Dragon Ball Super Episode 20

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October 18, 2015

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 20

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Dragon ball Super Episode 20 – Title: Warning from Jaco! Freeza and his 1,000 Soldiers are Drawing Near!”

Freeza finds out that Goku is now much stronger then they last met. He decides to traing just for 4 months to fight against Goku. Freeza never trained before in his life, because he has inborn his power. Goku and Vegeta is still moving their training under Whis. Jaco The galactic patrolman informs Bulma that Freeza is revived and that he is heading to the planet earth, with a army of 1.ooo soldiers.


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  • YouFuckingPissMeOff

    Fucking stupid, post the 20th, it has been leaked already.

  • Lightpost

    I hope they’d retcon Frieza and Sorbet’s “contingency plan.”
    It’s really stupid for a SSG Goku to be defeated by a simple laser beam from a ring! That part totally ruined the movie for me. grumpy emoticon

    Also, I wish they could’ve just adapted GT’s Super Saiyan 4 or make it so that their transformations branch out from the SSG form; they get to learn two new forms for their next level of transformation, probably one has an advantage over the other form and a disadvantage the other form doesn’t have.

    • YouSirHaveNoFIdea

      What a dumbass, you have no idea. The upcoming transformations will be linear, who the hell told you they won’t be?

      • Lightpost

        Lol! Who’s a dumbass for not considering that what I said on the second part of my post is nothing more than simply wishful thinking, not something someone has told me? I didn’t say that that’s what their upcoming transformations will be.

        Sure, an SSG is obviously more powerful, but appearance-wise, doing some sort of a video-game-palette-swap with blue hair doesn’t make them look more impressive and intimidating than what the transformation’s name implies (in fact, they look more wimpy to me with blue hair). They could’ve been more creative design-wise.
        But it’s alright for me now, I’m used to it. Probably the design is somewhat a “let’s start over and forget GT and the ridiculous furry/tailed SS4” and they’ll come up with a much more badass transformation after SSG.

        Branching transformations would make it a little bit more interesting as it gives it a bigger sense of scale. But then again, I guess it would be a pain for the writers or Akira to think of what they’d become if they chose to have Goku and Vegeta to fuse with different types of transformations.

        Anyway, you might also want to create another Disqus account with the name “ISirAmADumbassToo” and stick to that for jumping on people who state their thoughts online and also for not knowing every little thing in the universe.

        • YouSirHaveNoFIdea

          Why do you act as a crying baby? Too much time to answer to all of that and I’m very lazy for that. Peace.

          • Lightpost

            If this were a competition for you, then, you lose. 😀

          • YouSirHaveNoFIdea

            Yeah, whatever… what a baby.

        • fred

          DBZ has a history of being that way, usually the most powerful characters have the less intimidating look. So don’t let the looks fool you my friend. Personally I like the look of Super Saiyan Blue, it’s meant to be a form of calmness but immense power. It would be easy to come off with an intimidating look and be all scary looking, but that’s also too predictable. Hell look at Whis and Beerus, do they look intimidating and destructive, no. But we do know that they are insanely powerful.

          • Lightpost

            Now that I think of it, that does make sense.

            But if only they’re also impervious to seemingly insignificant attacks. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised anymore if the more powerful they get, their weakness would be much more absurd.
            I’m now picturing their next transformation would be rendered useless after getting sprinkled with salt water. 🙁

          • fred

            Yeah tell me about it haha. I think the writers definitely messed up bad on that scene. Here’s to hoping they rectify that mistake with a better written situation in ‘Super’. I love the ROF movie, but this is simply one of those weird scenes that left me scratching my head.

    • Youjustdon’tgetit

      This is all training for Goku. They say it in episode 19 that Goku is too relaxed and that’s make him vulnerable to surprise attacks.

      • Lightpost

        Yup, I understand that Goku is still as overconfident as ever. I don’t mind that he’s susceptible to surprise attacks. It’s not the surprise attack that ruined the movie for me but rather what was used to attack him.

        I just don’t get how a seemingly insignificant “simple laser beam” can penetrate a Super Saiyan god’s body. With that powerful transformation, they could’ve just made the beam bounce off his skin.
        Pretty, much like how bullets bounce off Superman’s body.
        With either Goku not noticing that he was just struck with a laser beam or thinking that a tiny insect just perched on his chest.

        If they still stick to the same scene as the movie for the surprise attack part, I hope Freeza would explain that it isn’t just a simple laser beam, but rather he manipulated his energy to turn into a laser ring ammunition and used it as his contingency plan.

        For me, it was really cool for Goku and Vegeta to achieve such power, only to be turned off by the fact that they’re vulnerable to things that every person could easily get a hand on to (laser-based weapons). Heck, if ever they still get into an accident even when in SSG form, they could get their fingers sliced off with lasers, you know what I mean? 🙁

        • Terez27

          When Goku lets his guard down, even a simple attack can hurt him. It’s how Majin Vegeta knocked him out with a single blow.

