Dragon Ball Super Episode 11

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August 16, 2015

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 11

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Dragon ball Super Episode 11 – Title: Let’s Keep Going Lord Beerus! The Battle of Gods Continues!

Goku can fight with full power now against Beerus, he still having porblems to controlling the power. Is goku now able to defeat Beerus with his full power?


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  • YMT


  • Dbz Fan

    Good episode but I feel it was to focused on Goku and Berus toying with each other more and more and then smirking after each attack….. We had enough of that on episode 10. This was supposed to be the serious battle.

    Not bad but not great.

    • Felix Jones

      Yeah, i agree.

    • ajninepar

      That’s the whole point. They both know he JUST got his powers and they both know they are not at their fullest. It will take a while of fighting before reaching any kind of limit. Think of it like them testing each other without trying to show each other their strengths. This is DB you should expect fights to be 20 episodes.

      • Christian

        lol true look at frieza he Supposedly died 23 times lol hes still back what is this he was dead from spirit bomb no he wasnt dead from namek blowing up not for long dead from being mecha not for long and he is back AGAIN YAAAY JUST FRIGGIN DIE

  • Malik

    Animation was way better thank God?✊?

  • Anonymous

    Did Goku get a zenkai boost after he healed?

    • I feel that Toriyama forgot about them.

  • Gabe

    man this animation is horrible , looks so out of place…

    • Staz Charlie Blood

      WhatDo You Mean This is The New Anime Version Of The YEAR

  • Christian

    those attacks lol wow

  • Kevin

    i love animes! ^_^

  • Keehan Zahn

    16.34, why were goku’s arms like a child’s?

    • SAn

      it was something like a fisheye effect, that’s why

  • No Name

    XD Beerus tea bags Goku

  • Kevin