Dragon Ball Super Episode 12

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August 23, 2015

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 12

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Dragon ball Super Episode 12 – Title: The Universe Crumbles?! Clash! The God of Destruction vs. Super Saiyan God!

Finally Goku reaches his full god power, this time it will be a hard fight against Beerus.Goku hears Kaioshin- sama voice, they need to stop fighting immediatly. But they goku and beerus continues the fight.

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  • Sonicjamareiz IIX

    this was stupid ò_ó

  • Felix Jones

    Let’s see how many times we can re use the scene of beerus and goku powering up!

  • Takahisa

    No Subtitles??

  • 7eyEsWideOpen7

    lots of hwaaaahhh and ahaaaaaaaahhh but no action. all that awesome power went to waist this episode

    • James

      it’s a series, not a movie

      • Drakewolf

        Indeed — this is a series. A slow and poorly paced series. In true Dragonball fashion, I predict 18 more episodes of these two powering up to finish off 2015.

    • 341derps

      This is dragon ball, what did you expect?

  • Hex Animations

    Universe shattering feats!!!

  • marcus salvestrin

    lots of build up in that episode, hopefully they actually fight next episode

  • marian florin

    Leave it to DB to come up with some ridiculous OP figures and have them really poor developed. I mean look at Beerus and for all the power he has he acts so selfish like a child and without any kind of responsabilty to the point he will put the whole Univers in danger for a simple power showdown.
    Even as a god of destruction there should be some kind of responsabilty he has and not do away with life as simple as he wants.
    That is poor develpment and over all DB never was good on a decent plot.

    • Noah

      “God of destruction” does that ring a bell? he destroys planets just because, he destroyed 8 in half a day, destroying the entire Universe would be his greatest accomplishment. And like any fighter he wants to know who is stronger, he can’t just go “eh, sarry but we gotta stop, cause yu know universe dying and so”

    • Broly

      he is the god of “destruction” he is suppost to destroy the universe whis is the responsible one use your brain more

    • Hurricane_19

      I like how you can characterize a “poorly developed” character lol. Beerus did have much better development in the movies though.

    • Smash .Sama

      shut up. greek gods are bigots and they screw around all the time..screwing endless women and just randomly throwing out plagues… beerus was introduced as a self righteous asshole like the majority of gods in fiction. he has all that power so it makes him cocky and care free.Beerus does what he wants Because he’s a god..men with power do this all the time just look at hitler. if you’re going to critique do it right.

      • C.Day

        Good point.

    • Zack Howard

      i agree with you. youd think he’d have some kind of destroying schedule if hes the “god of destruction”. like 50 planets every time he wakes up so “the universe can have balance”. it contridicts. he just seems like another dbz evil villain. i hate beeruses character lol

    • boomcake98

      Its not a job, he was naturally created to destroy, he was made to be pure eil and ruthless, as others were naturally created to just spam solar systems everywhere

      • C.Day

        It’s still his job too. Which I for one find pretty cool. They certainly have created the right man for the job. 😀

  • Niek Schilperoord

    This was amazing

  • Marlyn

    Loved this.

  • oussama


    • KTO Phantom

      in his god form he is meant to be skinnier but taller

  • neo

    hmm “go goku , surpass SSG” ? my guess is that he is going to transform into SSGSS for a few seconds leaving him with a clue to train more so he can surpass SSG(like is happened with gohan in the cell games saga in the hyber bolic time chamber where he transformed into SS for barely a few seconds and so he trained more and more until he reached it but not only that but master it)

  • theLMFAOguy

    tbh ya’ll niggas to old fo this shit … dbz was aight in the younger days but for now.. ya’ll to old

    • What’re you talking about? Nothing’s wrong watching some Anime. Now playing with Fischer Price toys at a decent age, is something to call someone ‘too old’ for.

      Besides, some people aren’t even ‘old’.

      • theLMFAOguy

        true.. all im saying is its lame they let us wait 18 years for this expectin we be the same kids like then when seeing people charge up a whole episode and still be excited if i didnt watch this when i was younger i swear to god i could say Fuck the maker of dbz and fuck dbz but to bad i cant

        • Jango Nauta

          Im still excited about it, its one of those things i miss in new anime everything happens to fast.. they dont feel epic.

        • Tony Rotherham

          Well judging by your vocabulary limitations you must have been to old for school when your mother could afford it

          • theLMFAOguy

            The topic ➡

            Your comment ❓❌✖

        • C.Day

          I still enjoy the old episodes (have the complete Dragon Ball series and all it’s movies on DVD, and the complete Dragon Ball Z series and all the movies on Bluray).

          But I get your point – almost two decades (depending on who you ask – for some people it’s less or more) for the conclusion of a tv series is really wild. Super is honestly a cash-grab, we all know it.

          But even as a 29 year old guy, I still love this show. My friends and girlfriend know I love it, and they support that, and all my work buddies liked the show back in the day, and think it’s good.