          • Lightpost

            But it wasn’t an ordinary blow though, it came from a fellow Saiyan.
            They could’ve at least explained that it was actually Frieza’s Death Beam turned into ammunition for Sorbet’s ring. That would make much more sense.

            Can you imagine an SSG dying because of being pierced with a needle and thread through the heart instead of the needle just getting bent?

          • Terez27

            Goku has been known to express genuine pain even when ChiChi catches him off guard. Since you reference GT I’m guessing you treat filler as canon, so then there’s Krillin hitting Goku in the head with a rock when he was sleeping in SS form before the Cell Games. It caused him enough pain that he was really pissed at Krillin.

    • Mr Mackee

      Mkay mkay, just don’t let it happen again mkay? -Mkay Mr Mckee, we won’t let it happen again, mmmkayyy?- mkay that’s fine mkay- hahahahahaa ( kids laughing )

  • i love how they wrong tagoma back in. his death wasnt an epic death in the movie. some one like him deserves an epic death. and i hope for the love of all that is holy. let vegeta kill frieza

    • Bboyfly BJ

      Because vegeta over powers goku think about it dam shit Finn GET REAL

    • Ian Brink


      Vegeta was robbed!!!!

  • Akira

    I’m incredibly annoyed that I can’t fullscreen…

  • Neel Mehta

    so im confused how is vegeta a ssg if he didnt received energy from the heart of 5 sayiens???

    • He trained so much, that his power ascended past a God

      • Guy

        But Goku couldn’t do that?

        • Goku never trained under Whis when he got SSJG. Vegeta trained under Whis, which was a MUCH harder style of training, therefore becoming a Saiyan beyond a God.

          • Frank Furter

            sorry to butt in but goku has already trained with bill he has a better chance of controlling the power look at the fight bill vs goku even whiz staed that bill was kind of training goku

  • Lifeachiever200

    Does anyone know if the Blue Aura is from just Goku or is it from Both Goku and Vegeta? I hope Whis’s stand gives them both Super Saiyan God power otherwise there will be a huge plot hole as to how Vegeta reached SSG form. I thought the whole point of this series was to fill in the plot holes first then branch out into other arcs.

    • Mark May

      its coming from both. if you notice that whis says there is no way they have become this much stronger so quickly. what i think is that they both have ascended to ssgsss (or ssblue in the manga) even though they dont show it. its really complicated with vegeta and can;t wait to see the explanation of everything with him.

  • Doug Jaffray

    I can never get the video player to work 🙁

    • Dutchmaster mike

      Facts. Shyt sucks

  • 1999

    Goku will turn SSGSS2 but Vegeta will get jealous and then turn SSGSS3 , well that’s what I think

    • Frank Furter

      nope thats wrong XD

  • Nick

    Of course Vegeta is going to kill frieza…its a shame…haha im just a Goku fan i guess…and im tired of Vegeta complaining about his power being low…but Vegeta has gotten this one…THIS TIME HE WINS

    • Frank Furter

      hahahahaha vegeta wont kill him goku will XD

  • explodingbullet

    @16:34 we are! one peice ringtone for krillin… lol

  • Imistu

    I hate it when people write “huehuehuehue”….

    Hue is a color or shade of color.

  • Rich Seeley

    The guy that did the subs for this episode is a douche

    • Tom Hanks

      Well be glad that he did the subs at least.

  • Mark May

    im so excited!!!!!

  • D2K

    They really need to fix the size difference between Goten and Trunks. Even though Trunks was always taller, it’s almost like Goten has regressed in age rather than progressed.

    • Raansu

      He’s a year younger than Trunks….Its not that strange for Trunks to be taller at that age.

  • Raansu

    All this time and Roshi still cant fly lol.

  • Super Saiyan God Goku


  • kian

    the moment you realise krililin ringtone is one piece opening song…lol

    • ZekeStaright

      I Know Right!? o(>t<)o

  • Fabio Khalid

    Goku will defeat Freeza after both Vegeta and Goku turn Super Sayajin God

  • Seras

    To the translator. Don’t bother adding a footnote if you’re just going to say “Use google”. Prick.

  • Dark Chaos

    this pisses me of how right after the movie he has a tv show about the damn movie just watch the movie battle of godz and revial of F and your ahead of the show for like another 10 episodes

    • Frank Furter

      i feel ya bro XD same thing i was thhinking XD but they did put a lil more info in the episodes ….

  • Tom Hanks

    Auotobots roll out!

    Also, “there’s two people that you should never fight, Majinn Buu and the God of Destruction” so bring Majinn Buu. Also pre-power up 18 could annihalate Frieza.

  • Invisabrows