Dragon Ball Super Episode 19

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October 11, 2015

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 19

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Dragon ball Super Episode 19 – Title: Despair Once Again! Resurrection of the Evil Emperor Freeza!”

Sorbet and his assistant Togoma is heading to planet Earth to find the Dragon Balls, to resurrect Freeza. They noticed the Pilaf Gang has collected the dragon balls. They summond Shenlong, and they asked to rivive Freeza. He could rivive Freeza only in pieces. Tagoma can heal him also in pieces, after a short amount of time freeza is completly renewed


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  • Brandon Cpower

    Revival of f all over again makes me think if i should have just waited for these episodes. But oh well when this finishes they cannot stall any more

    • Dunamis

      Well, the episodes are far better than the movies. The movies make absolutely no sense. I finally saw revival of F and Kakarot was somehow shot by a RAY GUN? As a child, he has survived being hit by dodon ray, bullets, missiles, and lighting. He even dodged ray guns as a child. The new movies are silly. Also, Frieza needs to destroy a galaxy or universe in the anime version. Otherwise, it’s the same old repeat.

      • lolwot

        Those were all earth weapons and abilities.
        The Gun that shot him was tech from Freizas army it’s going to go past normal skin. Goku’s probably as indicated in this episode is letting his guard down which can make weapons like that hurt him when he can otherwise dodge or smack them away.

  • Salomon Jimenez

    Why did you cut the opening? IT’s NEW

    • Brandon Cpower

      I think the opening is added when the subtitles are put in , cause the opening is back on today

  • Anthony

    Why is it not subbed every site I check this one is not subbed

    • bruh

      it takes time for it to be translated they are released every Saturday and translated Sunday check back tomorrow

  • gooby

    Where is the fuckn video? All i get is some shit game ad.

    • stellar*

      dude it is free, relax

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  • Martyn Duncan

    To the translator who created the riddle at end of title sequence, I believe it was Gohan and Future Trunks as they killed cell. But your riddle is wrong. Krillin also killed cell in his infant (foetus) stage in DBZ when they went back to Dr. Gero’s lab after the top level was destroyed. Ha beat you at you own game……. DBZ nerd power: OVER 9000!

    • Nipun Jain

      you would’ve been absolutely right only if it wasn’t mentioned that the said “villain is eventually stronger than Freeza but weaker than Buu”. Because when krillin killed him, he wasn’t powerful than Freeza.
      so technically the riddle is right and you answer too.
      Power Level SSGSSJ xD

      • Fuck Face 6000

        The two characters being refereed to are teen Gohan and Goku, who finished off cell.

        • Martyn Duncan

          Goku didn’t finish off cell

          • Fuck Face 6000

            Father-son kamehameha

          • Martyn Duncan

            That was just to show his father gave him the strength (inspiration) behind the super khameheha, Goku was not actually there. He was touching King Kai’s back giving Gohan morale. So you are wrong.

          • Martyn Duncan

            Not Goku just a metaphor

      • Martyn Duncan

        No I am right, cell is cell doesn’t matter what timeline cell it is your power level is pilaf.

  • Imistu

    so many useless characters in this series..please kill them off or stop making it a point to show them.

  • Hoemayoen Nahory

    for those who can’t wait for the next episode just watch the movie
    Dragon ball z frieza’s Resurrection it is the same

  • Brandon Cpower

    The answer to the riddle in 1:25 , Its either Future trunks and Gohan as Martyn Duncan stated before me , Or It could be Gohan and Goku considering all that father son kamehameha thing.

  • f0dor.

    could it be Cooler? Or Broly

    • Dunamis

      Have you not seen revival of F? It’s Frieza obviously…

    • mazeen

      weaker than buu

  • Death star 49

    Interesting in the promo for 20 when Vegeta and Goku clash fists we see blue god ki blasting off of them maybe this is when they discover super sayian blue.

  • Orlando

    Next Time Don’t Take Off The Japaneese Voices In Background

  • mazeen


  • mazeen

    but i rather say the riddle is wrong

  • mazeen

    because nobody is stronger than golden frieza exept goku and vageta the only champa and his trainer

  • mad blaha

    i hate because golden frieza cheated

  • mad blaha

    hey mazeen you are correct

  • Robyn Leopold

    since when can the earth dragon balls grant 3 wishes i thought it was 2 after they were renewed by dende

    • Striped

      When earth got a new guardian it switched. So I believe it was when ever Dende became the new one. So basically since the buu saga if I remember correctly.

      • Kaliaila

        Except that it never was like that before; Dende even specifically stated that he increased it from 1 to 2, not to 3. There were even cases in which they wished single Z fighters back to life and could only wish 2 of them back at that point in time. I think that what happened is that the writers mixed up the Namekian Dragon Ball rules with the Dende Earth Dragon Ball rules.

  • shen420lol

    I hope Vegeta will kill Frieza in the anime version, the end of the movie really disappointed me

    • Nate Higgers

      More than likely no he will not. The Japanese writers like to buttfuck everything that has a good story. In this case it’s Vegeta and his character. Japanese seriously need to go back to what they’re good at. Getting bombed and having slinty mutant looking eye balls. Fucking gook fuckers.

      • Whatever6669

        obvious troll is obvious. i rate 2.2 (about the size of your dick in inches). Try harder.

  • Boodis

    Is it Janemba? He was really weak in his fat form, but he surpassed everyone other villain except Buu in his super form. It was also Goku and Vegeta fused as Gogeta that killed him.

  • Life Achiever 2001

    So in the movie Goten and Trunks wern’t aloud to see Frieza and now they are. I wonder how this will play out now.

  • Waffles_Of_Doom

    Incoming 20 filler episodes of Satan’s dog

  • Josh Hayes

    Easter egg = Captain Ginyu frog

  • Tom Hanks

    Wasn’t Frieza barely able to fight SSJ1 Goku, now he’s SSJ3 and has God powers too, I’d like to see how this plays out.