          I know there is Dragon Ball Kai and other stuff on kid networks like Nickelodeon – but the show originally air in japan in the 1980’s-mid 1990’s as an adult show. And having recently re-watched the first two series, I can point out that It’s hard to the watch the unedited versions of the shows (including all the un-aired scenes, gore, blood, sexual content) and find the series childish. Atleast, no more childish than a marvel movie or dc show (which is somewhat childish – but no more so than video-games or sports).

          Although man – I’ll say this for the record: Dragon Ball Super is real different so far from what I expected – or Ball/Z.- It’s almost like this series by comparison, is more goofy, colorful, and less mature. Like the whole show is targeting a younger demographic than Dragon Ball Z did back in the day on toonami, or Ball did.

          • theLMFAOguy

            I didnt read all This but here take This upvote You deserve this

        • Akira

          That’s great that you have an option, but everything else is unnecessary

    • Danie

      This is the most ignorant comment on this thread.

    • C.Day

      That was some funny ass trolling. Upvote for you.

    • Brian Thongkham

      I disagree. You’re judging everyone ignorantly. Just because you reach a certain age we’re not aloud to watch anime anymore? I grew up watching Dragon Ball or period since 12 years old. I’m a true Dragon Ball fan and with me being 31 now I’m too old or am a loser for watching it because guys like you have the right to judge us. It’s like saying we’re too old to play game now, too old to ride a skate board, too old to play laser tag, too old to do anything nostalgic in our past childhood memories and if we do, people like you go talk shit and judge other people for what they should or shouldn’t do at a certain age. And by the way from the way you sound and speak I think you’re “Too old” or old enough to know the difference between TO and TOO and it’s spelled FOR not “FO” as well as “Aight” is not a word ALRIGHT! Now that’s “Too old” to not know your spelling and common grammar.

  • Jango Nauta

    This seems like my favourite episode this far, the one when he power up to ssgod was also beautiful still i feel something odd on the art part but its improving

  • This was really good the episodes got better it started slow and everyone wants to see the full fight already but its notttttttttttt a movie..and dont tell me this fight is long. go back and watch Frieza vs Goku on namek the whole fight, it was 4hrs long and they prob fight for 10-15 minutes every episode

  • Golgo 13

    i think this should of never got made would or probably made sense of the battle of gods movie didn’t come out 1st

    • C.Day

      They should have waited til the whole manga was finished, and that way not only would they have had developed materiel to work with – but the fans would know a head of time to complain that the manga was too “different”, a noticeably more humorous, colorful and childish departure from the more serious Dragon Ball Z.

      That way they could have went into this saying “this time around it’s for a younger demographic than last time” and saved us the disappointment – or have adjusted the tv show to be more darker, and have ‘padded’ the episodes with content not in the manga.

      Also having the movies out before the show, hurt the series, because now they have to sandwich the events of a dedicated hour & half movie into several weeks of episodes that have to connect to each other and plot points not present in the movie. Same thing will happen with Resurrection of F eventually.

  • King Sanders

    best episode so far…..hmu on IG 803.sheesh but these universal feats are great!!!!go DBS

  • Darren

    The part where great ancestor is like here you can have my magazine as a parting gift.

  • batman

    fucking hate that atom move by beerus use his awesome as real attack from the movie that looked great, the fighting is great in these episodes but special moves suck, and in the movie the fighting was not as good, but special attacks were rockin, improved at friezas movie but than they messed up and ruined the special attacks, that had no technique just doing it, where the words kamehameha, etc. jeez.

  • C.Day

    This series is still stumbling a bit out of the gate. I’m hoping Dragon Ball Super can catch it’s balance by the end of this season – and get back on firm footing. So far, the tone and balancing have been all over the place. As a older fan of the series I’ve been very disappointed – but I’ll certainly be sticking around. I’m rooting for a deserved pick-me up in this series.

  • Boringest movies

    this is boring

  • MobTownUSA

    Everyone that saying that beeres is evil, you are wrong. its his job to destroy worlds and galaxies. You can even say he his an anti-hero. He wants to fight someone that he can call his equal, because what is the point of all this power with no way to test it. Heck, he is even training Goku to be stronger than him. He even showed compassion toward the people of earth by giving the earth so many chances. a evil villain would have went ahead and destroyed the earth.

  • Justin Blades

    idk why there are so many haters, this is feeling like a real genuine continuation of dragon ball z’s most vibrant aspects, both good and bad…. from where im watching at least.

  • A&WRootBeer LEMUR

    ok goku looks so young

  • Ispotat0

    The ultimate game of Bloody Knuckles

  • Nickolas Kneese

    only a fool who knows nothing would dislike this show the movies were a sneak peak of what was to come kinda like an extended trailor this goes into detail and if u dont like the graphics dont watch copyrighted shit they still look the same i made my point later