Dragon Ball Super Episode 13

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August 31, 2015

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 13

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Dragon ball Super Episode 13 – Title: Goku, Go Surpass Super Saiyan God!

The Battle is till going on against Goku . Beerus is still hiding his real power, He makes his comeback with a special technique. When the fight continues goku lose his God power, is he able to make a chance against Beerus ?

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  • King Sanders

    ready……savage like

  • Zedenin

    when will the subbed version be out?

    • Akira

      My guess, 3-4 days from now

      • Imistu

        Ep 12 raw got released around 8pm and about 5.5 hours later, the sub was out. I don’t know why they’re taking longer this time for ep 13 subbed, but I wish they would be consistent.

        • DragonBallSuper

          5-13 hours after raw version, but the subbed version is now online !

      • C.Day

        No, It’s out today – every Monday by noon EST, they have that Sundays episode translated.

  • 7eyEsWideOpen7

    awesome episode!!!!

  • Toma Puiu

    simply a great episode

  • 341derps

    This reminds me of the fight with frieza

  • mrpedala94

    they sure like to milk this fight….

    • But with a bit more fighting with frieza it was just talking and powering up.

    • fred

      That’s how Dragon Ball fights are, never the less it’s a an epic one.

    • Steve Bakewell

      The good old DBZ 20 episodes bullsh!t.

  • Vausch Abendroth

    I think I see where the animation budget went based on the last few minutes of this episode and the preview for the next.

    This series has been hit and miss so far, and most of the misses are due to the animation. Toei, what happened? I shouldn’t be watching this thinking “I should gather the dragonballs and wish this was done by Gainax or Madhouse”.

    • C.Day

      They are producing it for a younger audience this time around (the 8-12 year-old group that is popular in japan right now). And instead of hand-produced animation, most of it is cheap (but nicely done) computer animation (with a bit of GC hidden/tucked-away here & there in the effects).

      Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT where made for a older audience at the time (older-teens-young-adults), and during a generation when Japanese animation consisted of hand-drawn cells, that where painstakingly painted with acrylics. This produced that lovely image we loved in DBZ, Gundam Wing, Trigun, Hellsing, Sailor Moon, Akira, etc – but it also was very costly, and tended to take a ridiculously longtime (and a very large group) to produce episodes/ova/movies this way.

      Not something possible if you’re trying to make a show cheaply and get it out semi-weekly. And this is why hings are different this time around.

      • Vausch Abendroth

        You’d figure they’d keep their core audience in mind, though. People who watched Z are going to watch Super.

        Anime doesn’t have to look cheap while being fairly cheap and using CG cells. Look at Gurren Lagann, Monster, heck Naruto has (had) better animation than this. Toei’s animation has just been going to crap in recent years.

        Seriously, look at Toriko and One Piece. The models are off in a lot of shots, they’re heavily censored, auras just look ugly now, impacts are weaker than they should feel, etc.

        Besides, it’s Dragon Ball! It’s the most heavily popularised series in decades. It’s eaten up in the west especially. Not giving money to Dragon Ball with Toriyama attached is like being fearful an Avengers movie will be bad when it has a strong cast, strong director, and is using one of their more famous characters.

        • C.Day

          I totally agree.

          • meliek spencer

            informational thanks

  • C.Day

    Hey, when are you guys going to upload this video for download? I’ve been collecting the episodes, and this is the first one that I haven’t seen have a download link.

    Thanks guys. 🙂

  • ejfnkrf

    It sucks. it’s no longer what it used to be. there is no tension because you already know everything is going to be alright. I mean he’s fighting gods now, it’s all too big. There is no storyline and all the other characters have absolutely no purpose anymore because he’s far stronger than all the rest. Literally anything can happen and it will just be undone; it’s boring this way. And every episode is pretty much 5 seconds of fighting, 5 minutes of talking, an energy wave thats get’s pushed to one another for 10 minutes. It just sucks.

    • meliek spencer

      did you not see Revival of F movie and no he even said HIMSELF that he is goin to start getting all the characters into the show making them useful , this is nothing but the beginning , basically battle of gods movie , now we have to wait until the Revival of F saga is over then we can get started

  • Nibak

    what happen? i can’t download the video

  • AugustAPC

    I know Dragon Ball has a reputation of over extending scenes, but Super takes it too a whole different level. The milking is far more blatant and even less eventful than ever.
    There was like 15 seconds of quality animation towards the end of this episode, though. So I guess that’s something…

  • lamedbs

    awesome ,end of the world yeah !

  • lamedbs

    in db super you know!

  • Psychotic Music Head

    Everytime Whis talks he sounds like a Hentai Character

  • liamcombat

    if the super saiyan god if near death and he has a zenkai boost will he be the most powerful thing in the universe or all of them