Dragon Ball Super Episode 18

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October 4, 2015

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 18

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Dragon ball Super Episode 18 – Title: I’ve Come Too! Training Begins on Beerus’ Planet!


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  • Whatever6669

    lol dat fat cat

  • WhisTheCreator

    omg, this video is like the trailer of the episode, only 39 seconds long.

  • 7eyEsWideOpen7

    its getting warmer i was excited watching this one

  • Sirajeddine Aissa

    That Shampa

  • Can’t Wait For Subbed. i’m Happy That You Guys Want To Start Subbing With Your Own.

  • Death star 49

    CHAMPA AND VADOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dhruv Vats

    When it will be subbed or dubbed

  • Jon Mike

    The graphics are starting to look bad again

  • Psychotic Music Head

    After seeing 18 Episodes of this show, i kinda wish they would’ve saved Fukkatsu No F and Battle Of The Gods and just released DBS because DBS is basically like a fused alternate version of the 2 lol

  • Imistu

    video never loads

    • AAA

      same to me as well

  • AAA

    The video isnt loading

  • biyatch!!!

    the video aint loading help

  • nnnn

    why dont you upload on youtube?

    • RDV

      Really? Youtube takes almost half of the add revenue, this way they probably earn way more with the ads…

  • Trent Jamison

    whose poop was that?

  • Erik

    This video doesn’t load. Please fix. I tried Chrome, Firefox and even IE. It just keeps spinning. 🙁