Super Saiyan for each just having a power level of 12.15 million, Goku could go for 36 hours because he went 100% Legendary at Super Saiyan to show Gohan that they can go Legendary but that they focused on staying in non-Legendary as the fighters never figured out how to properly utilize Legendary while Broly was sloppy, excessive, and didn’t learn how to ration out his power. 25% Legendary is used sometimes such as Goku in his first fight against Frieza as Super Saiyan, 50% Legendary is called Ascended, and 100% Legendary is called Ultra for Saiyans. The highest potential so far is if Legendary Goku and Legendary Vegeta were both in Heavenly bodies and did fusion dance at equal energies (potara earrings is a lazy approach or for emergency situations when the fighters haven’t trained to be at the same level, but they can’t separate when they used them), at 10 fold increase is 600 quintillion with a reserve energy of 5.184 septillion. If Goten and Trunks are still young they can do the same exact thing with a lot of training but they would be a lot faster. Gogeta would burn off extra muscle mass because he just needs that power level, and could go from 225 pounds of bodyweight to 125 pounds of body weight. Lord Beerus has the ability to grow and decrease in size while possibly maintaining the same power level, and if so he could become the weight and size of a gram and be extremely fast but it’s really cheap and goes against Lord Beerus’s etiquette. That’s why Super Saiyan 2 Vegitto owned Super Buu, is that he was reduced to the size of a small round ball so he was extremely fast. If Goku learned to siphon the energy of instant transmission into his chi, he could increase his energy potential by over a trillion times by using planck length where if protons, neutrons, electrons, and neutrinos for example are just a fraction of the energy potential of a gram of space at 0.001% as a guesstimate, as opposed to 100% that’s planck length. Goku showed a minute portion of this when he dodged Super Saiyan Future Trunk’s sword blows with one of Goku’s fingers, but if Goku figured out how to use this he doesn’t use it because it’s outside of the learning challenges of the current path he has while he may have to learn it later which could be after a few centuries of sharpening his training a lot more. He also trains his body fully to his wrists and fingers. He one inch punched Golden Frieza as Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan and the fight was over. I don’t think Whis or Lord Beerus know how to do planck length utilization for chi, because they don’t use instant transmission so they lose their energy moreso when they do anything not knowing how to utilize that source. This shows when Goku does an instant transmission to Earth from their location, but they have to travel without going instant transmission. I think Goku displayed it another time in battle outside of instant transmission temporarily, but didn’t use it as an advantage in battle only testing it a little bit.

    • Daniel.

      Sir Brown Star… Its called Reddit and Ginyu cant change without a voice box. Frogs cant speak.

      • Daniel Christopher Holt

        Don’t call me bro. Reddit is gay. You can go to Reddit. Fuck that.

      • Daniel Christopher Holt

        Reddit sounds stupid. It’s in the episode that Captain Ginyu changed into Tagoma’s body. Are you even watching this show or are you randomly replying to be annoying? Captain Ginyu as the frog wrote in the dirt in the universal language Tagoma and Frieza use the word change, Tagoma red it not knowing what it meant out of confusion, that activated Captain Ginyu’s body switch ability. It was either the word change, or the two words body switch.

  • Daniel.

    Boy where are those losers now that blasted this show in the beginning? Its hilarious. they are scheduled to do 100 episodes i guessed they were gonna revamp the movies into the series and that should eat around 45-50 episodes im assuming. That leaves a solid amount of episodes, around 50 to introduce new characters and complete a “boss battle” all while POSSIBLY leaving the ending open for continuation. Which, if the series keeps going the way it is, i think it is going to happen. Im really REALLY liking this new series. Its GREAT.

  • pyre

    download messing up episode 21 download is just another episode 20 download and 21 wont load on here