Dragon Ball Super Episode 15

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September 13, 2015

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 15

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Dragon ball Super Episode 15 – Title: Heroic Satan, Cause a Miracle! A Challenge From Outer Space!!”

Once the earth is saved of the destruction, Mr. Satan is going to get all the credits. While the journalist interviews him, he tells them that he went the power level of super saiyan god. Suddenly a spaceship appears and lands in front of Mr. Satan.Some visitors from planet Sunak came to the Earth to give Mr. Satan a medal. But first he needs the show his power in a fight.


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  • Felix Jones

    It must be hercule’s dream…..

    • Zedenin

      i didn’t think of that, I thought it was Goku disguised as Mr S

  • Lurvana

    A lot of people keep saying that it must be a dream, but I bet it’s actually some kind of inspired show, starring mr. satan. I doubt it’s a dream. A ridiculous show starring him as a Saiyan seems more likely in my opinion, it suits the character.

    • Jake Killian

      Really did you guys not even watch the episode? The idiot Satan was telling everyone the story of goku and beerus fighting and just substituting himself for goku. And at the end he was doing the same thing

      • Jake Killian

        And akira just did the whole super Satan crappie for comedy

        • 2010Editor

          most of these comments are from before the video was uploaded.

    • Akira

      It’s Satan’s imagination, obviously.

  • Mohammad Alquran

    It has to be… HAS TO FKING BE… Satan’s dream.

    • Fernando Chávarry

      For sure

  • charminggaming


  • charminggaming

    its mr satans dream because he scared of berrus and he want to be strong also he want to protect the earth
    this is my opinion

  • Justin Blades

    there are no subtitles, i guess op is still working on it

  • marcus salvestrin

    no subtitles

    • swagman

      they are taking longer and longer every episode

    • Zedenin

      I don’t feel like watching w/ no subtitles lol i guess I’m waiting till tomorrow

  • Sinan Beary

    WTF just focused on dat bullshit hercule

  • Gaurav Dedhia

    akira gone mad ……….think so

  • Lifeachiever200

    This was a very good episode. The part where Satan turned super saiyan was a dream. However, the scenes with the aliens who were visiting earth was real. Very entertaining to find out what the aliens are afraid of. 😀

  • Keehan Zahn

    Oh my god. They finally made it happen. SSJ Mr Satan.

  • Colin Mcsperritt

    Probably the worst episode of DB I have ever watched. Seriously, I’ll take the whole of GT over this.

    Can we stop giving Hercule Satan so much focus? This was pure filler.

    • Danielson

      Lol dude click on ur name and look at all the shit you spew, you seem angry. :/ hope it gets better.

  • Victor Alfredo Diaz Lopez

    why is satan so skinny? do t mind his tan too much but why the change.

    • Diraphe

      He’s getting old and stopped lifting weights.

  • Jango Nauta

    I love this episode… it would have been greater if it was spanned over three episode… call me crazy but thats what i used to love of dbz the most it didnt rush throug each episode.

  • Bun

    Do you have a saveable link please, instead of just watching online?

    • Bun

      Sorry, I should have said, could you please post the link to save the file like you usually do, and thank you in advance 🙂

  • Ravi Rathore

    This episode was full off comedic relief… Its good that even if they have slowed down the pace… they are still entertaining…. kuddos to MR SATAN PUNCH!!!! ^_^

  • Keiji Ezio Auditore

    This is probably the best episode of the series so far. I love comedic episodes most. Lol when Goku gets caught by Chichi and takes a fall lol. Not only those he launch himself out of the ring he lands picks up the tractor and then launches himself away again. lmao

  • Syed Muhammad Akbar

    Cat and dog!! Awesome

  • soul mender

    I am hercule satan the God of destruction mercifully defeated lord be…be..uhhh…bebuss lol

  • Javi P.

    Why can’t I download it?

    • Mohit Chaurasia

      it u get how to download tell me2 plz

  • Nate Higgers

    I swear to Kami if they don’t get rid of that fucking retarded character Mr. Satan this show will never get any better.

  • Nate Higgers

    When Mr. Satan said he had become a god I wish someone in the crowd pulled out a gun and been like “Well this won’t hurt you will it?” Then shot and fucking killed the worst character those japanese pieces of shit could ever write up in the fucking world. I’m so fucking butthurt right now.

  • Nate Higgers

    People call Mr. Satan comic relief. More like relief me this pain I have to endure listening to this stupid son of a bitch Mr. Satan. Fucking Japanese piece of shit always ruining a good show by having some autistic character.

  • Nate Higgers

    I wish Goku wasn’t such a god damn retard and let Mr. Satan die against that guy.

    • Tom Hanks

      True, Satan so fucking stupid, I wish Goku actually got credit for the shit that he did instead of Satan swimming in cash. At least his daughter isn’t a fucking dumbass.

  • Nate Higgers

    Actually fuck the weird autistic Japanese for adding all these gay dances and shit and gay ass new characters.

  • klk

    I thought i was watching a parody, this animation looks poor. Can the producer invest a little money on the animation?

    • klk

      By the way is Satan dying? he looks ill, he used to be strong

      • zack

        your fucking retarded shut up.

  • Rico

    I swear that dance is a Shin-Chan reference.

  • Tom Hanks

    I absolutely love how freaking dumb the regular people are (aside from the main characters).