Dragon Ball Super Episode 17

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September 27, 2015

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 17

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Dragon ball Super Episode 17 – Title: Keep This a Secret From Chi-Chi! I Wanna Go Train Too!

Gohan is being father now, hes got a daughter named: Pan, but even so Goku wants to train with Whis, he askes if bulma can help him. When Whis came to Earth Goku askes whis to train him. Chi-chi came to Bulma she was very angry. Goku Went to planet Beerus without the premission of Chi-Chi


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  • Lau


  • anon123456789


    • No one cares.

      • Penguin

        You’re the first one to say no one cares in 3 times in a row

  • jong


    • Lol, no one cares

      • Penguin

        you’re literally saying no one cares too everyone! Maybe no one cares about your comments

  • Felix Jones

    they think goku is cheating on chichi

    • Mystic Gohan

      if Goku married bulma Gohan would be unstoppable and trunks would dress like a beetle and not even be over 9,000

  • Eric

    Man I was waiting for this episode! When does English subtitles become available?

  • Gabe

    holy shit that doesnt look like gohan wth???

    • Steve Bakewell

      Yeah i was hoping DBS would keep the original gohan look but they seem to be copying the sh!t movie gohan design.. which is IMO the worst gohan design ever made..

      also Bulma’s new design makes her look like a completely different character.. she looks way younger than her age.

      • Striped

        I think you forgot the Great Saiyaman design….
        Worst Gohan design ever. Also I felt Mystic Gohan was kind of lazy. Then again I can’t think of a suitable transformation for mystic myself so who am I to talk.

        • Steve Bakewell

          Saiyaman design isn’t really all that bad if you remove the cape he looks badass.

        • Mystic Gohan

          I thought Gohan would turn into a super saiyan three just like his father guess not

      • Anthony Moseley

        Considering how rich Bulma is, I think it’s safe to say she’s had quite a bit of….work done to keep her looking younger.

        • Tom Hanks

          And I’d say it worked

        • Mystic Gohan

          bulma looks young because this in right after the buu saga
          and saga’s only last a few days in dbz time

  • Basim Wadie

    yeah champa in the next week wohooo

  • dahcar

    when does the come subtitles

    • Imistu

      25 minutes ago

  • ImGoingSSG

    Fix the screen for iphone5 i can’t watch it

    • LOL Did you just say ‘Fix the screen for iPhone 5’? That’s not how technology woks. XD XD

      • Scott McKinstry

        @darkamo:disqus I had that same reaction….smh

        @ImGoingSSG You’re a special kind of moron huh?

    • RDV

      What’s the magic word?

    • newguy5

      Forehead + Palm

  • Lifeachiever200

    Man this is awesome! I cant wait until we see the next episode 😀

  • Rares Boldan

    What if Pan will be in the hands of beerus?

    • Mystic Gohan

      she would become more powerful than Gohan vegeta and Goku combined

  • Psychotic Music Head

    Cant wait to see Champa in the next episode !!

  • Kara

    Oh god not Saiyaman! That was the one thing I didn’t miss. And why did DBS keep the movie Gohan design? The original was okay. Pan is adorable and please don’t make her GT Pan, GT wasn’t too bad like Dragon Ball Evolution but it was bad.

    Also, I’m waiting for Champa. I’m waiting to see what they do here. They have potential, and am I the only one who adores the family scenes?

  • Daniel Kuo V Magbanua

    alright rock and roll to the world

  • Because1

    Why is this episode taking so long to play?

  • Because1

    Episode 17 is taking forever to load and it is not my internet connection.

  • bergermaniz

    lol at the beginning says an over 8000 release

  • Boodis

    Goku: Is he here yet?
    Bulma: No.
    Goku: Is he here yet?
    Bulma: NO.
    Goku: Is he here yet?
    Bulma: NOOO!
    Goku:…….. Is he here yet?
    Bulma: NOO!!!! Goddammit Goku, here is a cell phone I’ll call you when he gets here now LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!
    *Months Later*
    Bulma: Goku come over.
    Goku: Is he there.
    Bulma: Yes.
    Whis:*Eating meal*
    Goku:…. Are you done yet?
    Whis: Oh… My… God…. Will you staph.

  • edwin

    God these episodes are so awkward!! Gohan is such a wuss, I miss the old Gohan
    -_-…. so it seems we will be watching Goku and Vegeta vs Frieza pretty soon as well.

  • Jimmy Backman

    Um does ep 17 not work? :-/ just times out after clicking skip add thing. 🙁

  • Ryan


  • 341derps

    Am I the only one who liked the saiyaman saga in dbz?

  • Chi Chi doesn’t understand that without Goku she’d be dead. If Goku was a “good father” he wouldn’t be saving the world. Goku likes to get strong no doubt but he protects because he loves his God damn family. I was hoping someone would tell Chi Chi off in the episode but unfortunately they didn’t. I hope Vegeta is stronger than Goku right now and for a while. If he’s been training for so long (Half a year) then he must be strong as fuck. Anyway Chi Chi even insults Goku and calls him a failure of a grandfather. Pan should be able to choose her own damn life. I’d like Pan to be even on fighting and being a normal girl.

    • Mystic Gohan

      you are right Chi-Chi is annoying she even got herself killed and smacked through a tree for it I wish Goku would have beat her up no domestic violence

  • Alex

    Who is Champa????

    • Mystic Gohan

      beerus’s less powerful brother

  • Jacob

    Why the hell does Gohan need glasses?! Don’t saiyans and half breeds have like amazing senses? Including sight? The glasses just look stupid on him in my opinion

  • Jacob

    Also why does Bulma look likes shes 20?

    • Gleichgewich

      She is the richest and second most intelligent person on earth, she can make or buy whatever she needs to look any age. Probably made an anti aging serum from saiyan dna or something.

      • Mystic Gohan

        or getting pregnant with trunks gave her saiyan cells

    • Mystic Gohan

      first episode of dbz she was 20 android saga 25 buu saga 30 dragon ball battle of the gods 34

  • otaku

    why cannot play it ?

  • KubeZCSGO

    The guy who voices Satan is the same as Borzalino from One Piece, and Krillin is voiced by the same as Luffy in this or am I wrong? Sounds alot like it.

  • RDV

    Nice piece of continuity: The ringtone of Krillin is the same as the one from “Resurrection F” (one piece intro)

  • TPtheman

    Sorry to say it, but Saitama would kick Great Saiyaman ass. Mr. Satan’s WTF face at 3:44 pretty much says it all. XD

  • TPtheman

    lol, Chi-Chi literally pushes Goku to outright abandon his family in his desperation to train…it’s such an awkward direction for the new series to take, but it’s freaking hilarious as well.

    • Mystic Gohan

      Chi-Chi is more concerned about Gohan learning and pan not being a martial artist than Goku training and saving the world from beerus.

  • Jose

    7:47 when vtec kicks in

  • shinobi24

    Is krillians ringtone the naruto shippuden theme song???

  • Mystic Gohan

    I liked him too

  • Animegirl_007

    Okay who is watching this now ? Cause all comments are from months ago …I don’t wanna seem like the only one late