Dragon Ball Super Episode 16

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September 20, 2015

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 16

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Dragon ball Super Episode 16 – Title: Vegeta Becomes a Pupil?! Take Down Whis!

Goku be strong as Beerus, but Chi Chi doesnt allow him to train. Krillin offer goku to train with him but goku is not sure if that works. Vegeta is training again his aim is to be stronger than super saiyan goku.While whis is with Bulma enjoying of the Earth food, he reveals he trained beerus. Vegeta want to be his pupil.


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      • Damn it’s only one hour bruh.

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        He’s not alone. My life is busy as hell and I still sit here anxious for the next episode. lol

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    What time does the new episode release?

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    oohhhh i can’t understand a lil bit , when you will upload subtitles atleast tell the time…..

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    when will the subbed video come up

  • Shashwat Tiwari

    another waste episode .episode 15,16 are waste

    • Kyriakos Ioannides

      This is not waste, it actually helps the story progress since vegeta is going to train with whis

      • fred

        You speak with too much common sense my friend, since some of these people don’t understand a damn thing about story development. If it’s not wham-bam-slam every single episode some people will just flip out haha. God forbid there’s a few light hearted moments that also serves the story purpose and provides a healthy overall balance to the show.

        • EraChanZ

          I know right?! It’s also clear that these people have never watched the original DragonBall (which this series aims to be closer to), which had tons of these type of episodes.

          On top of that; Vegeta just kneeled before someone and asked for help; this is probably the most exciting thing to happen with vegeta since his first arrival on earth D:

          • fred

            True, I also liked seeing Vegeta clown around in BOG just to keep Beerus attention of of destroying earth. To me that showe a gat al of maturity on Vegeta’s part lie him kneeling to Whis asking for his help to train him. To me it means Vegeta has grown beyond letting his selfish pride dictate everything decision he makes. Vegeta is still prideful and stubborn as hell at times, but now there are certain times where he will put that pride aside for the better good of a situation. I like that Super and the movies are exploring more sides to Vegeta, it’s like their pilling back more layers on his character. I know that Toriyama wasn’t the biggest fan of Vegeta in the past, but I think the way he’s writing him now he is because there is even more of a focus on Vegeta in the series.

          • fred

            ‘Super’ does indeed aim to keep the spirit of ‘Z’, but I think the series is it’s own whole new entity and that excites me. Vegeta wisely puts his pride to the side because he realizes that Whis can help him to his power to a far greater level, a level he could never achieve on his own no matter how hard and how long he trains. I also love the scene where Vegeta brushes everyone to the side to catch Goku out of mid air, that scene was actually pretty touching and it shows you how far Vegeta has come as a character and how much of a friend Goku has become to him, even though Goku still gets on Vegeta’s damn nerves at times haha. In the past Vegeta wanted to grow stronger so he could defeat and destroy Goku. Vegeta still wants to grow much stronger, but now it’s much more of a friendly rivalry where he can say hey Kakarot, I can now match you blow for blow again and maybe even kick your ass haha. As he so clearly said in ROF and showed in Super, he doesn’t want to be left in the dust by Goku.

    • FriendlyNeighborhoodBongMan

      Episodes like this are meant to further the plot. If it was nothing but fighting the whole time, what would be the point? Action without story, my friend, is a waste. Not story.

  • Sub please

  • Lifeachiever200

    Man this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wait for this video every week to come out! Finally some content beyond Battle of the Gods fight! This episode was amazing! Had me laughing all the way through when vegeta tried cooking food for Whis! I can’t wait to see the next episode! Last weeks episode was fantastic too!!!!! We have been waiting forever!!! I LOVE DRAGONBALL WITH ALL MY HEART!

    • Jason Brody

      I agree this has been some of the classic dragon ball we all been waiting for. People act like all they remember is the action but DBZ has always been a good all around show.

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  • Waiting patiently on the memes with Vegeta covered in eggs.

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    I love dragonball !

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    mann…kirlin got decked by goku

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    Doesn’t the instant ramen in the episode remind you of Naruto’s ramen

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    lolz vegeta “YES!”

  • Aaron Richards

    Yay, more Krillin & 18! (they are my favorite couple)

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    is it subbed

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    lol why isn’t krillen in a billion peices that punch should have killed him

    • FriendlyNeighborhoodBongMan

      I was thinking the same thing. Lol why tf would you want to be punched by Goku…? lol

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    I think that goten wil show Marin how to fight

  • Goku

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    The baby chick matching Vegeta’s expressions >>

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    Krillin sounds like Naruto

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    This shit won’t play on my phone wtf did you guys do to the player, after the ad I can’t there’s no selection to play. Never had this issue before. Fix this shit!

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      Or just get on a computer. This site is doing you a favor. Realize that you don’t HAVE to have a reliable way to watch DBS. Show a little more respect buddy.

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    The sub for the intro song is different than the previous episodes.

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